Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 77, The Terrifying Power of the Earth Element


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


“System, I want to upgrade Mastery of the Earth Element by a level.” Once Yu Zi Yu made the request, the System promptly responded,


<Ding! Upgrading Mastery of Earth Element will consume 1,000 Evolution Points, please confirm.>


“1,000 Evolution Points, huh?” The staggering number made Yu Zi Yu pause for a moment, but after giving it a thought, he accepted it.


After all, he was now a Tier-2 Transcendent, his strength was already quite terrifying. If the Evolution Points required for each upgrade was not this overblown, having such strong abilities would be unreasonable.


Thus, he nodded and gave his confirmation, “Upgrade.”


Just as he gave his confirmation, a sudden tremor coursed through Yu Zi Yu’s roots at the base of the tree.


*Boom!* Accompanied by a terrifying quake, Yu Zi Yu’s countless roots spread deeper into the earth. However, that was not what was terrifying.


What was truly terrifying was that Yu Zi Yu did not feel any resistance. It felt as if his roots were effortlessly swimming in the ocean’s depths.


“What’s going on!?” muttering to himself, Yu Zi Yu’s consciousness delved deep into his body.


*Boom!* Accompanied by a thunderous boom, an indescribable sensation surged in his heart. It felt imposing and boundless, as if it had been brewing for countless millennia. What struck him even more profoundly was the surge of familiarity that welled up within him.


“So, this is the power of the earth?” Heaving a deep sigh, Yu Zi Yu came to realize that the roots spreading through the depths of the earth were pulsating with an enigmatic energy. It was akin to the feeling he just experienced. Imposing and boundless, yet carrying an undeniable heaviness.


“Arise.” With a resounding below, the earth quaked, and Yu Zi Yu’s countless roots exerted their might.


In a flash, as if triggering an earthquake, a hundred-meter-long trench extended continuously.


Yu Zi Yu’s gaze sharpened again.


*Boom!* Accompanied by a terrifying tremor, the hundred-meter-long chasm gradually sealed shut, leaving no trace of its existence.


“Within a hundred meters, I hold dominion over heaven and earth.” Saying so, the canyon quaked once again, and in a nearby corner, a cluster of earth spikes shot up.


At first glance, they looked like stone mountains, emanating an indescribable aura of sharpness.


And this was merely when the Mastery of the Earth Element was at Level 1.


“Wow…” Heaving a long, deep breath, Yu Zi Yu suppressed the excitement in his heart and spoke once more, “System, use 3,000 points to further upgrade the Mastery of the Earth Element.”


The moment he stated this, Yu Zi Yu felt an even more intense shock. This time, the sensation was overpowering. 


His roots, buried deep within the earth, had served as the medium between him and the earth. Compared to the Rock Python, his bond with the earth was much closer. After all, trees and the earth were inseparable.


Trees relied on the earth for its survival, while the earth, through the trees, grew more solid and thick.


With this deepening comprehension, Yu Zi Yu’s dominion over the earth grew even more formidable.


100 meters, 200 meters…


As his control distance continued to expand, dense Earth Elements surged forth from the ground, merging into the core of Yu Zi Yu’s body. In a matter of moments,Yu Zi Yu’’s Spiritual Energy surged by over 10,000.


This surge in his Spiritual Energy continued until Yu Zi Yu’s control over the earth extended beyond a kilometer, after which it gradually came to a halt.


“Everything within a kilometer is my domain!” He said in amazement as he moved his gaze up.


Looking ahead, he was astonished at the sight of a towering ten-meter wall of earth having risen beyond the kilometer mark, enclosing the entirety of North Canyon.


But in a moment…


With a thunderous boom, the wall of earth crumbled to the ground.


Simultaneously, Yu Zi Yu could not help but take long deep breaths of fresh air.


“It’s still too rough. This newly upgraded ability is not yet polished.” Yu Zi Yu reflected and chose not to dwell on it too much. Instead, he shifted his gaze to the status screen.


Mastery of the Earth Element (Level 2)–You can influence the earth, control the earth, and even alter the earth. It is the fundamental power of the Elements. Dormant, it’s peaceful and quiet, but once it moves, it could split the earth asunder. It’s an ability truly made for catastrophic destruction.


As Yu Zi Yu read the evaluation provided by the System, he silently nodded in agreement.


It was true. While for others, even the Rock Python, failed to display the true terror of the Mastery of the Earth Element, Yu Zi Yu was different.


One could even say that each of his roots was akin to a Rock Python. And a single Rock Python was already capable of splitting the ground and causing earthquakes with its Mastery of the Earth Element.


However, Yu Zi Yu had so many roots buried deep in the earth. If he mobilized them together, it would be really like an Earth Dragon was flipping over. He was capable of conjuring waves of earth dozens of even hundreds of meters high, engulfing everything in its path.


However, Yu Zi Yu dared not unleash such an immense display of Spiritual Energy. Exhausting so much Spiritual Energy was a minor concern; the real issue lay in the potential damage to his very Source. Yu Zi Yu feared that he would not even have the time to shed a tear if he overdid it.


Transcendents like him had an internal scale, measuring the limits of their strength.


Going over this scale meant going all out.


In the case of the Mutant Beasts, it would lead to a frenzied state of desperation, akin to going berserk.


In his case, it would lead to a surge in power, regardless of the cost, which would ultimately lead to depletion of his very Source. In other words, it might revert him back to being an ordinary Willow Tree.


“When I’m able to control the earth as nimbly and effortlessly as my own limbs, then I can consider myself truly qualified.” He set a high standard for himself, with anticipation gleaming in his eyes.


If he could really attain such mastery over the Earth Element, he should be able to freely traverse through the land.


However, it would not be him that would be moving. Instead, the very ground he was rooted in would be moving.


In other words, it was about controlling the earth, turning the entire North Canyon, along with hundreds of meters of earth beneath it, into a cohesive entity, which would then make the movement possible.


As these thoughts swirled in his mind, Yu Zi Yu became increasingly convinced of the feasibility of this plan. At least, it was more reliable than uprooting himself and running under the sun.


Furthermore, this plan had precedents.


In the world of the Humans, the artificial lawn in stadiums, soccer fields, public parks and other such infrastructure were laid based on the same principles.


When it was needed to be moved, a thin layer of soil was shoveled away and then manually relocated.


The principle was the same, but Yu Zi Yu’s approach was just a little more shocking.


After all, his current idea was no less than transforming continents into oceans, and turning the canyon where he was rooted, and even the mountains around it into an island to roam freely.




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