Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 80, Fearsome Dark Shadow


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


Meanwhile, on another continent across the vast ocean was the pinnacle power, the White House.


“Oh my God, can someone tell me why, oh why, this damn thing happened?” The President of America slammed the icy-cold table before him, and glared with fury.


A city, once abundant and prosperous, had been ravaged by the beast tide, leaving it in ruins with countless lives lost.


Staring at the blood-red figure presented in the dossier by his secretary, the blond old man exhaled a long, deep breath and stated, “I don’t care about how you do it, I want to know why this beast tide occurred…”


“And what is our monitoring department doing!? What are our troops doing!?” Shouting at the top of his lungs, the blond old man turned livid in anger.


Setting everything aside, as the current President of America, considered himself a criminal.


He acknowledged his guilt that this was his fault! In fact, after dealing with this incident, he would voluntarily resign.


But before that, he wanted to clearly understand the origins of the beast tide… as well as the source of that fearsome roar.


With these thoughts in his mind, the blond old man shifted his gaze to the poised, blond woman dressed in formal attire.


“Irene, have we confirmed the news about that Mutant Sea Monster?”


“Yes.” Nodding solemnly, the girl named Irene took a step forward and gestured with her right hand.


The next moment, an incredibly realistic three-dimensional image materialized in the air before everyone.


“Thanks to the images captured from surveillance cameras in the ruins along with the images captured by satellite, we’ve managed to generate a prototype image of the Mutant Sea Monster.”


Irene continued her explanation, her voice laced with gravity, “According to the experts, this Mutant Sea Monster should be a Prehistoric-type giant Snake Monster. Preliminary estimates suggest that it should be around a hundred meters long, and its weight may exceed 70,000 tons… As for its Spiritual Energy…”


When the subject of Spiritual Energy came up, Irene momentarily paused and even bit her lips hard.


When she noticed everyone looking at her, she finally continued in a solemn voice, “During its most active state, its Spiritual Energy has reached a staggering 220,000. And even in its dormant state, it possesses around 170,000 to 180,000 Spiritual Energy. It’s undoubtedly a Tier-2 Transcendent…”




Silence, complete silence.


Listening to Irene’s report, the entire White House fell into complete silence.


The significance of reaching Peak 220,000 Spiritual Energy was overwhelming.


It meant that this creature was internationally recognized as a Disaster Class existence. More importantly, due to its large size, its actual combat power may be even higher.


As if having thought of something, the blond old man sighed in resignation.


“So to say, it should be one of the strongest Mutant Creatures discovered since the resurgence of Spiritual Energy, right?“


“I guess, yeah.”


Nodding her affirmation, Irene further added, “If everything goes as expected, this colossal Snake Monster’s combat power should rank among the top three in the International List of Top Ten Transcendent Creatures.”


“Top three…”


The blond old man gasped in shock, the corners of his lips twitching fiercely.


The International List of Top Ten Transcendent Creatures was a list drawn up by relevant authorities, based on Transcendent creatures’ actual combat power and destructive capabilities.


Spiritual Energy was only a secondary factor; what truly mattered was their individual combat power.


Even a colossal Sea Turtle with a staggering 300,000 Spiritual Energy would fail to make the list.




It was simply because Sea Turtles were not adept at combat; their forte lay in defense.


If such Transcendent Creatures were to fall into Human hands, they would be akin to walking treasure troves.


Since there were Transcendent Creatures that lacked combat expertise, then naturally there were those who possessed terrifying combat skills. If these creatures were to stand against the Human Race, they would undoubtedly become a nightmare.


Just like the current situation, the terrifying Snake Monster rumored to be in the top three in terms of combat strength, annihilated half of an American city without ever revealing its face.


In the past, such a scenario would have been simply inconceivable.


After all, America was one of the few global superpowers, and was especially renowned for its military might. Even a loss of few lives would normally cause a significant uproar in America. But now, an entire city had been laid to waste…


No wonder it had sent shockwaves throughout the world, earning the moniker of the ‘Prelude to the Dark Era.’


In that moment, as is struck by a realization, the blond old man heaved a long, deep breath before shifting his gaze toward his secretary, Irene, inquiring, “Do we currently have any confirmed information regarding the state of this Mutant Snake Monster?”


In response to the American president’s question, Irene slightly nodded and answered in a solemn tone, “At present, it has been ascertained that the vital signs of this Snake Monster have been steadily declining. As of half an hour ago, it was confirmed that its life force had fallen below normal levels…”


As Irene reached this point, a trace of helplessness flickered across her face.


“However, after surviving the nuclear blasts, it swiftly retreated and has now vanished into the depths of the ocean. Locating its precise position has become exceedingly difficult…”


“Haaaa…” The blond old man heaved a sigh as he comprehended the predicament.


Time had changed; the ocean had now transformed into a semi-forbidden zone for all of Humanity.


The deep sea, in particular, was forbidden to outsiders…


If that Mutant Snake Monster truly retreated to the ocean’s depths, even the formidable America would find itself powerless.



Meanwhile, unbeknownst to America, in a remote and distant deep-sea location…


Within a narrow, elongated trench reaching several hundred meters in depth.


*Huff, huff, huff…* agitated breaths, wrapped in narrow sea currents, surged in all directions.


Simultaneously, an overwhelming pressure, exclusions to the apex predator, spread with the currents.


At this moment, if someone was looking from above, they would be horrified to behold an indescribable colossal shadow emerging from the narrow trench.


*Hummm…* a long and deep low hum reverberated in the ocean’s depths, causing the entire deep sea to tremble.


Following that, a huge amount of seawater surged into the gaping maw of the colossal dark shadow, mixed with an uncountable number of fish, including even the oceanic overlords like sharks.


However, if one took a closer look, they would notice that this terrifying presence was missing almost half of its body. With a substantial portion of its body missing, its already menacing appearance appeared even more horrifying.


It continued to bleed from its horrific wounds, swiftly dyeing a small section of the deep sea red.


But unbelievably, as it continued to voraciously feed, its wounds seemed to be healing; the flesh around its wounds continuously wriggled, slowly closing up.


But shortly after…


*Hummm…* with a thunderous mournful hum, the colossal dark figure seemed unable to hold any longer, and fell backward into the trench…


Only, its violent and ferocious eyes kept staring intensely in one direction, flickering with indescribable madness.




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