Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 78, Human Prodigy–Elemental Darkness


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


Yu Zi Yu felt exhausted after spending a staggering 4,000 Evolution Points to upgrade his Mastery of the Earth Element.


It was the same as always. Even if the Evolution Points were incredible, they could not erase the mental and physical fatigue that came with the upgrade. In particular, the advancement of the Mastery of the Earth Element tested the very limits of his mental fortitude.


At this moment, all Yu Zi Yu desired was a good, long sleep.


Weariness overwhelmed him, prompting him to slowly close his eyes.


But suddenly, as if sensing some subtle disturbance, Yu Zi Yu furrowed his brows.


He turned his gaze toward a corner, where he witnessed a surprising sight. At some point, the burly young man, who was at the brink of death, had completely recovered thanks to Yu Zi Yu’s Life Essence. Now, brimming with energy, he was attempting to tear apart the treehouse and escape.


“This guy…” Yu Zi Yu sneered, but after giving it a thought, realization dawned upon him.


[This young man is probably unaware of my existence. After all, he did not possess the same extraordinary ability as Qian Qin, who had immediately realised that the treehouse holding her captive was just the tip of the iceberg – of a terrifying Tree Monster.]


However, Yu Zi Yu had no interest in engaging with him.


Just when he was just about to pin him to the tree house with a root, he was suddenly struck with an idea. 


A cold chuckle escaping his lips.


The next moment, one his roots swiftly moved and brought a resplendent golden-furred monkey, approximately the size of a thirteen or fourteen-year-old kid, before him.


“Goldie, I’ve got a gift for you.” Grinning, Yu Zi Yu threw the bewildered Golden Monkey into the treehouse where the muscular young man was confined.


The Golden Monkey had already ascended to Tier-0 Level 6, and was far from feeble. Furthermore, each day, it had been feasting upon the leaves fallen from Yu Zi Yu, utilizing its Extreme Absorption Innate Talent to constantly strengthen its physique.


Despite its Peak Spiritual Energy measuring only around 6,000, its physical strength was enough to send shivers down one’s spine.


According to Yu Zi Yu’s speculation, this little one, while effectively protecting its vital areas, could withstand a barrage of bullets without flinching.


And now, Yu Zi Yu had tossed this formidable monkey into the treehouse without a word of warning, where the brawny young man was imprisoned. It was evident what was going on in Yu Zi Yu’s mind.


However, before succumbing to sleep, Yu Zi Yu threw a word of caution, “Try not to kill him. But if you’re in danger, don’t hold back, you’re free to kill him.”


At least for the present, these obedient Mutant Beasts held greater importance to Yu Zi Yu than these Humans. Furthermore, the only among these Humans who was worth his attention was the girl named Qian Qin, due to her enigmatic talent. As for the other two, they were more like freebies, a buy one get two deal. He would not shed a tear if he lost one of them.



Time swiftly flew by. In the blink of an eye, the sun was already high in the sky.


Waking up slowly, Yu Zi Yu once again started the circulation of Spiritual Energy.


Faintly, a steady stream of Spiritual Energy surged from the earth…


“Let’s see how these guys are doing?” Curious, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze shifted on the treehouses.


In his gaze, a black-haired girl was sitting silently at the edge of her bed, seemingly resigned to her fate.


In another tree house, a burly young man was huddled in a corner, his face swollen and bruised.


Upon taking a closer look, Yu Zi Yu noticed the Golden Monkey lying on the young man’s bed with its leg crossed over the other. Its entire posture was oozing arrogance.


At this moment, it seemed to have sensed Yu Zi Yu’s gaze.


*Ee-ee,eek-eek…* the Golden Monkey immediately started making strange sounds, as if it was laughing.


“You…” Yu Zi Yu helplessly shook his head and slowly opened up the treehouse.


*Boom–* As the tree roots wriggled, an exit was revealed.


Once the burly young man in the corner noticed this, he suddenly became excited and promptly leapt toward it.


However, before he could reach the exit…


“Swoosh…” a streak of golden light cut through the room, followed by a loud *thud* as a tiny fist landed heavily on the young man’s nose.


*Crack!* A crisp sound of bone fracturing echoed in the room as tears welled up in the burly young man’s eyes.


“I’ll kill you!” The young man was consumed by rage. But the next moment, when he looked at the Golden Monkey standing confidently at the exit, the young man faltered.


He truly faltered.


A night-long get together with the monkey had already smoothed out his rough edges. His earlier roar was already his final outburst.


Covering his fractured nose, the burly youth silently retreated to a corner.


Though faintly, Yu Zi Yu could hear choked sobs.


A fractured nose must be quite painful, but his wounded pride was likely even more unbearable.


Perhaps the monkey’s torment shattered not only his pride but also the deep-rooted sense of superiority ingrained in him as a Human, obliterating his mentality of looking down upon other species.


[Being bullied by a monkey to this extent has done the job.] Yu Zi Yu chuckled and no longer paid any attention to him, instead, his gaze shifted to the last young man.


However, his eyes suddenly lit up.


“Hmmm!?” Looking at the young man standing face-to-face with a shadow in the treehouse, Yu Zi Yu’s curiosity was piqued. He slightly narrowed his eyes as a series of information flashed before his eyes.


Race: Mutant Human

Rank: Tier-0 Level 6

Innate Talent: Dark Shadow–Possesses a shadow that can be materialized, freely stretched into any form, and can also be used to hide within darkness. It’s a very formidable Combat Talent.


Yu Zi Yu stared at this young man in a daze. He had not expected that another Human with an Elemental Talent, which was considered as one of the best Innate Talents, would appear. However, this time, the talent was even more eerily unique–a talent for darkness.


“Hmmm” Yu Zi Yu wondered whether or not to cultivate this individual. After all, Humans could also be considered as beasts. In that case, he would have four out of the nine beast seats filled.


Of course, Yu Zi Yu was just considering, for now. Until these Humans had wholeheartedly pledged their loyalty, sparing their lives was already quite generous.


He would be observing their performance when they would be imparting Human knowledge to Nine Tails, Bull Demon, and the others.


In fact, at this moment, Yu Zi Yu was already thinking of his Life Essence.


If the prolonged consumption of his Life Essence could truly enslave the hearts of Humans, it would indeed be excellent news.


In that case, he would not have to go through so much trouble.


Regrettably, before undergoing the test of time, Yu Zi Yu would never excessively rely on the secondary effect of his Life Essence. Should it happen to fail, Yu Zi Yu would fall into Humans’ hands and the consequences of that would be dire.


To put it differently, unless these Humans willingly submitted themselves entirely, they would forever remain disposable.


They would not even be able to step out of North Canyon.


Anyone who dared to leave, Yu Zi Yu would not hesitate to pierce his or her heart with his root.


After all, when it came to his own safety, Yu Zi Yu was extremely cautious.




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