Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 63, Overwhelming Suppression


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


“Go to Hell!“ Yu Zi Yu coldly snorted and suddenly accelerated the black roots, feeling the roots closing in on  the colossal beast.


“Swoosh…” Before the Python could react to the swishing sound, it felt its body get constricted.


And, before it could even discern what had bound it, darkness shrouded its vision. Countless shadows tightly coiled around it, transforming it into a huge bundle.


And then, with a forceful pull by Yu Zi Yu, the bundle in the sky was viciously yanked toward the ground.


A thunderous boom shook the earth, creating a sizable crater. The sky was not Yu Zi Yu’s dominion; it was the earth, teeming with innumerable roots, that he commanded.


Simultaneously, as the bundle crashed into the ground…


*Boom, boom, boom…* Water bucket-sized black sub-roots, no less formidable than the giant Python itself, burst forth from the soil, hurtling toward the nearby bundle.


*Roar…* roaring in anger, the gigantic Rock Python had already snapped the rootlets binding it, one after another. However, before it could extricate itself, a true crisis came bearing down on it.


A deafening boom reverberated as Yu Zi Yu’s mightest and thickest root struck the enormous snake.


*Roar…* a mournful cry resonated through the mountains as its vision abruptly plunged into darkness, while it was sent hundreds of meters flying, pulverizing an uncountable number of trees in its wake. 


Just then, another black sub-root emerged from the ground and swiftly encircled the snake, tightly binding it.


The sub-roots could not be compared with the rootlets; among Yu Zi Yu’s arsenal, they ranked as some of the strongest, evoking an eerie dread merely through their presence.


Now, like the python itself, the sub-root coiled fiercely around it.


*Roar…* a lamenting cries escaped the Rock Python’s mouth, which now found itself bewildered.


IT was being strangled!


It was no stranger to strangulation, actually, it was best at it. Yet, the tables had turned, and the Python now found itself ensnared by its own tactics.


Nonetheless, at that moment, Yu Zi Yu’s brows furrowed.


“Damn, it’s got quite a hard skin…” witnessing the Python’s formidable defense, impervious even to his suffocating strangulation, Yu Zi Yu could not help but be astounded.


And as if to provide clarification, Qing Er’s voice suddenly resounded in Yu Zi Yu’s mind, “Master, this is a Rock Python. Its scales are as hard as granite, and it is able to manipulate the Earth Element. When it comes to defense, it’s second to none among its peers, it’s simply invincible in that category…”


“Invincible in defense!?” Yu Zi Yu muttured, feeling a little speechless. He had not expected that his first encounter with a Tier-1 Transcendent would be such a formidable opponent.


Unfortunately, it had met the wrong opponent at the wrong time.


With a scornful grin…


*Swoosh, Swoosh, Swoosh…* Accompanied by swishing sounds, thick sub-roots surged forth from all directions, viciously slamming into the Python.


*Swoosh, Swoosh, Swoosh…* Within moments, the relentless barrage of devastating impacts left even the Rock Python disoriented and dizzy.


Though its defense remained formidable, it stood defenseless against the relentless onslaught.


They were like nine gargantuan black Pythons made of wood, no less formidable than the Rock Python itself. Just the mere thought of them sent shivers down one’s spine. And now, the Rock Python found itself facing exactly that.


With a cold smirk, Yu Zi Yu’s mind swiftly commanded three thick sub-roots to slowly tighten around the Rock Python, from head to tail, leaving no room for it to escape.


Afterward, these roots gradually pulled the Rock Python deeper into the earth.


“If I can’t break its impregnable defense, then I’ll strangle it. And if strangulation doesn’t work, I will suffocate it to death.“ As Yu Zi Yu made this proclamation, the dust had already settled in the forest.


The battlefield fell silent, except for the occasional trembling of a particular area. Broken roots and trees lay scattered across every corner, painting a picture of desolation.



Nightfall, in the depths of the North Canyon…


A towering Willow Tree, reaching heights of 40-50 meters, stood tall, domineeringly.


It had become the epitome of the canyon’s majesty.


There lay a Spirit Lake in its close proximity, and not too far away from it, a small mound had mysteriously appeared.


At this moment, apart from Nine Tails, and Bull Demon, other Mutant Beasts dared not approach the mound, which intermittently trembled. Even the Honey Badger was crouching nearby, baring its teeth, but a tinge of fear flashed in its eyes whenever it contemplated charging forward.


Clearly, the injuries inflicted by the Rock Python had left a lasting impact.


“Master, is the Rock Python still alive?“ Qing Er, having just separated her consciousness from Ling Er’s body, inquired with a soft chuckle.


Fortunately, Ling Er had already earned the moniker of ‘Sleeping Beauty’ among the Humans. Otherwise, explaining such prolonged periods of slumber would have proven quite challenging.


But for now, it was not a problem, as a group of mentors had come out in her defense, hailing her as, ‘a gifted young lady with exceptional learning abilities, so she requires ample rest to rejuvenate her spirit!’


Thanks to this explanation, many individuals secretly began to envy Ling Er’s propensity for sleep.


“The resilience of a Tier-1 Transcendent is truly astounding,” Yu Zi Yu lamented with a helpless sigh, “Although I’ve sealed its body and even the ambient Spiritual Energy, this creature, apart from being somewhat weakened, remains impervious to harm.“


“In any case, it’s an Elemental-Type Mutant Beast. Its robust life force is understandable.“ Qing Er replied with a smile, her eyes filled with a meaningful glimmer.


“Elemental-Type Mutant Beast!?“ Yu Zi Yu’s curiosity piqued as he voiced his question.


“They are darlings of the Elements, capable of imbuing themselves with elemental powers. Not only do they possess extraordinary physical strength, but they can also harness the Elements for offensive purposes.”


Saying so, Qing Er shifted her gaze to the small mount, before continuing explaining, “The Rock Python, for instance, is an Earth-Attribute Mutant Python. Regardless of their original class or species, an Earth-Attribute Turtle would be called a Rock Turtle, and an Earth-Attribute Rat would be known as Rock Rat. This is the military’s meticulous classification of Mutant Beasts, aiding Humans in identifying their weaknesses.“


“Tsk,” Yu Zi Yu could not help but exclaim, “Humans are truly something. They’ve already systematized the classification of Mutant Beast so quickly!“


Qing Er softly chuckled and nodded in agreement, “I must admit, Humans are an incredibly intelligent species.“


Deep in contemplation, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze turned to the nearby small mound.“A tenacious life force can be a blessing, but in this case, it’ll just make its death even more agonizing.”


Saying so, Yu Zi Yu could not help but tighten the sub-roots further.


*Creak, Creak.* 


The spine-chilling creaking sound reverberated, accompanied by muffled cries and groans from the Rock Python, which grew louder and more painful.




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