Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 65, The Opulent Status Screen


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


At this moment, Yu Zi Yu was in bliss; he felt as refreshing as if he was basking in the warm embrace of winter sunlight. His entire body was bathing in a comforting warmth.


And right at this very moment…


*Boom!* A deafening thunderclap, resonating like a wave of tsunami crashing at the shore, reverberated through the sky. At the same time, an overwhelming surge of energy surged from the roots toward Yu Zi Yu’s trunk.


In an instant, Yu Zi Yu experienced a marvelous transformation.


At that very moment, he witnessed it.


His delicate branches sprouted tender shoots, that shot toward the sky, dancing left and right. The entire sight resembled the mesmerizing display of a Peacock unfurling its resplendent feathers; an enchanting spectacle of beauty and grace.


Yet what left him awa-struck was the inconceivable sight of these feathers unfurling against the wind, growing in size until they surpassed the size of a Ferris wheel in mere matter of moments.


Simultaneously, his trunk also underwent an extraordinary growth spurt.


The 30-40 meters tall Willow Tree seemingly leaped from the ground, growing more than 20 meters taller within a mere breath’s time.


However, the metamorphosis of the North Canyon transcended even these marvels.


Countless rootlets spread underground incessantly extended and burgeoned throughout the North Canyon. They raised the ground as they delved deeper into the earth, giving the impression of Earth Dragons traveling through the ground, persistently spreading their reach further into the distance.


Gazing from afar, one would witness undulating waves of earth one higher than the other.


This extraordinary phenomena startled numerous creatures, both terrestrial and avian, provoking their prompt departure.


Yet, before these birds and beasts could escape, with a mere thought, Yu Zi Yu’s countless rootlets ensnared them in a fraction of a second.


“It’s survival of the fittest, life and death are decreed by fate, and fate has destined you all to become my sustenance.” 


Banishing the final vestiges of reluctance from his heart, he allowed his rootlets to be bathed in crimson blood.


In that very moment, Yu Zi Yu seemed to have metamorphosed into a true Demon Tree, an entity that consumed everything without discrimination.


However, this transformation yielded an unexpected boom. Within a fleeting span, Yu Zi Yu’s Evolution Points had skyrocketed, amassing to an astounding 5,000.


Mutant Beasts of a single mountain might be insignificant…


But what if it was two mountains, or three, or…


After all, the surging waves of soil caused by Yu Zi Yu were powerful enough to engulf multiple mountains concurrently. Were it not for the mist shrouding the mountains, even Human satellites would have borne witness to a yellow-brown ripple, propagating ceaselessly.


During this awe-inspiring spectacle, Yu Zi Yu’s primary root remained ceaselessly active.


As the most formidable constituent of Yu Zi Yu’s body, it served as the lifeline that sustained his very existence.


It was the entire being of Yu Zi Yu.


With deafening rumbles, his primary root surged deeper into the depths of the earth, akin to an Earth Dragon.


In the blink of an eye, it reached unfathomable depths of 800-900 meters. Even the indomitable bedrock was powerless in impeding its advance. Even the occasional mines succumbed to the Earth Dragon’s might in an instant.


However, unbeknownst to Yu Zi Yu, an extraordinary phenomena was unfolding alongside his root’s deepening descent. From the depths of the earth, wisps of yellow gas began to rise. When these yellow gasses sensed the primary root, they instantly surged into it without hesitation, swiftly enveloping it in a yellow haze.


At this precise moment, Yu Zi Yu finally sensed a surge of dense, heavy energy coursing through his root, and was astounded.


It was heavy, like the profound heaviness of the earth itself.


The energy swiftly spread from bottom to top, reaching Yu Zi Yu’s trunk in a mere flash.


“Ahhh!?“ Crying in perplexity, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze was drawn to a branch where an earthly yellow flower slowly blossomed.


Moreover, it was not like the unisexual catkins as seen on Willow Trees. Instead, it took the form of an unfamiliar flower bud, radiating a soil-colored hue. Only, at the sight of this flower blooming, an extraordinary feeling coursed through Yu Zi Yu; he felt as if held the power to manipulate something.


“Manipulate!?“ With a tinge of doubt, Yu Zi Yu was struck with a revelation.


*Swoosh!* Accompanied by a piercing sound, a towering soil spike, several meters tall, suddenly jutted upward.


“This! I can now manipulate the earth!?“ While crying out in disbelief, Yu Zi Yu found himself consumed by an unusual sense of excitement.


[Could I truly command the earth now?How is this possible!?] Though he was laden with profound skepticism, his inner fervor proved difficult to contain.


For other Mutant Beasts, the ability to manipulate earth might have been just another means at their disposal. 


But for Yu Zi Yu, it was a promise of hope.


Yes, hope.


Perhaps he could never uproot his roots from the depths of the earth, but if he could control the very earth itself, he could harness its power and move with unrestrained freedom.


This idea had taken root in Yu Zi Yu’s mind because of an anime he had watched in his previous life.


The anime featured a unique ninja technique called ‘Mayfly Jutsu,’ which allowed the user to merge their physical form with the earth and plants, achieving high-speed movement. In essence, it involved becoming one with the earth, then moving to any place at high speed by intervening with the organic network of plant roots and the water flowing underground. 


It was a unique stealth technique, a form of Earth Escape that Yu Zi Yu found particularly enticing.


Yu Zi Yu no longer placed any hopes on uprooting his roots and running under the sun.


However, to merge with the earth, becoming one with it, and then swiftly moving–such a method held great allure to Yu Zi Yu.


If one door closes on him, Yu Zi Yu would consider opening another.


In this regard, Yu Zi Yu would not dwelled too much on it.


After all, the result was all that mattered. So, as long as he could move, whether by uprooting himself and running under the sun or swimming within the earth, it did not matter.


As Yu Zi Yu realized his newfound ability to manipulate earth, a surge of excitement overwhelmed him, surpassing even the exhilaration of breaking through to Tier-2.


However, it was not because the raw power had enthralled him; the true significance lay in the potential for movement and mobility.


*Phew…* exhaling a long, deep breath, Yu Zi Yu suppressed his wild fantasies.


[Enough with the wild fantasies… the concept of traversing through the earth is still purely theoretical and far from practical at the moment.] Reflecting on it, Yu Zi Yu redirected his attention to his status screen.


In order to clear his doubts, he could only rely on it.


With this thought in mind, Yu Zi Yu looked at the status screen, which appeared opulent and brimming with information.


Race: Mutant Willow Tree

Evolution Points: 5,432 (Can be obtained by absorbing unknown energy and refining under the sunlight, or by preying on other animals, even plants, and extracting from them.)

Innate Talent: Superb Regeneration (Upgradeable) – A terrifying talent unique to the plants. It greatly enhances the speed of regeneration. Even if relatively fragile parts like branches are damaged, they can regenerate in an instant with the help of the surging energy in the body.

Abilities: Mutated Branches (Level 2) – Branches that have undergone several upgrades. Their hardness is comparable to steel. They can be freely bent and extended. In addition, the branches can secrete a toxin that can paralyze and even render prey consciousness.

Mutant Roots (Level 2) – Formidable roots that have reached the pinnacle of strength. Each one is akin to Wood Dragons. They possess extraordinary strength, and can, to a certain extent, absorb plants and animals as nutrients.

Shroud of Mist (Level 2) – Generates an encompassing mist that can blanket hundreds of mountains, and can also block the perception.

Hallucinogen (Level 2) – Using the mist, you can affect the mind of animals, plants, and even Humans, inducing sensory confusion, and blurring the boundaries between reality and illusion.

Mastery of the Earth Element – After absorbing large amounts of Earth-Attribute Spirit Stones, as well as the Rock Python, the darling of earth, you have also harnessed its terrifying ability.


Ashish: Yeah, you got it right, it’s from Naruto. For more information https://naruto.fandom.com/wiki/Mayfly. Anyway, one thing is for sure, our author has read Naruto.




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