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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 576, The Imprisoned Mad Dragon

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“Tree Monster…” Looking at the ruins that once used to be the bustling capital of the Fishmen Kingdom, a Sea King couldn’t help but gnash his teeth and tightly clench his fists.


However, the next moment, as if thinking something, he sighed in helplessness.


Sighing, the figure of this Sea King seemed to hunch a bit. He was born to be a Sea King, yet had to compromise again because of the Tree Monster.  There was no denying that it was a huge blow to them, Sea Kings. 


However, what else could they do now? In the face of such destructive power, all resistance was futile.


[Fortunately, we didn’t retaliate against Misty Mountains under Milton’s instigation. Otherwise, things wouldn’t have ended with just the destruction of Fishmen Kingdom’s Capital.]


However, just at this moment, as if remembering something, this Sea King suddenly turned to Elsa Kate, the Mermaid Queen, not far away. “Elsa, does Elder Brother know?” 


Hearing this, the Mermaid Queen, a breathtakingly beautiful girl with golden hair, nodded slightly and frankly replied, “He knows.” 


At this point, Elsa proactively changed the subject, “Elder Brother had asked to wait for the time being, wait for his return. He said that when he returns, he will paint the entire sky red, avenge the grudge of the past, and also…”


At this point, she gazed deeply at the ruined Fishmen Kingdom’s Capital, and her eyes dimmed. “And also, avenge our Fifth Brother–Milton!”


“Mhmm…” All the Sea Kings nodded their agreement.


Their Elder Brother, the Flood Dragon King, had entered the most terrifying Forbidden Zone in the sea, the Dark Seas.


It has been three years now.


Not that long ago, he had transmitted a few messages to Elsa through telepathy. Within these messages, the most important was the message that stated that he would surely exact tenfold revenge on the Tree Monster upon his return.


This was a deep-seated vendetta, engraved in the heart of every Sea King. If it weren’t for their insufficient strength, they would have already invaded the land once again after the Sea Clans had revitalized.


Unfortunately, despite their amazing Talents and endless resources, it was as difficult to ascend to Heaven as it was to reach Tier-4.


It was no longer a Realm that ordinary people could step into.


[Who knows how that Monster managed to reach Tier-4 in such a short time?] 


*Haaa…* Sighing, the Sea Kings all looked at each other, completely perplexed.


[Fortunately, we still had one last card to play.]


“Elder Brother…” murmuring, Elsa’s gaze also turned towards the darkest and deepest sea region, the Dark Seas. Vaguely, she could see a furious Dragon roaring towards the sky.


The imprisoned Mad Dragon would eventually break free. That was the day the Seven Deep Sea Clans had been long awaiting for.



And at this moment, on the Great Prairie…


The battle had come to an end.


In the midst of the devastation, carcasses were strewn everywhere, and the cracked earth was covered with blood stains.


Occasionally, one could even hear the groans and wails of the mutilated Mutant Beasts.


This was war, the true face of the war


*Haaa…* Sighing and shaking his head helplessly, Bull Demon headed towards the depths of the Great Prairie.


But in a moment, as if sensing something, Bull Demon suddenly lifted his gaze, looking towards the end of the Great Prairie, where he saw several figures slowly approaching.


One of them was a dark golden figure, with its scales shattered and its gait unsteady. This petite figure made every Mutant Beast along the way tremble, and even cast respectful glances.


He was none other than the Fifth Great Beast of Misty Mountains, Golden Ant. He had single-handedly quelled the entire battlefield.


Just now, a terrifying aura unique to him had erupted in the depths of the grasslands. It was like raging waves, spreading for thousands of kilometres.


Half of the grassland could see his soaring aura of death and blood. It was like billowing smoke rising into the sky.


As for the other figures… one was a young girl, one was a chubby figure with a straw hat… as for the last one…


They dared not look at it.


The moment they raised their gaze, they subconsciously withdrew it.


Faintly, a determined resolve could be seen flickering within them. Vaguely, they seemed to hear a voice telling them ‘not to look’, and more importantly, the moment they raised their gaze, that indescribable ice-cold aura froze them.


It was terrifying, and extremely so.


This kind of aura belonged to the predator at the top of the food chain, and it made every Mutant Beast feel like they were suffocating.


“Second Brother…”


“Bull Demon…”


Amidst the successive shouts, the figures walking at the end of grassland had already arrived.


“Everyone…” Bull Demon nodded in return, feeling relieved after seeing that everyone had returned safely.


However, after a moment, as if remembering something, he timely added, “I’ve arranged everything properly. Nothing will disturb Elder Sister and Sixth Sister.”


“That’s good.” Aurora’s corners of lip rose, feeling satisfied. [All’s well that ends well. By the looks of it, this war had ended satisfactorily.]


However, at this moment, as if noticing something, Aurora promptly looked towards the horizon, where a beam of light streaked across the sky, before slowly dissipating.


“Master has taken action?” Aurora’s loud and clear voice filled the air, carrying a hint of certainty.


“Indeed.” Bull Demon also concurred with a nod.


As someone who had always remained close to the Divine, he naturally sensed the familiar aura emanating from the distant beam of light.


However, the next moment, with some hesitation, Bull Demon’s gaze also shifted to the nearby Brewmaster, who seemed to be dragging a half of a blue-colour carcass with the head of a fish and the body of Human.


He could also vaguely make out half of a Shark’s face.


“Did the Sea Clan attack?” Bull Demon tightened his fists, his voice carrying a hint of coldness.


“Yes.” Aurora nodded, her countenance not looking good either. 


[If it weren’t for Golden Ant’s timely return, we would have been done for this time.] Thinking this, Aurora and the nearby Bull Demon exchanged a knowing look.


[Even though the Divine Tree has retaliated on our behalf, the account couldn’t be settled so easily. Especially since an existence in the Emperor of the World Realm had made a move.] With this in mind, Bull Demon’s voice also turned cold as he stated, “All of us have gathered… After Elder Sister and Sixth Sister are awake, let’s convene the Council of Kings right away.”



The Council of Kings symbolised the pinnacle of power and status in Misty Mountains. With the Nine Great Beasts at its core, decisions regarding the direction, development, and even wars of Misty Mountains were jointly determined.


They held the power to initiate wars!


During his slumber, Yu Zi Yu bestowed the Nine Great Beasts with the highest authority. To a certain extent, as long as Yu Zi Yu did not step in, the Council of Kings represented him. In short, they wield the power to decide everything in Misty Mountains.


Currently, Bull Demon proposed to convene the Council of Kings. His intention was self-evident.



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