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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 575, Summoning Light! Catastrophic Attack

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Evolution never ceased.


In every breath, Zi Lian’s body strongly craved for evolution.


Even if Zi Lian had devoured the Void Creature, under the influence of the Void Creature’s instincts, he would slowly become more like a Void Creature. In fact, it could even be said that he was evolving into a more perfect Void Creature.


At least, ordinary Void Creatures lacked intelligence, whereas he possessed extraordinary wisdom.


Hiding in the void, not even the likes of Aurora and Golden Ant managed to discover him.


He chose to wait, enduring the long, monotonous wait for the perfect opportunity to deliver a single decisive blow.


And now, he has achieved it.


Not only did he timely extinguish the Fishmen King’s last hope, but he also succeeded in slaying Milton.


Bearing the name Void, he reigned over this space.


*Boom…* With a surge of increasingly mysterious and unpredictable aura, Zi Lian actually advanced towards the Realm of King.


What was even more terrifying was that his deep, purple eyes circulated with a mysterious fluctuation.


In a trance, it seemed to have evolved some terrifying ability.


However, it was not surprising either.


After devouring most of the Fishmen King–Milton’s corpse, Zi Lian once again chose to evolve.


The ability he had gained from this evolution was the Sea Breathing. He could freely breathe in the sea like a fish, and his agility was greatly enhanced in the water.


Compared to marine creatures, he was even more suited for the sea. 


It was a great ability. While it might be ordinary for other people, for Zi Lian, it was extraordinary. After all, this ability would also make the sea his new hunting ground.


Hunting was his instinct.


Except for obeying his Master, the rest of his life was spent seeking hunt and evolution. His goal was to one day, stand in the shadow of his Master.


Now, because of this ability – Sea Breathing, not only the sky, but even the oceans would become his hunting ground.


He had become an amphibious creature that could hunt in the air, land, and sea.


It could be said that this ability was the fundamental reason why Zi Lian actively wanted to evolve it.


Of course, it was also an indirect testament of Lian’s intelligence, different from ordinary Void Creatures. Instead of blindly pursuing powerful abilities, he pursued those that he needed for his goals. The ability to make such choices was enough to widen the gap between him and other Void Creatures.


Perhaps, as Yu Zi Yu had said, ‘If he can continue to grow, Zi Lian will definitely grow into the strongest Void Creature.’



Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Aurora and Zi Lian, in the depths of a distant sea…


*Roar, Roar, Roar…* Amidst continuous roars, figures emerged one after another from the deep sea, rushing towards a certain palace.


Inside the palace, many powerful Transcendents from the Fishmen Kingdom had already arrived, quietly looking at the figures standing in the palace.


Unlike the denizens of the Fishmen Kingdom, who possessed the upper body of Fish and lower bodies of Human, some of these had the Human upper body and Fish Tails, some were like Crabs. However, no matter the size and appearances, all of them appeared noble and dignified.


They were the Kings of the Seven Deep Sea Clans, terrifying entities that ruled over the oceans.


And now, every single one of them was wearing a cold expression.


“He’s still too impulsive.” An extremely beautiful girl with golden hair sighed in helplessness.


“Hmph!” Another figure coldly snorted and rebuked angrily, “That freaking bastard! Brother Flood Dragon is about to come out, and he actually ran out to cause trouble for Misty Mountains. Isn’t he just seeking death?”


“Seeking death is one thing, the key issue is that he might ‘startle the snake’.” The voice was filled with frustration and suppressed anger. 


[Why the heck did he do something so unnecessary? Why go and ‘startle the snake’? Now, he played himself to death!]


“Emm…” Plagued with all kinds of thoughts, these figures felt a little aggrieved.


As a Sea King, Milton had really made them lose face.


However, just then, as if sensing something, the facial features of these Sea Kings drastically distorted all of a sudden.


Looking up, they astonishingly saw a dazzling white light above their heads.


This light was sacred and extraordinary. However, it became bigger and brighter, coming closer and closer. By the time it had arrived above the Fishmen Kingdom’s capital, the white light had blanketed the entire sky, displaying its majestic power.


Visible to the naked eye, the seawater evaporated as endless white mist filled the air.


“Run!” Promptly shouting, the Sea Kings instantly dashed out of the Fishmen Kingdom’s capital.


Just as they departed…


*Booooooooooom!* With a deafening explosion, the entire deep sea turned white, with endless light erupting in the deep sea.


It was so bright and blinding that the eyes of countless marine creatures started bleeding.


“My eyes!”


“It hurts! It hurts so much…”


Painful roars filled the sea as countless marine creatures voiced their misery.


“What the Hell is this!?” After shouting in a voice filled with incredulity, the golden-haired Mermaid Queen exclaimed in shock, “It’s him, it’s him…”


Emphasizing multiple times, the Mermaid Queen stared firmly at the capital of the devastated Fishmen Kingdom, now reduced to ruins.


In front of that vast pillar of light, the entire capital of the Fishmen Kingdom was powerless to resist. It was reduced into ruins in an instant, completely evaporated. All that remained was the gradually dissipating dazzling light.


Within this light, many Kings even saw the shadow of a Towering Tree swaying gently.


“No next time…” a vast and majestic voice suddenly sounded, as if exploding in their minds, evoking a drastic change in everyone’s expression.


“The Tree Monster…” murmuring, each Sea King clenched their fists in disbelief.


[Is this the Tree Monster’s retaliation? With just one attack, he had obliterated the entire capital of our Fishmen Kingdom!]


The casualties numbered in the millions, and dozens of Tier-3 Transcendents from the Fishmen Clan, unable to escape, had evaporated into smoke.


Such a price, not to mention the Fishmen Kingdom, even the entire Seven Deep Sea Clans together would not be able to withstand it.


It could be said that with just this one blow, the entire Fishmen Clan was pushed into extinction.



Meanwhile, in the heart of Misty Mountains, Yu Zi Yu’s corners of lips curled up into a faint smile, glancing at the sea covered by the dazzling light.


[Truly worthy of the legendary Light-Attribute. Just this attack alone is terrifying to the extreme.]


Invoking the power of light, the attack actually shot through the entire ocean, reaching the depths of a distant sea and destroying the capital of the Fishmen Kingdom.


Such power not only left the Sea Kings in disbelief, but even Yu Zi Yu himself was left in shock.


This kind of power was akin to a nuclear bomb.


Now, Yu Zi Yu could imagine the incredulous gazes of every Human and even Mutant Beasts.


However, just as Yu Zi Yu said, this was a warning. It was not just a warning to the deep sea, but also a warning to every Mutant Beast and Human: ‘Misty Mountains’ majesty cannot be violated.’


Misty Mountains ultimately stood at the pinnacle of the world. In other words, he was saying, ‘I can hit you, but you can’t mess with me. Any attempts to hit me will be faced with the strongest retaliation.’


The reason Yu Zi Yu could be so domineering and roguish was because he possessed a terrifying strength to back it.


In this world of Transcendence, strength was paramount. Only the strong could establish rules. And now, Yu Zi Yu’s words were the rules.


As a matter of fact, the reason why Yu Zi Yu could accurately strike the capital of the Fishmen Kingdom was also thanks to the Fishmen King–Milton’s strand of aura that had returned to the capital before his death.


While informing his Clan of his death, he had also provided Yu Zi Yu with its accurate location.


It was not wrong for one to have a backup plan. However, it should not be executed in front of someone who was too strong. Not in front of someone so unfathomable that they could be labeled as an absolute terror. This one mistake allowed the other party to trace things back to their source, which not only implicated the culprit but also implicated their entire Clan.



| Evolution Begins With A Big Tree |

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