Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 76, Another Round of Upgrades


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“The Kingdom of a Tree Monster?” Muttering to himself, Yu Zi Yu felt a stir within his heart.


He raised his vision to the very top, surveying the mist-shrouded mountains. Yu Zi Yu could not help but notice that, knowingly or unknowingly, he had become the ruler of this vast forest.


In the sky were Peregrine Falcons and White Crane, flying through the sky…


On the ground were Nine Tails, Bull Demon, and the recently joined White Tiger…


All these powerful Mutant Beasts obediently followed his commands…


One could imagine what this meant.


“Haaaa…” Yu Zi Yu, exhaling a long, deep breath, shifted his gaze back to the girl. He could not help but admit that this girl was really extraordinary. Not in terms of strength, but in terms of her astonishing Innate Talent.


“Sixth Sense, a woman’s intuition, to think that such a thing could awaken as a special ability.” Deeply sighing, Yu Zi Yu looked at the sobbing girl, his eyes lighting up the next moment. Immediately after, roots emerged from the wooden walls of the tree house, one after another.


“Ahh!” the girl cried in surprise.


The next moment, she found her limbs entwined by dark, sinewy roots, suspending her in mid-air.


Simultaneously, a black root, resembling a snake, slowly extended toward her mouth.


“No, no…” an unbelievably grim idea flashed in her mind as Qian Qin’s already pale face turned even whiter.


Hung in this posture, looking at the approaching root… strange thoughts could not help but emerge within her mind.


[Am I about to be raped by the Tree Monster?] An inconceivable notion raced through her mind, leaving Qian Qin stupefied.


However, the very next moment, a glistening droplet moistened her pallid lips. In an instant, the girl felt as if she was in a warm ocean.


[How warm…]


Every inch of her body felt more and more comfortable. Simultaneously, Qian Qin was astounded to find that her long-stagnant Spiritual Energy started surging once again.


*Boom!* In the blink of an eye, her Spiritual Energy shattered the barrier of 3,000, surging toward 5,000, reaching even 6,000.


“From now on, you’ll remain within this canyon.” Stating this, Yu Zi Yu further added gently, “And occasionally, you’ll train my pets.”


“Uh…” Qian Qin listened in a dazed state, feeling a sense of bewilderment. Yet, for some unknown reason, she no longer resisted the voice. Instead, she felt a peculiar sense of closeness.


Involuntarily, she said something she could not even believe she did, “Okay.”


Hearing the girl’s response, Yu Zi Yu suddenly burst into laughter.


[As expected, it’s effective.] Though he had not directly enslaved her, the swiftness in this transformation in her attitude was glaringly evident. Just from this, one could imagine the profound impact of the Life Essence had on this girl.


[Perhaps, it is not only her?] As if he was struck with an epiphany, Yu Zi Yu’s roots spread toward other tree houses one by one.


*Boom Boom Boom…* as swirling vortexes of Spiritual Energy rose one after another, Yu Zi Yu could almost envision these individuals bowing down and pledging allegiance to him.


However, the next moment…


*Bang! Bang!* Two consecutive explosions resounded in the canyon, filling the air with crimson mist. Yu Zi Yu shifted his gaze and discovered the aura of two individuals rapidly slipping before vanishing altogether.


“They’re dead…” Yu Zi Yu dumbfounded gawked at the lifeless bodies of the bespectacled man and the stalwart man.


However, after giving it a thought, realisation slowly sank in.


[I guess they were ordinary people. They were unable to withstand the cleansing of Spiritual Energy. For them, it seems like my Life Essence, brimming with Spiritual Energy, proved to be a lethal toxin.]


This revelation left Yu Zi Yu momentarily dumbfounded and tinged with regret. After a brief moment, he shook his head; he could not dwell on this matter any longer.


Immediately after, he waved his branch as Peregrine Falcons took flight and flew toward him through the nocturnal sky.


“Take them far away, beyond my domain,” Yu Zi Yu commanded, entrusting the corpses of the two to his Peregrine Falcons, Fal I and Fal II.


These astute birds naturally understood their Master’s wishes.


*Screech!* With a sharp screech, Fal I and Fal II each grabbed a corpse by their clothes, and under the veil of thick mist, vanished into the sky.


As for where Fal I and Fal II would dispose of these corpses, that was not Yu Zi Yu’s concern. As long as it was not on his territory, it was fine. If, by some unfortunate chance, those bodies became nutrients he happened to absorb, Yu Zi Yu believe that he would be disgusted for a lifetime.



At this moment, Yu Zi Yu paid no further attention to the remaining individuals; their assimilation of newfound powers and transformation of perspectives require time.


As for the other two individuals, unlike Qian Qin, Yu Zi Yu contemplated whether he should keep them around them or not.


Yet, considering the fact that he was hoping these men to train Nine Tails, Bull Demon, and the others, Yu Zi Yu decided to keep them around, for the time being.


[Qing Er’s time is limited, and any unnecessary delay has to be avoided. Furthermore, teaching is something technically any Human can do. So, rather than trouble Qing Er, it would be better to leave it to these Humans.] With this in mind, Yu Zi Yu made up his mind.


Yu Zi Yu exhaled a long, deep breath. Since the trivial matters had been resolved, it was now time to focus on the paramount task at hand.


And what was this important task? Of course, it was cultivating.


As far as Yu Zi Yu was concerned, becoming stronger was his sole pursuit. Not only to realize his dream of breaking free from the constraints of the earth and moving freely, but also to become a figure like the Willow Deity.


If it were an ordinary era, Yu Zi Yu would not dare to have such fantasies. But, in this Era of Transcendence, which was filled with boundless possibilities, Yu Zi Yu’s heart swelled with excitement, and his spirit burned brightly.



Shifting his gaze, Yu Zi Yu turned his attention to the status screen.


These days, he was assimilating the power of Tier-2, and thus, his demand for the consumption of Evolution Points was not that significant.


And now, the time has come to utilize these Evolution Points.


“30.000 Evolution Points, huh!?” As Yu Zi Yu’s eyes laid on the five-figure number, he felt a little excited.


During his breakthrough, he had reaped over 5,000 Evolution Points.


Later, he unintentionally killed the Rock Python, which provided him over 8,000 additional Evolution Points.


At this moment, Yu Zi Yu realized the true value of these formidable Mutant Beasts–they were nothing short of a treasury of points.


Considering the fact that a Tier-1 Rock Python with Peak Spiritual Energy of merely 80,000 had yielded him 8,000 Evolution Points, the implications of this were truly awe-inspiring.


As for how many Evolution Points these Transcendent creatures would provide, according to Yu Zi Yu’s estimate, it should be one-tenth of the Spiritual Energy possessed by the Tier-1 Mutant Beasts.


As for why it did not follow the same regular pattern of Tier-0 Mutant Beasts, where Tier-0 Level 1 would provide 10 points, Level 2 would provide 20 points, and so on and so forth, the answer was simple 


Transcendent creatures existed on an entirely different plane compared to ordinary beings. The Spiritual Energy coursing through their bodies was on an entirely different level.


The Spiritual Energy coursing through Yu Zi Yu’s body was definitely tens of times more refined that Tier-0 Mutant Beasts like Nine Tails and Bull Demon.


Such a discrepancy would only widen as Yu Zi Yu continued to purify his own body.


This was precisely why Transcendent creatures were far superior to Tier-0 creatures.


Just in terms of Spiritual Energy alone, they were not in the same league.


Not to mention, the disparity in physical prowess.


With these thoughts swirling in his mind, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze flickered with determination.


“Sometimes, hunting down strong individuals is necessary.” As he muttered this, Yu Zi Yu’s focus shifted to his another remarkable ability – Mastery of the Earth Element.


This new found power had been bestowed upon him by the Tier-1 Rock Python.




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