Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 64, Advancement


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Right at this moment, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze shifted on Qing Er. As if he was struck with an idea, he stated, “since you’ve returned, let’s make preparations to transport the Spirit Stone Mine tonight.” 


“For transportation, Master, we should do it underground.”


Nodding in agreement, Yu Zi Yu affirmed, “Yeah, by transporting them underground, we can prevent the excessive release of the Spiritual Energy from the Spirit Stone Mine.”


As he spoke, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze wandered to the nearby Mutant Beasts.


A fiery red Fox was crouching on a huge boulder, a black Wild Buffalo was slumbering in front of him, and in the distance, four colossal green Wolves were accompanying a snarling Honey Badger. Of course, the tiny Golden Monkey could not be overlooked either.


These eight fellows, in tandem with Qing Er, possessed the power to dig a tunnel underground in a single day.


With this plan in mind, Yu Zi Yu’s intricate network of countless roots underground quickly intertwined with each other, fusing into one unified force.




*Boom, boom, boom…* Accompanied by resounding tremors, a nearly flat expanse was pierced by the countless roots, creating a huge hole in the ground.


“Through this entrance, you can go deeper underground, and then…you understand, don’t you?”


“But of course, I know what to do.” Smiling, Qing Er gestured to the other Mutant Beasts, who promptly leaped into the hole.


And thus, one of the benefits bestowed by the Era of Transcendence unfolded.


With terrific bodies more robust and stronger than before, bolstered by abundant Spiritual Energy, these Mutant Beasts could excavate a tunnel with a hundred times better efficiency.


Shifting his perspective, Yu Zi Yu beheld Qing Er leading other eight Mutant Beasts, boldly forging a path straight to the Spirit Stone Mine.


The colossal green Wolves would breathe out every now and then, launching wind blades which would cut through the rocks.


The black Wild Buffalo, known as Bull Demon, would then kick the ground with its front legs, raising the fust like an angry bull, before charging ahead, pushing the rubble tens of meters away.


And because they were digging hundreds of meters beneath the surface, millions of years of sedimentation was enough to support such small shocks. As such, the Mutant Beasts did not need to concern themselves with tunnel collapsing.



After an extensive period, a tunnel spanning several tens of kilometers had been meticulously hewn into the heart of the earth.


At this moment…


*Tap, tap tap…* with heavy footsteps, Qing Er and the other Mutant Beasts returned to the profound depths of North Canyon. However, much to their astonishment, the depths of the North Canyon appeared to have been hollowed out, unveiling a subterranean plaza of colossal proportions, stretching over hundreds of meters.


At the center of the plaza swayed a resplendent plant, adorned in shades of crimson.


“Master…What’s this!?” Qing Er’s countenance wore an expression of bewilderment as she voiced her perplexity.


“While you were busy finishing your tasks, I too have not remained idle. Behold, I excavated this plaza using my roots,” Saying so, his gaze shifted toward the nearby blood-red grass as he added, “This Spirit Grass you retrieved for me still retains its spirituality. So, if all went well, it would be immensely valuable to me. Thank you! “


“You’re welcome.” With a knowing smile, Qing Er also gestured with her right hand.


In a moment, a mesmerizing pile of stones, radiating a hazy luminosity, emerged in front of Yu Zi Yu, levitating in the air, held up by Qing Er’s formidable Psychic Power.


“Are these Spirit Stones?” Yu Zi Yu’s attention was caught by a fist-sized stone he lifted with his root.


[It seems to be enveloped in extremely pure Spiritual Energy. My root seemed to pulsate in response, as if absorbing some of the mysterious essence.]


“No wonder the Silver Centipede achieved such a rapid breakthrough. With a treasure trove like the Spirit Stone Mine, even a Pig could transcend its limitations, “ Yu Zi Yu mused aloud.


“Indeed.” Qing Er nodded in agreement, chuckling cutely. “Based on the analysis of the Human scientists, this appears to be a medium-sized Spirit Stone Mine. It’s more than sufficient to meet your needs, Master.”


“Medium-sized Spirit Stone Mine!?” Yu Zi Yu smiled, his voice brimming with anticipation. He was sure that with the help of these Spirit Stones, he could now start his breakthrough.


A surge of motivation coursed through him, and he could help but exhale a long, deep breath.


Immediately after, his tree roots intertwined swiftly, forming a series of expansive nets in the blink of an eye.


“Qing Er, take these nets, and guide Nine Tails, Bull Demon, and the others to bring back even more Spirit Stones. Let’s fill this entire plaza to the brim, “Yu Zi Yu commanded, his eyes alight with determination.


However, his train of thought swiftly shifted, and he added, “I will use the roots to open a few more miniature plazas. When the time comes, you can let Nine Tails, Bull Demon, and the others each choose one for their cultivation, cultivating using the Spirit Stones.”


“Then please accept my gratitude on their behalf,” Qing Er replied, her lips curving into a gentle smile. Afterward, she effortlessly gathered the expansive nets with a graceful sweep of her sleeve, before leading Nine Tails and the other Mutant Beasts toward the Spirit Stone Mine.


However, crossing the tunnel this time was obviously a lot faster than before.


The Storm Wolves and Nine Tails, in particular, revealed their natural swiftness. Within a short span, they returned, clutching the tree nets with an abundant bounty of Spirit Stones.


Yu Zi Yu’s smile widened as he witnessed this spectacle, before he used his roots to meticulously arrange the Spirit Stones.


However, as the Spirit Stones were uncut, every single Spirit Stone had a very peculiar shape. Yu Zi Yu could not help but feel a twinge of disappointment as no matter how meticulously he arranged them, it looked like a haphazardly stacked miniature mountain.


Undeterred, Yu Zi Yu just shook his head.


More than that, he could already feel a very dense aura enveloping the roots of his tree.


*Huff, puff…* As if breathing, the countless roots expanded and contracted harmoniously.


At the same time, Yu Zi Yu controlled his pitch-back Python-like roots to form an intricate circle around the compact mountain of Spirit Stones.


[The time for my advancement is night.] With this thought in mind, Yu Zi Yu’s consciousness sunk into his body.


The next moment, a deafening boom like a lightning bolt resounded in his mind.


Immediately after, Yu Zi Yu’s entire body trembled.


Suddenly, the entire world turned ethereal, filled with starry rivers, and the surroundings burst forth with vibrant colors…


Under the dark curtain of the night, the entire world was a kaleidoscope of vibrant colors.


And, even if the Era of Transcendence had arrived, the source of power remained unchanged––Spiritual Energy.


However, at this moment, with the Spirit Stone Mine in his hand, Yu Zi Yu refrained from manipulating the Spiritual Energy on a grand scale. Instead, he converged the roots buried in the depths of the earth.


*Boom, Boom, Boom!* As if inhaling and exhaling, the Spirit Stones arranged in the underground plaza vibrated simultaneously.


Then, countless wisps of Spiritual Energy, resembling ribbons, surged forth from the Spirit Stones, and without lingering in the air for a moment, they were drawn by some force, swarming away.


In the blink of an eye, the entire underground plaza was engulfed in a miniature tempest.




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