Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 66, Terrifying Innate Talent


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


Yu Zi Yu’s eyes widened in disbelief as he laid his eyes upon the status screen.


He could understand the absorption of Earth-Attribute Spirit Stones, after all, when he was breaking through and had indeed absorbed Spirit Stones. However, the mention of ‘darling of earth, the Rock Python,’ left him perplexed.


His face was filled with confusion. He had indeed buried the Rock Python deep within the earth prior to his breakthrough. Despite his best intentions to kill it, he could not breach its formidable defenses at the time. 


However, suddenly, as if struck by realization, Yu Zi Yu’s expression slightly changed. His gaze turned toward a small hill not far from the canyon. Instinctively, he commanded his roots.


*Rumble…* accompanied by deadful tremors, the ground rose and fell like waves in the ocean as Yu Zi Yu’s roots emerged from the ground.


At the same time, a horrifying sight unfolded before Yu Zi Yu’s gaze. Bleached white bones, tinged with traces of blood appeared within his roots, some even in a state of decay.


“Did I unconsciously absorb the Rock Python as nourishment?“ Yu Zi Yu muttered, as the Mutated Roots’ ability to absorb nutrients from both flora and fauna suddenly dawned upon him, and he realized that he had underestimated its power.


The Rock Python’s fearsome defenses had been powerless against the corrosive and absorbing nature of the Mutated Roots. Yet, there was one crucial point that Yu Zi Yu could not overlook—alongside its evolution, the Mutated Roots had undergone an all-encompassing enhancement.


*Phew…* Yu Zi Yu let out a deep breath, attaching little importance to the demise of the Rock Python.


Its fate was already sealed. Whether it died sooner or later made little to no difference. Furthermore, its death had unexpectedly contributed to Yu Zi Yu’s own growth.


As this thought crossed Yu Zi Yu’s mind, gratitude welled up within him toward the fallen Rock Python.


[Your appearance could not be any more timely.]


With a smile, Yu Zi Yu controlled his physical body and drew a deep breath.


*Boom!* A powerful boom reverberated as Yu Zi Yu felt a surge of energy pulsating through every pore of his body.


In an instant, a miniature storm of Spiritual Energy erupted around him.


Meanwhile, the dense white mist enveloping the canyon started swirling and dancing along with the currents of Spiritual Energy.


As Yu Zi Yu looked up, he saw clouds of mist forming vortexes, swirling and orbiting around him.


Deep within the vortex, a suffocating aura began to permeate into the surroundings, reminiscent of the bellowing of a behemoth.


This fearsome phenomenon was merely the result of Yu Zi Yu’s deliberate absorption of Spiritual Energy. It was akin to the state of mediation in Taoism, where a person no longer required food and could survive just on absorbing energy from the air.


“Now, my Peak Spiritual Energy has reached a staggering 300,000.”


Comparing it with his previous Spiritual Energy level, and after absorption of so much Spiritual Energy, Yu Zi Yu obtained such a terrifying number.


A Peak Spiritual Energy of 300,000 had far surpassed the Transcendents who had just reached Tier-2. For instance, the Silver Centipede only had a Peak Spiritual Energy of just 130,000. The gap was just too big.


In other words, despite both being Tier-2 Transcendents, the Silver Centipede that managed to slaughter most of the Human troops paled in comparison to Yu Zi Yu’s newfound strength.


100,000, there was a wide gap of more than 100,000 in their Spiritual Energy levels!


He had already transcended ordinary levels.


It was precisely because Yu Zi Yu had reached the peak in various aspects, laying a robust foundation for his advancement. Furthermore, he possessed various peculiar abilities that set him apart.


With a thought, Yu Zi Yu controlled one of his sub-root, commanding it to emerge from the ground.


But the next moment…


*Rumble…* accompanied by a fearsome tremor, the ground rose up like a wave, extending as far as the eye could see.


From within this newly raised ridge, a black root with the thickness of two adult males, stretching for a staggering length of seven to eight kilometers, suddenly surged out with a thunderous boom, tearing through the air like a Dragon.


It was a terrifying sight. An extremely terrifying sight.


Just the mere act of pulling out this single root from the ground had generated seismic force capable of causing earthquakes.


At this moment, Yu Zi Yu had no doubt that if he were to channel his Spiritual Energy, and control this root, which could extend up to the sky, he could sever even mountains.


*Gulp* subconsciously swallowing his saliva, Yu Zi Yu began to understand why the Humans referred to Tier 2 Transcendents as Disasters.


If a being like him were to take root deep within a city, in matter of hours, or even minutes, he could raze the majority of the city to the ground. 


If this did not qualify as a disaster, then there would be no other creature deserving of the title ‘Disaster.’


Of course, it was undeniable that Yu Zi Yu, even among the Tier-2 Transcendents, could be considered as an overlord.


Unless they could suppress him in terms of Spiritual Energy, any confrontation with Yu Zi Yu’s monstrous body would send shivers down the spine of any kind of Tier-2 Transcendent. He was a living and breathing monster from nightmares.


Furthermore, Yu Zi Yu had to nod in agreement to this fact as well.


“I’m indeed a monster.“ In a rare moment of speaking to himself, Yu Zi Yu felt a surge of excitement. Finally, he had gained a measure of confidence.



Suddenly, a new realization struck Yu Zi Yu, redirecting his gaze toward the list of his Innate Talents.


Innate Talent: Superb Regeneration (Upgradeable) – A terrifying talent unique to the plants. It greatly enhances the speed of regeneration. Even if relatively fragile parts like branches are damaged, they can regenerate in an instant with the help of the surging energy in the body.


“Upgradeable!?“ Muttering to himself, Yu Zi Yu was stunned. Innate Talents referred to talents one was born with, which would grow stronger along with the evolution of the creature.


However, now, perhaps due to influence of the System, he could freely control the upgrade of his Innate Talent. Only, he had no idea what benefits it would bring.


With his curiosity piqued, Yu Zi Yu asked, “System, can I upgrade my Innate Talent?“


<Ding, of course you can.>


Hearing the reply in a crisp artificial electronic sound, Yu Zi Yu was suddenly taken aback.


Because at that precise moment, a series of text appeared in his field of vision.


<Please select the development direction of your Innate Talent.>


<1: Upgrade Regeneration Speed – Regenerate damaged parts at a faster rate.>


<2: Reduce Regeneration Consumption – Greatly increases the number of times you can regenerate.>


<3: Upgrade Regeneration Ability – Even if the majority of main body or rootlets are destroyed, you can slowly regenerate through the remaining fragments.>



Yu Zi Yu was left completely bewildered, looking at the options before him. Much to his shock and surprise, he could actually choose the direction in which his talent should develop.


After a momentary shock, Yu Zi Yu broke into a chuckle.


[I like it!] With this thought in mind, Yu Zi Yu even felt that he was lucky.


If the talents were allowed to develop freely, there was no telling what would their intended effect be, they could potentially lead to deformities or develop in the direction opposite to what he desired. But now, things were different. He could actually autonomously choose the direction of the development of his Innate Talent.


Yu Zi Yu decisively chose to upgrade his Regeneration ability, without a moment of hesitation.


Even if the majority of the main body or rootlets are destroyed, he could slowly regenerate through the remaining fragments. In other words, this was an ability that could guarantee his survival.


With this ability, among other things, Yu Zi Yu could now confidently claim that he could survive a nuclear strike from the Humans.


Although nuclear weapons were terrifying, it was highly unlikely that they could destroy every part of. After all, Yu Zi Yu’s primary root was gradually extending deeper into the earth. 


At that depth, even if a nuclear bomb were to fall on North Canyon, it would be difficult for it to reach it.


Considering this, Yu Zi Yu naturally would not hesitate.


Just as Yu Zi Yu chose to upgrade the Regeneration ability, Yu Zi Yu’s body suddenly trembled.


In an instant, a gentle yet radiant green aura started emanating from his body. From the distance, it looked as if he was enveloped in a radiant glow. It looked both sacred and beautiful.


But the next moment, Yu Zi Yu was shocked once again, as if discovering something.


“What’s this!?“ In his gaze, new shoots started emerging from the ground far away from him, casting a vibrant green hue.


“Is it because of my rich vitality?“ Looking around, it was not just that corner, his abundant vitality was breathing life into every nook and cranny, even the crevices of rocks.




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