Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 74, Old Third, Mutant White Tiger


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


Yu Zi Yu, witnessing the trio getting knocked out from the distance, was startled as well.


“It was not as interesting as I imagined,” muttering these words softly, Yu Zi Yu tried to avert his gaze.


The power gap was too big; they were simply not on the same level, unable to even withstand the roar of the White Tiger.


But in a moment…


“Haaa…” letting out a resigned sigh, Yu Zi Yu felt a pang of helplessness.


Refocusing his gaze into the distance, he witnessed the massive jaws of the Mutant White Tiger wide open, poised to devour the hapless Humans. Yu Zi Yu could not help but release a deep breath.


[Just this once, only this once.] Muttering in his heart, Yu Zi Yu’s roots buried deep in the ground suddenly started moving.


*Boom, boom, boom…* within the serene forest, the earth suddenly started splitting apart. Simultaneously, dark, sinuous, roots resembling venomous snakes tore through the ground with lightning fast speed, reaching out toward the unconscious individuals.


Right then, the three to four meter tall White Tiger abruptly shuddered, as if sensing something.


Without hesitation, it leaped high into the air.


However, what could such a leap accomplish?


With a resounding *thud*, a jet-black root ripped through the earth, transformed into a venomous snake that lunged toward the airborne Tiger.


Before the White Tiger could react, it was already ensnare in the roots.


*Roar!* A mournful roar echoed through the forest as the majestic White Tiger, standing three to four meters tall, was forcefully dragged into the depths of the earth.


Elsewhere, black tree roots continued to emerge one after another, swiftly ensnaring the group of Humans and pulling them into the gaping maw of darkness.


“I can watch you slaughter Humans, but I can’t just sit back and watch you devour them.” Yu Zi Yu could not help but sneer in his heart, “And besides, you shouldn’t have entered my range.”


Yu Zi Yu’s current range extended far and wide, spanning over an impressive eight to nine kilometers.


And yet, this White Tiger, enticed by Humans, had foolishly ventured into it. Therefore, Yu Zi Yu could not resist taking action. He could not ‘bear’ to let this cute pet wander outside any longer.


Apart from the White Tiger, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze shifted to another direction, as if he was struck with a thought.


There, he caught a glimpse of a colossal Chimpanzee, resembling a King Kong, pounding its chest, as if proclaiming itself as the ruler.


“Ha ha ha…This fool. I wonder if it’ll still dare to boast in my presence next time?” Chuckling softly, Yu Zi Yu’s curiosity was piqued once again.




North Canyon, shrouded in a veil of white mist, looked like a mystical realm at first glance.


Meanwhile, in the heart of North Canyon, a towering three to four-meter-tall White Tiger was cowering in a secluded corner like a kitten. Its eyes occasionally wandered, gazing in trepidation at the tall and majestic Willow Tree.


In the Era of Transcendence, strength was the ultimate virtue. However, who could explain to this magnificent creature why such a monstrous being existed when most others were only in Tier-0?


The Spiritual Energy surging from the Willow Tree resembled mighty waves in the ocean, each one bigger than the last. Despite its best attempts to overcome it, White Tiger felt suffocated, its body trembling uncontrollably.


And nearby, eerie eyes were watching it intently, viewing it as nothing more than prey.


Among the observers was a stunning creature, a Red Fox adorned with flames, its eyes shimmering with a mischievous gleam.


Another was once used to be on its menu, a Black Wild Buffalo.


However, at this very moment, its gaze was inadvertently drawn to the Black Wild Buffalo…


The Spiritual Energy fluctuations surging from the crescent horns were difficult to ignore. As these fluctuations reached the Mutant White Tiger, it felt a sharp prickling sensation as if thousands of needles were pricking it.


*growl…* the Mutant White Tiger let out a growl as it shivered like a kitten. Its growl sounded much like mournful cries.



“This fellow knows its place.” Looking at the trembling yet obedient White Tiger, Yu Zi Yu also found it quite amusing.


He extended a branch and, to his surprise, the Mutant White Tiger not only allowed his touch but seemed to revel in it, displaying unexpected docility.


“Indeed, it’s a feline creature, just like a domesticated kitten,” Yu Zi Yu mused. He started teasing the little white Cat again with his branch.


Yes, little white Cat.


Yu Zi Yu naturally regarded it as a Cat. After all, they were both feline creatures, with little difference, maybe just the coat.


Given Yu Zi Yu’s towering stature, this three to four meters tall White Tiger really seemed just like a Cat to a Human, small and adorable.


With a chuckle, Yu Zi Yu felt that Qing Er would probably like this little one.


After all, in terms of appearance, this ‘kitten’ was not far behind Nine Tails.


If Nine Tails represented elegance and nobility, then this ‘kitten’ exuded a sense of power and dominance. Which, according to Yu Zi Yu, was a romance exclusive to men. [I wondered if Qing Er would understand this sense of romance?]


“From now on, you shall be Old Third, Nine Tails is Old First, Bull Demon is Old Second. You, my friend, are Old Third,” Yu Zi Yu proclaimed before breaking off a branch, and offering a drop of potent Life Essence to the Mutant White Tiger.


*Roar?* A thunderous roar of excitement reverberated through the canyon as the Mutant White Tiger leaped, its face expressing a hint of Human-like exhilaration, all for the shimmering green essence where the branch had snapped.


“I know you’re very intelligent, so mark my words, you’re Old Third, the third beast under my command,” Yu Zi Yu reiterated, dripping the Life Essence.


In an instant, the Mutant White Tiger was enveloped in a vibrant life force.


Simultaneously, its body underwent a profound metamorphosis.


However, Yu Zi Yu was already accustomed to such changes.


With his advancement to Tier-2 Transcendent Realm, his various abilities had undergone a significant qualitative leap. Furthermore, he was also supported by his Evolution Points.


According to Qing Er, his Life Essence was no worse than a ‘Tier-1 Treasure’, a valuable resource that countless Humans would fight for.


For creatures below Tier-1, such a Spirit Treasure was naturally a great blessing.


And, Yu Zi Yu was well-prepared when it came to dealing with such Spirit Treasure.


At this moment, if an observant person paid attention to his Life Essence, they would detect a slight difference from before.


Within its abundant vitality, there was an indescribable scent.


Life Essence–After having been strengthened by Evolution Points, it not only accelerates the evolution of all living things, but also imprints Yu Zi Yu’s brand, making its consumer subconsciously more affectionate toward Yu Zi Yu…


It possessed an additional effect, which was precisely what Yu Zi Yu needed.


Just like now, the Mutant White Tiger, after consuming his Life Essence, was looking at him with a different gaze. One filled with gratitude.


Mutant Creatures were quite simple-minded; in the face of someone with overwhelming strength, who could also cater to their needs, their natural response was one of gratitude.


This was far better than dealing with Humans.


After all, Humans, with their complex thoughts, were prone to ingratitude and even betrayal.


The second reason lay in the fact that while the Life Essence cleansed the Mutant White Tiger’s body, it also left Yu Zi Yu’s brand on it.


Yu Zi Yu speculated that if a creature below Tier-1 were to consume his Life Essence consistently, its mind could potentially fall completely to Yu Zi Yu’s influence, regarding him as a paramount existence.


It resembled enslavement, yet it was even more insidious. For it did not employ force, but rather employed a subtle and gradual influence over ones mind…




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