Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 62, A Violent Attack! Piercing through the Boundless Sky


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


But in that crucial moment…


*Roar…* A resonating roar, akin to a dragon’s roar yet not quite, or a snake’s hiss yet different, reverberated through the air. Immediately after, in the bewildered gaze of Qing Er, a spike of soil suddenly rose from out of nowhere, viciously colliding into her near-materialized wrist.


A sudden piercing pain, accompanied by a thud, brought a furrow on Qing Er’s brow.


This was the grave disadvantage of materialization.


While her tangible form allowed her to interact with physical objects, it also made her susceptible to physical assaults from others.


“So fast!“ Exclaimed Qing Er, enduring the piercing agony, grabbed the blood-red grass and yanked it out forcefully.


The next moment, a cascade of radiant splendor engulfed the surroundings.


The blood-red grass was now firmly held in Qing Er’s hand.


Just then, the earth violently quaked, and at the same time, accompanied by a scary surge of Spiritual Energy.


As Qing Er raised her gaze, she beheld the horrifying sight of the colossal Rock Python raising its head, its frigid eyes fixated unwaveringly on her.


What made things even more suffocating was the slow shaking of the rocks in this corner of the cavern, as if they were about to fly out.


Unique Ability: Earthquake – Manipulates earth elements, unleashing powerful earthquakes to obliterate adversaries.


It was a dreadfully formidable ability. Especially now, when it was used deep underground. The might of this Earthquake was magnified exponentially.


In a matter of moments, the ground rose up and surged outward like a tidal wave.


If there was someone looking from high above, the mountain range would appear to be struck by an earthquake, quivering incessantly.



“I guess, Qing Er has completely enraged the colossal Python.“


Surveying the mountains’ condition through the mist, Yu Zi Yu could not help but chuckle.


However, had someone been able to witness within the heart of the earth, far beyond the mountain range, about 50-60 kilometers away, they would have seen innumerable intertwining black roots, ensnaring rocks and even trees, silently biding their time.


Biding their time like predatory wild beasts, lurking quietly in some hidden corner, emanating an unsettling aura that could send chills through anyone’s spine.



Squinting his eyes ever so slightly, witnessing the formidable display of power, Yu Zi Yu also tightened his roots. The strength displayed alone had surpassed what Qing Er and her companions could contend with.


Thankfully, the other Mutant Beasts had evacuated under the guidance of Nine Tails.


Now, only Qing Er remained within those mountains.


Since Qing Er was essentially a Soul, Yu Zi Yu was not overly concerned about her.


As anomalies, their very birth was only possible after unimaginable difficulties. Their birth was nothing but sort of a miracle. However, where one loses some, they gain some in return. As anomalies, they possessed methods and capabilities far removed from those of ordinary Mutant Beasts. This aspect was clearly reflected in Yu Zi Yu, the Tree Monster, and Qing Er, the Specter.


At this precise moment…


A thunderous boom reverberated across the mountains, as if the Heavens were rent asunder, and the earth itself split apart. Even the distant mountains were violently shaking, huge rocks rolling downward. Faintly, it all gave the illusion of everything getting buried at any moment.


“This guy.“ Yu Zi Yu’s heart skipped a beat, but before he could worry, a streak of crimson streak sliced through the air amidst the shattered rocks.


“Qing Er?“ Yu Zi Yu’s eyes widened with a mix of surprise and relief as he caught sight of this trailing crimson smoke.


In the midst of dense white mist, the crimson smoke swayed gently before materializing into a crimson figure. With a playful smile on her face, Qing Er playfully tossed the red-blood grass into the air, seemingly pleased with herself.


However, her satisfaction was short-lived.


*Roar…* A reverberating roar echoed across the sky. Suddenly, the rocks started violently shaking before an enormous Python, as thick as a water bucket, burst forth from the fragmented rocks, rising into the sky.


A strong nauseating smell instantly filled the air. Despite being suppressed by the mist, its fearsome Spiritual Energy kept rising.


*Roar…* Another crazed roar reverberated through the sky, its eyes flickering with an indomitable murderous intent, looking at the red smoke in the air.


Then, before anyone could react, it dove into the ground. It slithered beneath the earth’s surface like an Earth Dragon, thrusting towering mounds of earth upward, hurtling toward the crimson smoke with unprecedented speed.


“How fast!“ Qing Er could not help but chuckle, still remaining nonchalant.


As far as she was concerned, the Rock Python increasing its speed merely meant that it was quickening its own demise because no one could engage in direct combat with her Master.


Not in the past, nor in the future.


With these thoughts in her mind, Qing Er accelerated, dashing unswervingly toward the bustling beast city of North Canyon.



*Boom, boom, boom…* The earth quaked, causing countless mountains to quake in awe. Every now and then, sharp soil spikes would suddenly shoot from the ground, piercing through the air.


Unfortunately, against the crimson smoke in the air, the Rock Python was completely powerless to do anything, despite its formidable nature.


Piercing the crimson smoke was already its limit.


Anything else remained beyond its grasp.


*Roar…* The Rock Python let out another roar, which sounded as if coming straight from ancient times. It was resolute in its pursuit, and showed no signs of giving up.


The blood-red grass was the companion of the Spirit Stone Mine. For the Python, it was an invaluable catalyst for its evolution.


Giving up was not an option.


With an unwavering resolve, the Rock Python, seizing advantage of the quakes, launched itself like an arrow fired from a taut bowstring, soaring to great heights.


Its massive maw opened wide, hungering to sink its fangs into its prey.


Yet, unbeknownst to the Rock Python, it had unknowingly entered a desolate mountain range where a deathly silence had enveloped everything.


Rocks tightly bound by the roots, trees entangled by the roots…


This desolation bore the unmistakable imprint of tree roots.


“Now!“ Yu Zi Yu could not help but smirk in his heart as he beheld the colossal beast, closing in within striking distance.


At the same time, the countless roots seemed to come alive, slowly wriggling.


In an instant, they accelerated, rolling up the boulders, and uprooting the trees.


*Swoosh, Swoosh, Swoosh…* The thick black roots swished through the air, carrying rocks and even trees, before fiercely flunging them into the sky with an astonishing speed.


Within moments, the rocks and trees, under the control of the roots, soared through the air, flying straight toward the colossal Python at breakneck speed.


*Bang, Bang, Bang…* One after another, in the continuous barrage resembling raindrops, the loud roar grew more intense.


Yet, amidst the dense dust, the giant Python failed to notice the countless black roots following along the trajectory of the boulders, extending towards it.


At this moment, if one was observing from far away, the horrifying sight would definitely shake the spirits of countless onlookers.




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