Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 72, Panda–––The Iron Eating Beast


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


Firearms were basically regulated weapons prohibited by law in China.  However, that was before. With the advent of  resurgence of Spiritual Energy, and sudden onslaught of Mutant Beasts, China had already amended its laws, allowing some individuals to carry pistols and other small firearms.  


However, in order to carry a gun, one needed to obtain a gun license, and also needed to pass a series of tests.  


In simple terms, it was a very complicated process.


Of course, rich individuals like the bespectacled man could uncomplicate it using money.  


This was the manifestation of the burgeoning gray market in China, which had grown rapidly like mushrooms after the rain.


In the face of Transcendental powers, some policies of the old era needed to change. For instance, prohibition of firearms, or the protection of wildlife.


After all, protecting wildlife? In this age? Was that not the epitome of irony?


At the beginning of the resurgence of Spiritual Energy, a small national wildlife sanctuary within China held an animal known as national treasure, Panda. Unbeknownst to the Humans, these Pandas silently underwent mutation. By the time it was discovered and the Humans reacted to it, the ancient name of Panda had resurrected.


‘Iron-Eating Beast’


With teeth of iron, it could devour any metal and minerals, and its claws that were as sharp as surgical scalpel could easily tear apart any barriers attempting to confine it.


Even to this day, the whereabouts of the first mutated Panda still remains a mystery.


All Humans knew that it had disappeared into the mountain forest, but no matter how much Humans searched, their search proved to be fruitless.


Some experts speculated that it had made its way into a certain mine, thus shielding it from most of Human’s advanced surveillance systems.  


However, the exact circumstance eluded even the most knowledgeable.


Since the appearance of the first Panda, China had gained control over 2,000 Pandas, all under the strict oversight of the military.


There were even whispers of this cute species returning to the battlefield.


In times now forgotten, the Pandas stood as a fierce warrior on those very fields of combat. Legends speak of the renowned Chi You, who mounted a Panda, leading conquests far and wide.


From this, one could imagine the inherent ferocity of this species.


Today, some experts claim that due to the country’s century-long efforts in domestication, there even existed a possibility of forming a bond with this species, even in its mutated state.


If such a feat were to be achieved, Mutant Panda would undoubtedly become an indispensable asset for China.


This species could propel the entire nation to the forefront of the evolving world, solidifying its position as the paramount power among the countless countries.



Meanwhile, amidst the mist-covered mountain forest…


The bespectacled man firmly grasped his pistol, his gaze coldly fixated upon the nearby Leng Feng.


All he needed to do was gently squeeze the trigger, the ensuing gunshot would result in a crimson fountain of blood, gushing forth from the bullet’s entry point. The wretched soul standing before him would succumb to the call of gravity.


Even if he was a Superhuman, so what!? In the face of a loaded gun, all he could do was tremble in fear.


With a mind filled with malevolence, the bespectacled man’s finger even rested on the trigger.


Just right at that instant…


*Bang!* Accompanied with a thunderous gunshot, the pungent smell of gunpowder filled the air.


“What the Hell are you doing!?”


Gripped with uncontrollable rage, Su Hu’s hand gripping the shotgun trembled with anger.


[Why can’t these fools understand the gravity of the situation!? We are in the Misty Mountains, not some safe haven!] With these thoughts in his mind, Su Hu shot a cold glance at the bespectacled man until the latter, intimidated, reluctantly lowered his gun. Only then did Su Hu turned his attention to Leng Feng and inquired, “Leng Feng, what’s wrong?”


“Qian Qin’s intuition is remarkably accurate. Since she said that she has a very bad feeling, it means we’re in serious trouble.”


Leng Feng, who had cooperated with Qian Qin more than once, skillfully positioned himself behind Qian Qin, taking the role of her guard.


This was their agreement.


In times of danger, Leng Feng was tasked to ensure her safety.


And in exchange, Qian Qin would use her keen Sixth Sense to guide Leng Feng away from any impending crises.


However, at this moment, Leng Feng tightly furrowed his brow as he observed the girl, whose face had completely gone pale in fear.


It was a side of her he had never witnessed before.


She had never worn such a terrifying expression, ever.


“Serious trouble!?” The burly young man, clutching his heavily muscled right arm, responded with a peculiar tone.


In the next moment, as if realizing something, a spark of excitement flashed in his eyes, and he licked his lips, his voice tinged with eagerness, “So, you’re saying we’re about to face a formidable opponent?”


“Seems to be the case.” Leng Feng nodded with a grave expression on his face.


Despite his reservations about the burly youth’s character, there was no denying his strength. Compared to a certain someone, he was far more dependable.


“Excellent!” The burly youth lowered his arm and started stretching in anticipation.


He had come to these mountains in search of worthy opponents. And now, his wish was about to be fulfilled. How could the burly youth contain his excitement?



And right at that moment, as if sensing an impending threat, the burly youth and Leng Feng exchanged a meaningful glance, their eyes suddenly drawn to a corner enveloped in dense mist.


*Thud, thud, thud…* an invisible force pressed upon their chests, its weight palpable even before the figure emerged from the mist.


“It’s here,” Leng Feng warned in a hushed voice, tightening his grip on the dagger in his hand.


Simultaneously, the burly youth took a deep breath, preparing himself for what lay ahead.


“I’m really curious to see what we are up against!?” The burly youth chuckled, and suddenly kicked the ground.


*Bam!* With a single leap that shook the ground, the burly youth disappeared into the thick fog.


“This guy!?” Leng Feng’’s expression froze momentarily. However, witnessing the burly youth recklessly disappear into the dense mist, Leng Feng also bit the bullet and was about to follow suit.


But the next moment, he felt a gentle tug at his sleeve.


Looking down, he discovered Qian Qin tightly holding his sleeve like a helpless little girl.


“No, no…”


“Run, we have to run…”


The sense of urgency and panic in her voice sent Leng Feng and even the nearby Su Hu into a state of alarm. Such a display from Qian Qin was entirely unprecedented for them.




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