Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 55, Isolation of Spiritual Energy


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


“Wait a minute…” Yu Zi Yu’’s heart suddenly skipped a beat as he asked in an anxious manner, as if realizing something,


“How did this creature silently break through to Tier-2? According to reason, even if it had the ability to hide its Spiritual Energy, it should not have been able to hide the Spiritual Energy fluctuations caused when it was breaking through to Tier-.”


“I don’t know.” Qing Er shook her head, also puzzled.


“When it appeared, it was already a Tier-2 Transcendent with a Peak Spiritual Energy of a terrifying 120,000.”


“Alright.” After a moment of silence, Yu Zi Yu did not choose to pursue this question, and asked another question, “So, what’s its current situation?”


“According to the latest information, this Mutant Beast named Silver Centipede is still lingering around the Spirit Stone Mine.”


“Uh, have the Humans still not dealt with it?”


Surprised, Yu Zi Yu also found this unbelievable.


[Since when did Humans become so slow?] 


A Tier-2 Transcendent Mutant Beast might be formidable, but it still would not be able to withstand the cutting-edge modern weapons of the Humans.


Leaving aside the nuclear weapons, Yu Zi Yu knew some of the weapons that should have been able to kill this Disaster Class Mutant Beast.


As for the Silver Centipede’s defense, honestly, no matter how formidable its defense was, it would still get beaten up before Humans. On the other hand, if it was fast, it would make Humans wary and apprehensive. After all, no matter how high one’s defense was, it would be useless if he or she could not run.


If it was fast, it would make Humans think before taking any action, and make them afraid of it escaping, only to come back to retaliate.


“Not yet.” Shaking her head, Qing Er looked at Yu Zi Yu, and explained,


“The Silver Centipede’s appearance was so sudden that China was caught off guard and was not prepared for it. More importantly, it was the Disaster Class Mutant Beast that appeared within China’s border. Its formidable combat power was such that it subverted the Humans’ cognition.”


“I see!” Feeling somewhat speechless, Yu Zi Yu fell into silence.


There were indeed some differences between the inland and the sea.


According to Yu Zi Yu’s speculations, most Transcendent creatures in the sea were of large size. However, it was different inland, where size was not an absolute factor for the most Mutant Beasts.


Be that as it may, a Mutant Beast with a size of just over twenty meters reaching Tier-2 came as a shock to Yu Zi Yu.


“Haa,,, Qing Er, what do you think are my chances of defeating the Silver Centipede?” After giving it a thought, Yu Zi Yu asked a perceptive question.


“Uh…” Momentarily stunned, Qing Er also fell silent. But after a while, recalling some research and analysis of the Spiritual Energy Research Institute, Qing Er replied with some certainty, “If Master can withstand its poisonous mist, you should have a chance to fight against it.”


“Poisonous mist, huh!?”


Muttering to himself, Yu Zi Yu’s heart was slightly shaken.


Indeed. If he failed to withstand the poisonous mist, even if it was just a teensy-weensy bit of poisonous mist, it could spread along the branches and even his roots. It could corrode his entire body.


At that time, even if he had sub-roots extending to kilometers, strength equivalent to thousands of pounds, it would be useless. He would still end up dead.


Furthermore, it was just not the poisonous mist, but fire was also a natural suppression on him.


Although ordinary flames would be ineffective, would the flames from a Transcendent creature could be considered ordinary flames?


Thinking, Yu Zi Yu’s heart was bogged down with worries.


Despite his strength, he seemed to be lacking in dealing with certain means of attack.


“Haaa!” Yu Zi Yu let out a sigh and stopped pursuing these thoughts.


[If I am bogged down, it is best to broaden my scope of thinking. Since I cannot find an immediate solution, it is best not to dwell on it too much. If I cannot do something, it is best I don’t force it.]


Now, he had to admit that he was indeed somewhat powerless against certain means. However, at this moment, Yu Zi Yu failed to notice that the nearby Qing Er had a flicker in her eyes, as if she had made some decision.



No.1 Spiritual Energy Research Institute…


As China’s first research institute, its status was naturally unquestionable. However, what this research institute was most renowned for were three beautiful young ladies, who were known as the ‘Heaven’s Chosen.’


And one of them happened to be He Ling Er, who was known as ‘Flame Princess’, the girl who walks in flames.


At this moment, the young girl known as ‘Heaven’s Chosen’ slowly opened her eyes on the bed.




Red gleam flickered in the depths of her eyes, like the raging flames. Raising her eyes, she looked at the reflection of her flame-like long hair in the nearby mirror, and gently ran her hand through her disheveled hair. Then, she slowly got up and made her way to the depths of the Spiritual Energy Research Institute.


Before long, He Ling Er arrived at a residence.


Glancing at the intricately carved window with fragmented spots of light shining through, He Ling Er lightly cleared her throat before speaking gently, “Teacher, I want to go to the Spirit Stone Mine?”


There was no reply, as if there was no one there.


He Ling Er shook her head as a look of helplessness appeared on her face. Then, she slowly turned around. However, just as she turned to leave, a voice filled with a sense of profoundness came from behind her,


“You stinking brat, why do you want to put your foot in that mess?”


With a sliver of pampering, the voice continued, “If you are interested in the Silver Centipede, once it’s captured, I’ll take you to see it.“


“Captured!?” Slightly stunned, He Ling Er was at a loss for words.


“Yes, captured. If we didn’t want to capture it alive, why do you think it would have been able to show off until now?”


“Uh…” He Ling Er fell into silence; she did not know what to say.


At this moment, the owner of that profound voice seemed to have remembered something and advised her, “Focus on cultivating for now, I’ve already made arrangements for your share of Spirit Stones.”


“En…” Nodding gently, He Ling Er slowly turned and looked toward the nearby residence, before curiously asking, “Teacher, why did the Silver Centipede suddenly appear out of nowhere? According to reason, when a Mutant Beast breaks through, the resulting powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuations should have been detectable by us, right?”


“It’s not a difficult question to answer. There are two possibilities: either the Silver Centipede itself possesses the ability to hide its presence –after all, animals instinctively know how to hide their aura– or its breakthrough occurred in the Spirit Stone Mine.”




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  1. I don’t understand how poisons work in these things. The rules are always so arbitrary and have no reflection on the behaviour of actual prisons, toxins, venoms or acids.

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