Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 69, The Great Cause of Humanity


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


On a frigid night, the crescent moon hung slantwise in the sky.


This marked the second night after Yu Zi Yu’s breakthrough. At this moment, a canyon lay in utter silence, occasionally disturbed by the howls of cowl wind, and the subsequent rustling of the trees.


But at that moment…


*Screech!* A gentle screech resounded from the depths of a nearby hole in the ground before a fist-sized Peregrine Falcon flew out.


“Fal 7…” Suddenly, the very air quivered as a cold rebuke reverberated in the Peregrine Falcon’s mind.


*Screech!* Resembling a mournful cry, the entire body of Peregrine Falcon suddenly wilted like a frost-stricken eggplant.


However, it was to be expected. Facing the cold rebuke of the ‘Divine Tree’, Fal 7 still courageously resisted.


Meanwhile, Yu Zi Yu could not help but show a helpless expression, looking at this Peregrine Falcon.


Fal 7 was the most mischievous among the Peregrine Falcons.


Now, its siblings, and other Mutant Beasts like Bull Demon and Nine Tails were all diligently cultivating in the underground plaza that Yu Zi Yu had dug in the depths of the earth, using the Spirit Stones.


But this little one…


“Haaaa…” with a sigh of resignation, Yu Zi Yu understood the meaning of the phrase ‘yearning for iron to reach its full potential as steel.’



At that very moment, a wisp of crimson smoke rose from the ground, transforming swiftly into the graceful silhouette of a red-robed woman.


“Master, the sun has not even risen, and you already woke me up.“ Coupled with a hint of reproach, Qing Er could not help but pout her lips.


“I’m really sorry.“ Seeing that Qing Er was still groggy with sleep, Yu Zi Yu felt a pang of guilt.


These past two days had been really arduous for Qing Er. First, she had to attract Rock Python, and then, she had to relocate the precious Spirit Stones.


And once she had completed these tasks, she still had to swiftly return her consciousness to the Human side and control Ling Er’s body.


It was indeed burdensome for her.


“Uh…” witnessing her Master earnestly apologizing, Qing Er found herself momentarily speechless.


Well, encountering such an amiable Master was an extraordinary stroke of fortune, she could not ask for more.


A subtle sense of elation seeped into her heart, causing Qing Er to overlook the minor grievance of being awoken. Instead, she changed the subject, “Master, it appears that something has been discovered by the Humans in the past two days. I’ll go check it out today.“


“Very well.“ Nodding in approval, Yu Zi Yu did not stop her.


Qing Er’s stay amongst the Humans proved invaluable to Yu Zi Yu.


The Spirit Stone Mine, the Rock Python… these mysteries were only known to the Humans, and the knowledge of them had significantly reduced Yu Zi Yu’s burdens.


Of course, Qing Er had to pay the price for it.


Lost in thought, Yu Zi Yu began to ponder whether he should prepare something nice to reward this resilient maiden as a token of his appreciation.



Meanwhile, consciousness shifted, and Qing Er, or more accurately, the prodigious Human girl known as Ling Er, awakened from her deep slumber.


Opening her eyes and glimpsing the faint light of dawn, Ling Er rose from her bed and draped herself in a thin and delicate garment.


For individuals blessed with Fire-Attribute Elemental Talent like her, feeling cold was a rare sensation.


Even on a chilly winter morning, she felt warm and cozy, as if she was right by her Master’s side.


As these thoughts crossed in her mind, Qing Er’s corners of lips curled up into a happy smile.


*Snap!* As she snapped her fingers, the Fire Element swiftly gathered as if responding to a summon.


In a matter of moments, a sizable cluster of flames appeared before her.


What was truly incredible, though, was that the cluster of flames was calmly floating in the air.


If any professor, expert, or even Superhuman were to witness this, it would surely evoke their astonishment and awe.


Individuals who had awakened Elemental Talents were strong, but they usually involved attaching the elements to oneself.


For instance, when an individual, who had awakened Earth Elemental Talent, mobilized the Earth Elements, his entire body would be covered in a thick layer of armor.


Whereas individuals like Qing Er, who had awakened Fire Elemental Talent, when they utilized their Elements, the flames would generally be attached to their bodies, as if burning on the surface of their body.


At most, they could hold a fireball and throw it. 


But now, Ling Er could make a cluster of flames calmly hover in the air with a mere snap of her fingers. This feat was simply unthinkable.


Because it was something that had surpassed Humans’ cognition, and delved into a realm of superpower that was extremely difficult to grasp.


For instance, psychic power.


As an individual with awakened Psychic Talent, Ling Er could easily conjure an invisible palm that held the flames with her psychic power.


Even more astonishing, Ling Er possessed the astonishing ability to manipulate the trajectory of the flames with ease within a range spanning hundreds of meters.


And what did that signify?


*Rumble…* a terrifying, deafening explosion reverberated through the surroundings as a nearby lake erupted, splashing water into the air.


“As long as I willed it, I can display power comparable to an ordinary artillery bombardment within several hundreds meters of me.” Smiling, Ling Er began her morning practice, familiarizing with her body as usual.


For her, the perfect integration of body and Soul was best exemplified by effortlessly conjuring a fist-sized fireball, and manipulating its every movement with the finesse of her psychic power.


Her Fire Elemental Talent originated from her physical body, while her psychic power came from her main body.


The effortless manipulation of fireball signified that Qing Er’s psychic power had firmly rooted within Ling Er’s body, avoiding any potential disharmony between body and Soul that would result in sluggishness or awkwardness.


“Phew…” Qing Er exhaled a long, deep breath, as if confirming the seamless integration of her body and Soul, as her lips curled into a smile. Then she lifted her feet and strode out of the courtyard that existed solely for individuals of her extraordinary caliber.


Others were barred from entering without prior approval from the Spiritual Energy Research Institute.


This was also why Ling Er could boldly manipulate the flames.


Nevertheless, prudence remained her companion.


Everytime she attempted this, Ling Er diligently employed her psychic power to scan her surroundings.


Given that Ling Er’s psychic power had reached Tier-0 Level 9, Humans, or at least the inhabitants of this Spiritual Energy Research Institute, were unable to sense her scan.


However, Ling Er could not confidently assert that not a single person could sense her scan.


As her understanding deepened, she unearthed the sinister truths about the Humans.


Merely through whispered accounts, Ling Er already came to know of the existence of at least ten nightmarish experimental facilities.


Among these facilities existed creatures that defied all norms.


For instance, in order to improve strength, there were Humans whose DNA had been fused with the genes of Mutant Beasts, which resulted in their sanity gradually eroded by their primal instincts.


Ling Er had witnessed the birth of a ‘Werewolf’ with her professor.


Her professor reassured her by saying, ‘Don’t worry, these people willingly volunteered for the experiments.‘


However, her professor could not help but softly sigh, adding, “It’s an inevitable sacrifice for the prosperity of Humanity. I believe that history will remember them, Humanity will remember their sacrifice.“


This enigmatic concept, known as the ‘great cause of Humanity,’ eluded Ling Er’s comprehension. In the face of the relentless war of evolution, defeat was absolutely unacceptable. For this reason, one after another, the Humans willingly entered these almost certain death experimental facilities.




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