Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 60, The Dancing Red Robe


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


A vast expanse of white mist shrouded the mountains. It seemed to morph into savage beasts from time to time that roared in a particular direction, as if mirroring Yu Zi Yu’s inner turmoil.


Excitement, fervor, and a subtle but scary bloodlust lay concealed, deep within this mist’s ethereal depths.


At this moment, on a slope in the mountains…


*Squeak, Squeak…* Frantic cries echoed through the air as a 2-3 meters tall Honey Badger came to a sudden halt, anxiously scurrying back and forth on the slope.


“Is this the place?“ A soft whisper escaped Qing Er’s lips as she, as her form, draped in a resplendent red gown, materialized and floated over.


Qing Er may be just a Soul, but she possessed a tangible form after reaching Tier-0 Level 9. Now, she possess the ability to effortlessly shift between her tangible and spectral form.


In her spectral form, she could transform into a cold gust of wind, invisible and intangible, but so cold that it could chill the bones.


In her tangible form, her psychic power shaped reality, reaching the pinnacle of strength.


*Squeak, Squeak…* Another burst of excited cries erupted from the Honey Badger as it dug its claws deep into the earth, fervently unearthing the ground beneath its feet.


However, at that very moment, Qing Er shot a fleeting glance at the Honey Badger before slowly turning away.


*Aooo~, Aooo~, Aooo~…* Soft howls resonated in the air as four majestic green Wolves slowly emerged from the mist. Meanwhile a nonchalant black Wild Buffalo leisurely approached the scene, shaking its head.


And yet, there were more.


High above, Peregrine Falcons gracefully unfurled their wings, while a White Crane let out a low cry.


In the distance, a giant fiery red Fox, bathing in flames, crouched upon a towering tree, its icy and vigilant gaze, surveying the entire mountain range.


“Nine Tails, Bull Demon, scour this mountain range and search for caves or ravines,” Qing Er commanded, her eyes shifting from the Red Fox to the Wild Buffalo.


Silently, without making any noise, Nine Tails and Bull Demon disappeared into the vast expanse of swirling mist.


Compared to other Mutant Beasts, Nine Tails and Bull Demon possessed unparalleled strength. One had reached Tier-0 Level 8, while the other, a seemingly ordinary black Wild Buffalo, had quietly reached Tier-0 Level 7. Coupled with their remarkable innate skills, their combat prowess was truly formidable.


As for the other Mutant Beast, they, regrettably, fell short in strength. Thus, it was best for them to remain in their current positions, supporting the Honey Badger in its search, while awaiting further instructions.


After all, the stakes were high this time, leaving no room for error.



Meanwhile, thanks to the perception in the mist, Yu Zi Yu keenly detected Qing Er and the others coming to a halt.


“Is this the place?” Yu Zi Yu murmured softly, instinctively stirring the dense fog.


*Boom!* As if a gust of wind started blowing, the vast expanse of mist above Qing Er and others began to rapidly rotate, transforming into a huge vortex within moments.


Before anyone could react, this swirling vortex, under the effect of some unforeseen force, swirled down toward the ground with a resounding crash.


With a deafening roar, the white mist crashed on the ground, instantly transforming into a circular wave that surged in all directions.


With the mist dispersing in all directions, Yu Zi Yu seemed to have gained countless pairs of eyes, allowing him to scan every nook and corner of this mountain at will. It did not take long for the mist to permeate into the cracks in between the rocks, allowing Yu Zi Yu to easily detect any potential entrance.


However, Yu Zi Yu’s search method, although formidable, was not sustainable in the long run. More importantly, his mist was unable to penetrate deep into the heart of the mountain.


Ultimately, the mist was formless. Even with Yu Zi Yu’s mental control, he could not deftly guide the mist into the depths of the dense earth. Thus, he resorted to spinning and directing the vortex toward the ground, causing the mist to spread in all directions.


He had the will, but ultimately lacked the means and strength to fulfill his desire.


The truth was, Yu Zi Yu was not capable of manipulating the mist with precision from a distance of tens of kilometers. If it was at his own canyon, he might still have some chance.



Shortly after, Yu Zi Yu’s heart skipped a beat.


As he glanced through his perspective, he was astounded to discover a seemingly bottomless cave behind a mountain spring within the range. The trickling water flowed into this cavern and vanished without a trace.


“Well!?“ Yu Zi Yu was filled with doubt. The distance made it harder for him to accurately judge anything.


However, at that very moment…


*Tap, tap tap…* Accompanied by the crisp sound of footsteps, a Red Fox, about the size of a calf, slowly emerged from around a corner.


“Just in time.“ Smiling, Yu Zi Yu conveyed his message through the mist.


*Boom!* The ethereal mist shook slightly and gradually dissipated, revealing a hidden mountain spring deep within the mountain range.


*Roar…* It immediately let out a long howl. As intelligent as Nine Tails was, it naturally understood its Master’s intent.


Yu Zi Yu’s mist was no stranger to it.


In the North Canyon, Yu Zi Yu often teased it using the mist.


*Tap, tap tap…* lifting its paw, Nine Tails leisurely advanced toward the mountain spring.


However, a keen observer would notice that its body was tense, and even its dazzling eyes carried a hint of vigilance.


After a moment, when it reached the vicinity of the mountain spring, Nine Tails stomped its paw and moved back and forth for a while.


Its gaze slowly shifted toward the spring, until it finally settled on a cave. Its pupils immediately shrank.


The cave was not that big. Rather than calling it a cave, it resembled a narrow fissure. Dark and damp, covered in moss.


At this moment, Nine Tails lowered its head and sniffed the crevice, but its body jolted abruptly the next moment. It seemed to have sensed something. Its red fur stood on end, resembling dancing flames.


Simultaneously, a formidable surge of Spiritual Energy slowly spread into the surroundings.


And in that very moment…


*Whoosh…* a gust of cold wind blew over.


“You found it!?“


Qing Er, donning her crimson attire, shot a glance at the alert Nine Tails, and nodded subtly.


Immediately after, her figure floated gracefully and arrived before the spring.


At that precise moment, as if she had unearthed some secret, Qing Er swiftly lowered herself and grabbed a patch of moss from the ground.


Upon careful observation, it became evident that the strand of moss was unexpectedly mixed with what appeared to be scales.


“Snake… scales…” with a subtle smile, the girl grasped the scales in her hand.


“Notify them to depart right away.” Her words echoed as her form abruptly transformed into a trail of crimson smoke, surging toward the crevice.




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