Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 73, The White Tiger’s Prowess


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


At that very moment, the earth trembled violently.


With a thunderous boom, a gust of wind carrying a faint smell of blood blew on everyone’s face.


“It’s…” someone suddenly exclaimed in disbelief, with a tinge of fear in his voice.


Before Leng Feng and the rest could react, they witnessed the billowing white mist suddenly swirled back. Simultaneously, a muscular figure came flying from the mist.


“Are you alright!?” Shouting at the top of his lungs, Leng Feng instinctively leapt up to catch the flying figure.  


But the next moment…


With a resounding *thud*, an unimaginable force lifted Leng Feng into the air alongside the figure.


“How is this possible!?” In disbelief, Leng Feng’s face contorted with sheer astonishment. Much to his shock and dismay, he was lifted off the ground with such force from a distance.


[Just how formidable is this Beast!?]


As if struck with realization, Leng Feng instantly stood back up and looked toward the nearby muscular young man.


As he had expected, there was a menacing claw mark on the robust youth’s chest. A hideous claw mark. At a glance, one could even see his bones beneath his skin.


More terrifying still, the upper half of the muscular youth’s body was already dyed in blood.


Witnessing this scene, not only others but even Leng Feng’s pupils contracted to the size of needles.


Just a single encounter had left the robust youth severely wounded. Someone who possessed considerable strength and robustness.


[This level of power! Could it be a High Level Mutant Beast?] Leng Feng’s face grew pale, his gaze fixed upon the gradually materializing silhouette within the depths of the dense fog. His body also stiffened with apprehension.


“No! No! I want to go back! I want to go back!” Suddenly, a piercing scream pierced through the forest.


Looking toward the source, it was the bespectacled man. His entire body trembled uncontrollably, before he fell on the ground on his ass. Evidently, the sight of heavily injured muscular youth had thoroughly terrified him.


However, at that moment, no one paid any attention to this individual. In comparison to this useless fellow, Leng Feng, Su Hu, and even Qian Qin’s attention was riveted on the heart of the swirling mist.


Seasoned individuals understood the peril of exposing their backs to a Mutant Beast, otherwise the first casualty would undoubtedly be themselves. Yet, now they needed to ascertain the identity of this Mutant Beast before devising a strategy to confront it.


However, mere moments later…


*Roar…* a bone-chilling roar reverberated through the forest, accompanied by the dense fog cascading backward. The next moment, everyone was blown several meters away before they could even react.


What transpired next was even more terrifying–the nearby trees were bent by 70-80 degrees, as if assailed by a formidable gale.


In that fleeting instant, as the dissipating fog unveiled the surroundings, Leng Feng and his companions caught a tantalizing glimpse from the recesses of the mist.


Perilous rocks stood tall, with rugged and peculiar rocks.


And there, upon a peculiar rock, strode a regal Tiger with its head held high.


This majestic creature was three-four meters tall, and bore a large ‘王’ shaped white mark on its forehead, which meant king in Chinese. Its sinuous body was adorned with mesmerizing black and white patterns, featuring elegant black spots across its chest, abdomen, and inner limbs. The thick black and white fur, draped over its shoulders, resembling a regal cloak befitting its noble bearing.


However, what truly instilled a chilling fear was the beast’s rugged limbs, with claws protruding from its toes, measuring a daunting two to three decimeters in length. From a distance, they resembled a collection of knives, sending shivers down one’s spine.


In addition, a long, thick tail extended from its back, adorned with black ring patterns. It swayed with a slight curve, producing a piercing sound as it sliced through the air.


Suddenly, another roar erupted from the beast’s throat.


*Roar!* Although slightly diminished in intensity, the sound alone caused Leng Feng and his companions to break into a cold sweat. The most disheveled of them all was the bespectacled man. He stood there dumbfounded for a moment.


And then, collapsed to the ground, directly fainting.


“A…Mutant…White…Tiger…” In a rare moment of fear, Su Hu’s throat went completely dry. His hands gripping the hunting rifle were trembling uncontrollably.


“We’re finished, we’re completely finished this time…” In a bitter tone, Su Hu and the distant Leng Feng exchanged a glance, but their eyes betrayed a deep sense of despair.


It was a Tiger! The king of beasts, and was also known as the king of mountains. Now, mutated, who knows how terrifying it had become?


When faced with its towering 3-4 meters stature, even the bravest soul would find it impossible to muster the courage to fight back.


Meanwhile, Qian Qin could not help but cover her mouth in disbelief, her voice choking with fear, “My God, how can there be such a huge White Tiger?”


Gawking in awe at the towering White Tiger, Qian Qin’s voice trembled and faltered. Despite encountering numerous Mutant Beasts in the past, she had never beheld a fearsome Mutant Beast as this.


Thankfully, she managed to stifle her scream. For if she had not, it would have spelled disaster.


*Roar!* With a resounding roar, the gigantic White Tiger leaped from the bizarre rock, effortlessly soaring to a height of five to six meters. From the distance, it resembled a small mountain.


“Run!!” shouting at the top of his lungs, Leng Feng tightly grabbed Qian Qin’s hand, running outward without hesitation.


On the other hand, Su Hu did not hesitate either. Spurred on by Leng Feng’s urgency, he swiftly turned around and fled, even abandoning his shotgun without a second thought.


In this crucial moment, Su Hu harbored no illusions that a mere shotgun could pose a threat to this behemoth.


As for the muscular youth and the bespectacled man lying motionless on the ground…


To be frank, with their own lives hanging by a thread, no one had the luxury of sparing a thought for them.


However, no matter how fast they were, the Tiger was faster.


Faced with Mutant White Tiger, now in Tier-0 Level 8, their speed was insignificant.


In the blink of an eye, the Mutant White Tiger covered a distance of several dozen meters, leaping over their head and landing directly in their path.


With a thunderous crash, a billowing cloud of dust rose into the air.


Once again, the colossal White Tiger stood before them. This time, the distance between them had narrowed considerably.


It was so close that Leng Feng and his companions could smell the pungent smell of blood. They could observe the intricate patterns on the White Tiger’s fur with startling clarity, and feel the overwhelming pressure it exuded. The sheer proximity caused Qian Qin to slump to the ground, her heart consumed with fear and despair. In her mind, she had reached a conclusion that no Human could win against this.


And at that moment, the White Tiger lifted its head high, seemingly looking down upon them.


Yet, within those indifferent eyes, a hint of ferocity flickered.


Its jaws slowly opened…


A thick, putrid stench permeated the air, suffocating Leng Feng and his companions.


But in a heartbeat…


*Roar!* A thunderous Tiger roar resonated, as if devouring mountains and rivers. Ripples after ripples of sound waves emanated from the White Tiger’s mouth, crashing into Leng Feng and his companions before they could even react.


“It’s over…”


Their consciousness slowly faded, before their minds went completely blank. Leng Feng struggled to reach out his hand toward the sky, only to falter in mid-air, before succumbing to the darkness of unconsciousness.




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