Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 58, Speculation


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


*Aooo~, Aooo~, Aooo~…* Echoing through the moonlit night, a chorus of long howls reverberated. In the silvery glow, majestic Wolves with lustrous blue coats stood atop towering rocks, their gaze fixated on the quivering Willow Tree not far away.


On the other side…


*Mooo…* a black Wild Buffalo rose slowly rose to its feet beneath Yu Zi Yu’s body. Its crescent-shaped horns gleamed in the dense mist, as it tenderly rubbed against the rugged bark, as if soothing Yu Zi Yu.


Shortly after, the black Wild Buffalo shook its head and stood quietly beneath the Willow Tree, as if awaiting something.


At the same time…


*Screech, Screech, Screech…* Sharp, high-pitched screeches pierced through the air, capable of cutting through stone, as Peregrine Falcons spread their wings wide and ascended into the air in restlessness, circling over Yu Zi Yu.


At this moment, those closest to Yu Zi Yu could distinctly sense that the tree they inhabited was furious.


Absolutely furious.


Branches lashed out one after another, tearing through the sky and ripping the dense fog apart. Roots spreading deep into the earth, sculpting towering mounds of soil.


And right at this moment…


A deafening sound erupted as a patch of land suddenly exploded.


Following that, a root resembling black Python shot up toward the sky.


Every single Mutant Beast gaped in astonishment, staring at the end of the root, where a battered and bruised Honey Badger was carried aloft, entwined by the roots, dragging clumps of soil in its wake.


*Screech, Screech…* The Peregrine Falcons let out sharp, high-pitched screeches, confused.


Yet, Yu Zi Yu had no mind to attend to them now. As his pets, though he could discipline them as he pleased, and even sacrifice them if necessary, it did not mean that Yu Zi Yu could tolerate them being bullied within his own territory.


No, this was no longer a mere act of bullying.


Sensing the Honey Badger’s aura getting weaker by the moment, Yu Zi Yu’s murderous intent grew even stronger.


“To think such a creature actually exists within my territory.” A wry smile spread across Yu Zi Yu’s lips as he gently carried the injured Honey Badger to the center of the nearby Spirit Lake.


The clear and transparent Spirit Lake instantly turned red as it sunk into the water, spreading ripples of bloody hues.


However, much to everyone’s pleasant surprise, under the nourishment of Yu Zi Yu’s Life Essence, its aura slightly recovered.


Witnessing this, Yu Zi Yu let out a sigh of relief.


Then, with a crisp cracking sound, Yu Zi Yu snapped one of his branch’s tip as a drop of sparkling green essence fell into the center of Spirit Lake.


*Drip…* As the Life Essence fell into the Spirit Lake, the Spirit Lake unknowingly gained a touch of green. But more importantly, a potent vitality enveloped the Honey Badger.


Slowly but at a barely discerning pace, the grotesque wounds that marred Honey Badger’s body showed signs of mending.


It was indisputable fact that the Life Essence possessed the ability to accelerate the evolution of all things, yet its secondary power should not be overlooked. After all, that power was vitality, a potent vitality capable of healing most external wounds, even those of uncanny nature.


This was the resplendent might of the Life Essence.



“Master…What’s this!? “ A spectral crimson figure slowly rose from the ground, filled with a tinge of concern.


“I had sent this little one to locate the Spirit Stone Mine, but to my surprise, it barely made it back, “ Yu Zi Yu recounted with a hint of annoyance. His voice then turned cold as he continued, “I’m eager to know who dares to act so audaciously in my territory.”


Upon hearing this, Qing Er furrowed her brows. Puzzled, she could not help but ask, “Master, haven’t you noticed any signs of battle? Given your strength, you should be able to perceive any disturbance within the mist.”


“No,“ Yu Zi Yu sighed and shook his head, a tinge of helplessness in his voice,


“Although the mist serves as my second set of eyes, my attention is constantly fixated here. Occasionally, fluctuations of Spiritual Energy may arise, but I seldom take notice of them.” As he said this, Yu Zi Yu’s thoughts seemed to ponder as he hesitated before speaking again,


“However, it’s strange. Considering Flathead’s strength and its unyielding nature, ordinary Mutant Beasts would hardly pose a threat to it.”


“Yeah.“ Qing Er nodded in agreement.


Despite the Honey Badger’s small size, its combat power was unparalleled. At present, aside from Nine Tails, who could overpower it, most other Mutant Beasts would struggle to even contend with it.


Moreover, there was something even more significant to consider…


Yu Zi Yu raised his gaze, before Qing Er could speak, a cold voice reverberated in her ears,


“Currently, the only Mutant Beasts within the mist-shrouded mountains that can pose a threat to Brother Flathead are the Mutant White Tiger in the north and the Mutant Black Gorilla in the southwest. Both of their Spiritual Energy fluctuations are at around 7,000-8,000. I do intend to subdue them, so I haven’t dealt with them yet. However, with their strength, it’s highly unlikely that they could silently eliminate Flathead like this… So, at some point, a powerful Mutant Beast must have entered my territory, and I knew nothing about it.“ Yu Zi Yu’s voice carried a chilling and intrigued undertone, with a tinge of self-ridicule.


Suddenly, a tinkling laughter resembling silver bells echoed in Yu Zi Yu’s ears, “Master, shouldn’t you be rejoicing?“


“Rejoicing!? “ Yu Zi Yu was taken aback, slightly confused.


“Yes, rejoice. Have you forgotten the reason why you sent Brother Flathead out?“


Qing Er chimed, a playful smile dancing upon her lips. She continued, proactively analyzing the situation, 


“Think about it. A formidable Mutant Beast, capable of infiltrating these mist-covered mountains without arousing your suspicion, that’s highly unlikely. Moreover, for it to grow to a point right under your nose where it can challenge Brother Flathead, there can only be one explanation, and nothing else.“


Listening intently to Qing Er’s analysis, Yu Zi Yu’s heart was stirred. He hesitated before voicing his thoughts,


“Are you suggesting that within my territory, a Mutant Beast has discovered a Spirit Stone Mine, and similar to the Silver Centipede, has quietly absorbed the Spirit Stones, which allowed it to flourish undetected until now?“


“Yes, that’s the most likely scenario,“ Qing Er confirmed with a nod, her tone displaying certainty, “The Spirit Stone Mine offers pure Spiritual Energy and can shield Spiritual Energy fluctuations. If a Mutant Beast has indeed stumbled upon a Spirit Stone Mine, it’s possible for it to skillfully evade your senses, and discreetly mature.”




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