Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 68, Divine Tree


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Taking a bite of the Rock Flower offered by Yu Zi Yu, Bull Demon’s face lit up with a touch of Human-like excitement.


By the looks of it, this Rock Flower seemed to be a miraculous tonic to it.


Upon devouring the Rock Flower, a faint earthly-yellow radiance surged throughout Bull Demon’s body. Simultaneously, his physique underwent a remarkable metamorphosis.


*Kaz, Kaz…* Bull Demon’s muscles seemed to stretch and gradually strengthen, while his body acquired a robust, golden-iron texture. His black fur stood up and wildly danced along with the wind. And atop his head, his uniquely shaped crescent horn glistened with an ivory-like whiteness.


*Mooo…* accompanied by a powerful bellow that reverberated like thunder, a torrent of ripples surged outward in the ground.


At this moment, even the usually haughty Nine Tails had her eyes flickered with rare vigilance.


She, who rarely showed any concern even in the face of opponents of the same level, revealed a hint of vigilance when faced with Bull Demon. This was because Bull Demon had actually ascended to the peak of Tier-0 Level 9 at this moment. It had now become a pinnacle of existence beneath the Transcendents.


“This fellow’s talent is truly fearsome.” Yu Zi Yu found himself at a loss for words as he witnessed Bull Demon rapid evolution to Tier-0 Level 9, solely from consuming a single Rock Flower.


He had not anticipated such a tremendous surge in its power.


One could only marvel at Bull Demon’s exceptional potential. After all, not every Mutant Beast could instantaneously assimilate the power of the Rock Flower as he did.


However, at that very moment, Yu Zi Yu was suddenly taken aback.


“Huh!?” Listening intently, Yu Zi Yu faintly heard an intermittent voice in his ears.







Each word was lacking in fluency, but carried a hint of excitement. It was akin to a child learning to speak, a bit blurred and indistinct.


“Are you the one speaking to me!?”


After a brief moment, Yu Zi Yu suddenly shifted his gaze toward Bull Demon, who was standing closest to him, as if a realization had struck him.


*Mooo…* with an elated bellow, the black Wild Buffalo vigorously nodded.


“Uh…” looking at the excited appearance of the Wild Buffalo, Yu Zi Yu was left astounded, grappling to comprehend the reality before him.


[Did he just speak!?] After a brief daze, the notion gradually crystallized within Yu Zi Yu’s mind.


However, at that precise instant, with a resonating thud, the nearby Wild Buffalo lowered his front limbs, prostrating before Yu Zi Yu’s sturdy tree trunk with respect and devotion.


“Divine…Tree, Divine…Tree…” Amidst the increasingly fervent voice, there was an overwhelming sense of joy.


It appeared as though the Wild Buffalo celebrated Yu Zi Yu’s response with profound exhilaration.


“Uh…” Frozen, Yu Zi Yu found it difficult to accept what he was witnessing.


But right then, Qing Er’s voice suddenly came from afar, “Tsk tsk, after teaching you for so long, I can finally say you haven’t disappointed me.”


Saying so, Qing Er lifted her feet and slowly approached the black Wild Buffalo.


“What in the world is going on?” Observing Qing Er approach, Yu Zi Yu could not help but ask.


With a mischievous smile on her lips, Qing Er reached for Bull Demon’s side.


Upon seeing Qing Er, the ‘eldest sister’, Bull Demon willingly lowered his head, seemingly expressing reverence.


“Master, most of the Mutant Beasts have awakened their intelligence, but since they haven’t received systematic learning, they are like infants, unaware of anything.”


While speaking, Qing Er caressed Bull Demon’s crescent-shaped horns, before continuing explaining, “That’s why, I taught them some fundamental knowledge using my psychic power in my free time.”


“Fundamental knowledge!?”


“Yes, fundamental knowledge. For instance, Master, you are the Divine Tree, the epitome of sanctity. And I, in turn, am their elder sister.”


Qing Er patted her chest, her face filled with a hint of pride.


However, little did she expect that this seemingly slow-witted Buffalo would be the first one to learn how to communicate using psychic power.


Realizing this, Qing Er shot a glance back at Nine Tails.


As expected, when Nine Tails met Qing Er’s gaze, she could not help but lower her head, while her claws restlessly scraped against the ground. 


“Alright.” After silently observing the somewhat eerie atmosphere between the trio, Yu Zi Yu had some grasp of the situation.


[If nothing unexpected has occurred, it’s very likely that Qing Er had used her psychic power to forcefully imprint some basic knowledge into the minds of Nine Tails and Bull Demon. But, whether they can truly comprehend and express it is a different matter altogether.]


Judging from Nine Tails’ expression, Yu Zi Yu could understand the difficulty she faced.


Nevertheless, it was not Nine Tails’ fault.


For Mutant Beasts like them, it was only upon reaching the Tier-0 Level 9 that they could tap into the existence of psychic power.


And without any surprises, psychic power was an insurmountable barrier for them to break through to the Transcendent Realm.


Now, however, Bull Demon had ascended to Tier-0 Level 9 with the aid of Rock Flower, and thanks to Qing Er’s previous guidance, he was able to express certain information using psychic power. Under these circumstances, it was not particularly surprising.


However, Bull Demon was still stuttering.


Engaging in conversation with him was akin to conversing with a one or two year-old toddler, who could only utter simple sounds like ‘Mama’ or ‘Papa.’


Naturally, Bull Demon had called Yu Zi Yu ‘Divine Tree’ before because he was guided by Qing Er.


As for Nine Tails, she was just in Tier-0 Level 8, and as such, faced some difficulties in tapping its psychic power.


“Divine Tree!?” Muttering, Yu Zi Yu’s eyes sparkled with a strange gleam.


For these Mutant Beast under his protection, the title ‘Divine Tree’ was truly fitting.


Smiling, Yu Zi Yu raised a branch and gently caressed Bull Demon’s other horn, offering words of encouragement, “Keep working hard. I eagerly anticipate the day when we can truly converse.”




Bull Demon responded with a resounding bellow, as if he understood Yu Zi Yu’s words. His gaze toward Yu Zi Yu was filled with an indescribable fervor, resembling the gaze of zealous devotees when they encountered their ‘God.’



Many, many years later in the future, Bull Demon, who had already reached the level where he was ruling his own area, stood on a peak, calmly gazing upon the boundless tide of beasts under the sky and could not help but reminisce about a certain day long ago. [Haha, that was the most important day in my life.]


At that time, it was still a low-level Mutant Beast… However, the great Divine Tree had bestowed upon it robust muscles, an inhumane sturdy body, and crescent-shaped ivory-white horns.


Of course, the most significant among all was the intellect, the shackles of intellect were unlocked.






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