Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 67, Rock Flower


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Abundant vitality was definitely a much coveted gift. Only such rich vitality could ultimately empower his Regeneration ability to near-rebirth levels.


However, the exuberance of vitality also heralded a profound transformation in Yu Zi Yu’s surroundings, turning it into a veritable sanctuary.


From the ground, Spirit Flowers and Spirit Grasses sprouted ceaselessly. Furthermore, their irresistible allure attracted an array of Mutant Beasts, ranging from graceful butterflies to buzzing bees.


“Butterflies are okay, but if it’s bees, they will be buried in the soil as nutrients,“ Yu Zi Yu mused with a mischievous grin.


After all, the incessant buzzing of bees was super annoying. It disrupted the tranquility that he so cherished.


If they bothered him, they would be swiftly swatted to death.


And right at this very moment…


*Screech, Screech…* high-pitched screeches resounded as streaks of light swished down from high up in the sky.


“You guys were all so quick to run away.”” Yu Zi Yu pretended to be angry, looking at the returning Peregrine Falcons and White Crane.


The tremendous fluctuations from his advancement had frightened the birds perching on him, causing them to uncontrollably panic and flee.


Fortunately, it was alright. Even if they flew away, they only hovered high up in the sky above Yu Zi Yu, unwilling to leave him. For if they had, they would have not encountered a warm embrace from Yu Zi Yu’s extended branches, but rather their untimely demise.


In this regard, Yu Zi Yu admitted that he was a little possessive.


If these Peregrine Falcons and White Crane he had nurtured displayed ingratitude, he would not have minded punishing them.


However, the Peregrine Falcons and White Crane’s feelings for Yu Zi Yu still stood the test. Their current display of excitement and jubilant cries spoke volumes of their genuine affection. Thus, Yu Zi Yu decided to reward them and snapped one of his branches.


With a resounding *Crack!*, just as a drop of Life Essence seeped out from the cracked branch, before Yu Zi Yu could offer the Life Essence to the Peregrine Falcons and White Crane, he beheld a breathtaking sight–the broken branch swiftly regenerated before his astonished gaze, regenerating at a speed visible to the naked eye.


“Well… it seems I can’t play dead in the future.“


Yu Zi Yu chuckled, a sense of pride swelling within him. Such unparalleled regenerative capabilities were beyond comparison.


Yet, in the midst of this revelation…


*Bang, Bang, Bang…* as resonant echoes emanated from the deep hole in the distance, a fiery red Fox, as if bathing in flames, gracefully emerged, leaping into the air from the hole.


Perched upon its back was a figure cloaked in crimson hues.


“Congratulations, Master, on your breakthrough.“ Qing Er, adorned with a serene smile, gazed upon the much transformed Yu Zi Yu, who was radiating an aura of newfound majesty, and joy danced within her heart as she congratulated.


Yu Zi Yu’s gaze shifted to Qing Er, seated atop the Nine Tails, and a chuckle escaped his lips as he playfully remarked, “You certainly know how to choose a mount!“


Mirthfully covering her mouth, Qing Er responded with a giggle.“Well, Nine-Tails is simply the epitome of beauty. You should know that girls have no resistance to beautiful things.“


“Uh…” Noticing Qing Er’s apparent coquettish behavior, Yu Zi Yu could not help but be slightly taken aback.


[This girl is becoming more and more like Human girls. Could it be that her physical form is influencing her?] While harboring these doubts, Yu Zi Yu chose not to address it directly.


For some reason, he had a feeling that this transformation of Qing Er was good for her.


For a mere Soul like Qing Er, more in-depth and complex emotions could accelerate her growth.


The reason Yu Zi Yu had come to this conclusion could be accredited to his observation of her over time among Humans.


After spending a few months in their world, Qing Er’s intelligence had remarkably improved. She had completely shed the initial stiffness in her speech and thoughts she possessed when she just became a mere Soul. Even her strength had experienced a rapid surge.


“En…” Yu Zi Yu made a sound in acknowledgement, and not in envy.


Compared to Qing Er, his own progress was truly terrifying.


As fellow anomalies among the Mutant Creatures, the disparity between Qing Er and him was not limited to just one level.


[But she should be able to catch up soon.]


Be that as it may, the thought of the Spirit Stone Mine buried deep beneath the earth filled Yu Zi Yu with confidence.


With these Spirit Stones, he could nurture Qing Er, along with Nine Tails, Bull Demon, and the others, to the point that they could stand alone.


After all, unlike the Spirit Stone Mine guarded by the Silver Centipede, which was just a small-sized one, the Spirit Stone Mine he had discovered was medium-sized.


Who knew what kind of fortune was at play here!?


Just as he was contemplating this, a resounding bellow from Bull Demon diverted Yu Zi Yu’s attention.


When he looked up, he saw the imposing black Wild Buffalo standing before him. However, what intrigued him even more was Bull Demon’s intense yearning and pleading gaze.


“This guy…” puzzled, Yu Zi Yu followed Bull Demon’s gaze, and discovered that the black Wild Buffalo’s gaze was dead fixated on the vibrant yellow flower amidst his branches.


Rich Earth Element happened to be circulating within the flower, emanating a profound yet a faint encompassing aura that permeated into the surroundings.


Rock Flower–A crystallization of Earth Element, a Spirit Flower that surpassed Life Essence.


[Seems like this Spirit Flower is of little to no significance to me.]


It was merely a natural rejection born out of his innate instinct after absorbing large amounts of Earth-Attribute Spirit Stones.


At the end of the day, a tree was a tree, unable to absorb an excessive amount of Earth Element.


The unassimilated Earth Element within Yu Zi Yu eventually flowed through his body and was expelled, resulting in the blooming of this yellow flower.


As Yu Zi Yu had already reached the Tier-2, possessing formidable strength, he had no need of this yellow flower.


However, it became a lethal temptation for other low-level Mutant Beasts, especially those of the Earth-Attribute.


It was analogous to a wealthy man’s act of charity. Even the smallest charity could hold profound significance for certain people, potentially accelerating their progress which would have taken them several years, if not decades, to achieve.


“You want it!?“ Inquisitively, Yu Zi Yu ventured to ask, but to his astonishment, the black Wild Buffalo displayed a remarkable level of intelligence as it eagerly nodded in response.


What left him speechless was the Wild Buffalo’s insistence on affectionately rubbing its crescent-shaped horns against Yu Zi Yu’s sturdy tree trunk.


“Um… Could you please refrain from rubbing? I’ll gladly give it to you, isn’t that enough?“ Flustered, Yu Zi Yu’s speech became incoherent. Without a moment of delay, he plucked the yellow flower with a branch and extended it to the black Wild Buffalo.


If Qing Er or Nine Tails would have shown such intimacy, he would have gladly welcomed it.


After all, Qing Er was a stunning young girl, and Nine Tails was also a female fox, and had also become extremely beautiful.


However, when it came to this black Wild Buffalo, Yu Zi Yu struggled to bear it.


For one, Bull Demon was a male, and two, he could not be considered good-looking, he could only be described and robustly imposing.


His incessant rubbing made Yu Zi Yu’s mind wander into peculiar thoughts that he could not help but suppress.




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