Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 59, Vengeance


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Translation Checker: Silavin


“Indeed,“ Yu Zi Yu admitted, his tone tinged with introspection.  While he had the confidence in his perception in the mist, he was not arrogant enough to believe that he had absolute control over everything.


As the realisation settled in, a smile appeared on Yu Zi Yu’s face.


“In that case, I should be even more elated. Not only might Flathead have discovered a Spirit Stone Mine, but it also discovered the presence of a formidable Mutant Beast lurking in my territory. It certainly is a cause of celebration.”


Observing the sudden transformation in Yu Zi Yu’s mood from darkness to light, Qing Er could not help but sigh in relief.


She had a pretty good understanding of her Master. She knew that his anger was not solely because of the Honey Badger’s injury. A single Honey Badger was not worth his ire. The true source of his anger lay in the fact that the situation had spiraled out of his control…


From the start, he was already under a great deal of pressure because of the Humans, and he still managed to painstakingly manage to accumulate power in the depths of the mountains, and more importantly, was on the verge of breaking through…


As such, such an unexpected turn of events at this crucial phase was bound to ignite his fury.


As her thoughts wandered, Qing Er placed her hand on her chest and silently thought, [Thank goodness this didn’t happen during his breakthrough. Otherwise, he would have unleashed his wrath on the entire mountains, dying everything in blood.]



The gentle morning sunlight of winter slipped through the cracks in the dense fog, casting colorful fragmented shadows all over the ground.


At this moment, the Honey Badger lying peacefully at the heart of the Spirit Lake slowly woke up from its slumber.


*Squeak, Squeak…* Despite sounding weak, its cries were sharp and filled with rage.


The bewildered Honey Badger shook its head, before suddenly realizing that it had returned to a familiar place.


A lake, a canyon, and a large Willow Tree…


Raising its head, the Honey Badger’s gaze caught sight of a Mutant Beast after another standing on the shore of the lake.


A giant green Wolf was observing it quietly, a black Wild Buffalo was shaking its head…


And in the distance, a Fox bathed in flames lay upon a boulder, grooming its beautiful fire.


However, whenever their gazes happened to drift toward the Honey Badger, they would instinctively look away.


“What happened!?” A cold voice suddenly rang in its mind.


*Squeak, Squeak…* Another set of sharp growls emerged from the Honey Badger’s mouth. It seemed to be trying to convey something, its claws relentlessly slashing through the air.


Its snarling expression made others involuntarily shudder.


It gave the impression as if it harbored an immense hatred.


After a moment, Qing Er let out a long sigh, as if she had come to a realisation.


As someone who had awakened Psychic Talent, verbal communication paled in comparison to her ability. She could now use her Psychic Ability to comprehend the thoughts of animals and even plants. Of course, she could not immediately discern the intentions of those who held hostility toward her, as they possessed mental barriers. However, it was not difficult for her to understand the thoughts of these Mutant Beasts she had spent a long time with.



“Master, Brother Flathead says it saw a glowing mountain, and a massive Python was guarding it…”


Listening to Qing Er’s explanation, Yu Zi Yu nodded before speaking with certainty,


“So to say, a Spirit Stone Mine truly exists closeby.” Yu Zi Yu could not help but coldly smirk as he continued, his tone laced with disdain,


“And there’s a Python too…Hmph…” though his words held contempt, his unmasked murderous intent betrayed his true emotions.


A feeble Mutant Beast was not worth his effort to nurture. However, a Mutant Beast that had already established dominance presented a formidable challenge. Furthermore, Yu Zi Yu had no interest in taming this colossal Python.


“Now, then…”


Before Qing Er could finish her sentence, the restless Honey Badger swiftly flipped over in the tranquil water of the Spirit Lake. With a sniff, it identified a direction and charged forth without hesitation.


“Uh…” After a moment of silence, Qing Er gained a deeper understanding of the Honey Badger’s thirst for vengeance.


Revenge, they say, was a dish best served cold. However, this creature could not even endure a single night of delay.


“Follow it. It’ll lead you to where you need to go.”


Yu Zi Yu further added, “Qing Er, you do understand what to do?”


“Of course, I understand what to do.”


Nodding her affirmation, Qing Er also added, “If the Mutant Beast is powerful, I’ll lead it within the range of Master’s roots… If it’s of average strength…then…”


Gently raising her fair arm, she clenched her fist, causing her formidable Psychic Power to manifest as a formidable force.


*Crack, Crack…* Accompanied by crisp, cracking noise, a nearby small stone disintegrated into fine powder before dispersing along with the wind.


“Very well.” Yu Zi Yu smiled, feeling reassured by Qing Er.


[Despite her prolonged exposure to the Humans, her wit remains sharp. She’ll definitely not suffer undue harm. As for whether the Mutant Beast would exceed her capabilities, I have already formed my own conjecture.]


[She could take down the Honey Badger in one move if she wanted to. So, even if that Python possessed tremendous strength, it would not transcend the realm of imagination. At most, it would have reached Tier-1. And within Tier-1 no matter how powerful the opponent, they cannot possibly beat me.].


It was not arrogance, but rather a confidence he had gained after his Spiritual Energy had reached a limit. Furthermore, he had reached the peak of Tier-1 in all aspects. 


[If I did not have this kind of confidence, then my cheat would have been wasted on me. After all, my strength had surpassed the level of Tier-1 already thanks to my cheat.]


The most obvious example was his Level 2 abilities, which ordinary Tier-1 Transcendents could never possess.


Just the Shroud of Mist alone could envelop hundreds of mountains. This kind of ability was already beyond what a Tier-1 Transcendent could possess.


In other words, Yu Zi Yu was already at the level where he could be called invincible among his peers.


At this moment, as Yu Zi Yu gazed in the direction the Honey Badger had gone, his heartbeat started racing with a tinge of anticipation.


“I hope you won’t disappoint me.”


Murmuring, Yu Zi Yu’s massive roots buried deep within the earth, each of which were akin to majestic Wood Dragon, silently extended toward the path Honey Badger had ventured.




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