Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 54, Disaster Class –– Silver Centipede


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


The battle had already begun.


In the face of hundreds of huge black Rats, the formation of the troops was in shambles.


Despite the support of SSF, the continuously incoming Mutant Beasts took advantage of the breach in their ranks and charged in.


*Screech~* A piercing high-pitched scream resounded through the battlefield as a pitch-black Eagle with a wingspan of four meters swooped down on the camp.


*Crack–* Too late to react, a soldier, who was just an ordinary human, suddenly felt his vision go black, and his consciousness froze as the black Eagle’s talons crushed his head.


“Number Two!” In disbelief, a nearby soldier looked at the figure, whose head was crushed by the black Eagle, with a pained expression on his face.


“Go to Hell! “ With an extremely furious roar, the soldier raised his machine gun and unleashed an endless barrage.


*Bang! Bang! Bang!…* One bullet after another hit the black Eagle.


*Screech~” Letting out a painful cry, the Eagle, now covered in blood, spread its wings and pounced at the despairing soldier. However, it failed to reach the soldier.


“Hmph!” With a cold snort, a black figure, weighing as much as a thousand pounds fell from the sky. With a sonorous and deafening bang, the earth caved in as the black Eagle was smashed straight into it.


At this moment, a boorish bald young man slowly emerged from the crater.


“This Eagle’s Peak Spiritual Energy is around 4000, beyond what ordinary weapons can handle. “


While speaking, the bald young man charged again, rushing toward a nearby Gorilla that was wreaking havoc in the rear of the battalion.


While the rear lines were engaged in battles with the Mutant Beasts, somewhere deep in the mountains emitting a shimmering glow, there were some weak tremors.


*Roar!* A shrill roar, as if coming straight from prehistoric era, carrying an indescribable oppression rang. Even the air became a bit more suffocating. At this moment, if someone could penetrate deep into the Spirit Stone Mine, they would undoubtedly witness a horrifying scene.


A silver Centipede, over twenty meters long, as thick as a water bucket, and emitting a silvery glow, lay silently within a transparent rock.


The Centipede seemed as if it was cast from silver. Each segment was emitting a silver light, giving it an exceptionally ferocious appearance.


At this moment, it suddenly raised its head, as if it had sensed something. Its body moved just a little, but sparks flew everywhere as its body rubbed against the Spirit Stone, producing sonorous clicking noise.


*Roar…* It let out another indescribable roar as a ferocious gleam flash in the Silver Centipede’s eyes. At the same time, its terrifying Spiritual Energy fluctuations slowly started rising.







As if there was no end to it, it continued rising until 90,000, showing no signs of stopping all the while.


After a moment…


With a crisp sound akin to breaking some restraints, an incredibly terrifying aura slowly spread into the surroundings.




A bird that was engaged in the battle with Humans suddenly trembled and fluffed up all its feathers, as if it had sensed something horrifying…


Then, in the astonished gazes of the soldiers, this Mutant Bird actually turned around and fled right at once.


Not only it, but other Mutant Beasts invading the mountain retreated one after another, running away from the mountain.


Judging by their appearances, they appeared to be running in fear from something.


“What’s wrong with them? “ Looking at the Mutant Beasts running away like a receding tide, a soldier swallowed his saliva in nervousness before asking worriedly.


“I don’t know. “ Another soldier shook his head, wearing a perplexed look.


However, for some unknown reason, everyone felt something pressing down on their heart, like an indescribable pressure.


At this moment, among the Special Superhuman Force scattered within the troops, the boorish bald youth’s expression suddenly turned stiff.


“Captain. “


“It can’t be… “


Yan Gao Yuan, whose face had already drastically changed, turned in disbelief, gazing fixedly on a corner of the mountain.


[Impossible!? How is this possible!? How can there be such vast and strong Spiritual Energy fluctuations?] He felt as if a mountain was pressing on his chest. Ever since the moment he sensed it, he had been feeling suffocated.



In the night two days after the events mentioned earlier…


“Qing Er, what’s wrong? “ Looking at Qing Er, who was approaching him with a solemn look on her face, Yu Zi Yu was a little surprised and puzzled.


“Master, something big has happened. “


Qing Er took a long, deep breath. Her voice carried a hint of seriousness.


“Something big!? “ A worrisome feeling gripped Yu Zi Yu heart, and he immediately asked,


“What happened!? Is it on the Human side? “


“Yes. “ Nodding her affirmation, Qing Er added, “Master, a Disaster Class, Tier-2 Transcendent Mutant Beast, was discovered at the first Spirit Stone Mine discovered by the Humans. In just one night, more than half of the Human troops stationed at the Spirit Stone Mine got slaughtered, and even the SSF suffered heavy casualties. “




Yu Zi Yu was momentarily stunned after hearing Qing Er’s recount.


[Tier-2 Transcendent!? [Troops slaughtered!? Why… did something like this happen all of a sudden?]


At this moment, as if sensing Yu Zi Yu’s daze, Qing Er also paused.


Only when she saw Yu Zi Yu snap out of it that she finally continued, “The Tier-2 Transcendent creature is a Centipede. Its entire body was as if it was cast from silver, and its defense is terrifyingly strong. It could even withstand the Human’s artillery fire without any damage. What’s even more terrifying is that it can even breath out highly toxic poison. Just a mouthful of poisonous mist can turn everything within a hundred meters into a death zone. Dozens of soldiers were instantly dissolved before they could even let out a scream…”


“So powerful!? “


Yu Zi Yu was somewhat astonished; he had not expected the first Tier-2 Transcendent creature to appear inland to be so deadly.


He was surprised by the fact that it could melt dozens of soldiers with just a breath of poisonous mist.


[I’m afraid, this guy is going to be in big trouble.]


“Yes, it is terrifying.“ Qing Er shrugged her slender shoulders. Her tone also carried a hint of helplessness.


For the first Tier-2 Transcendent creature to emerge inland to be this strong and deadly was not good news for them, the anomalies.


After all, it meant that Humans would be even more vigilant against Transcendent creatures. Even their surveillance would become more stringent.




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