Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 81, Garden


Translator:  Ashish

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“Master, do you think that the Sea Monster which caused the beast tide is dead?” Under the veil of the night, Qing Er sitting at the treetop, asked in a gentle voice.


“I can’t say for certain it is.” Yu Zi Yu shook his head; he too was uncertain.


But after a brief pause, Yu Zi Yu smiled and analyzed, as if a realization dawned upon him, “If the nuclear missiles failed to claim its life instantly, then it would prove to be difficult to kill it…”


“Difficult!?” Qing Er tilted her head as a look of perplexity took over her face.


“Yes, difficult.” Nodding his affirmation, Yu Zi Yu directed his gaze toward the sky, calmly explaining, “The true terror of nuclear weapons lies not merely in its explosive power, but the terrifying radiation they unleash. However, we are now in this great era of change, where everything is constantly evolving.”


Speaking up to this point, Yu Zi Yu asked with interest, “What do you think would happen if some creatures developed a resistance to radiation?”


“Erm…” Speechless and stunned, the corners of Qing Er’s lips could not help but twitch.


If that came to be true, it would be quite ridiculous.


At this moment, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze flickered incessantly.


His earlier words to Qing Er were not some mere conjecture, but rather a notion that had long been brewing in his mind. To develop a resistance to radiation might seem like a fantasy, yet there exist tangible indications. For instance, if a person were to be bitten by a poisonous snake and managed to endure it for a brief time, he or she may develop a resistance to poison.


Nuclear radiation was lethal and terrifying, but it was no different from snake venom.


Alas, the risks were exceedingly high. Only a handful of Transcendent Creatures would dare to assert, with utmost certainty, that they would be able to withstand the destructive force of a nuclear weapon.


Furthermore, in a cruel twist of fate, most Transcendent Creatures, who had recently gained sentience, possess no awareness of nuclear weapons, or even the Human Race. Otherwise, the occurrence of such ‘massacres’ would be far less common.


After all, Yu Zi Yu believed that compared to the lives of those Humans, the majority of Transcendent Creatures would prioritize their own well-being, and would not easily be bothered by other things.



Exhaling a long, deep sigh, Yu Zi Yu chose to stop dwelling on this topic further. In his opinion, it would be wiser to stick to the straightforward strategy of Earth Escape rather than aspiring to acquire radiation resistance.


With these thoughts in mind, Yu Zi Yu felt a sinking feeling once more.


Upon closer inspection, his main body had sunk into the ground by four or five meters.


“I guess that in a few days, I will be able to sink my entire body into the ground.”


A mischievous chuckle escaped Yu Zi Yu’s lips, feeling a little satisfied.


For him, there was no better news than this.


The ability to sink into the ground signified that he had found a better method suited for hiding himself than dense fog. Moreover, Yu Zi Yu also discovered that even when a portion of his body was submerged into the ground, it did not hinder his breathing.


Both he and the earth were fused together like the solution of water and solvent. If there was a flaw, that would be his inability to skillfully control the power of his roots.


Compared to the trunks and branches exposed aboveground, his subterranean roots were undeniably bulkier. Every time he sank a little, a multitude of roots sank deeper into the earth, as if reaching for an unseen realm.


In that moment, a voice tinged with curiosity suddenly rang in Yu Zi Yu’s mind, “Master, what will be your next move once your body has completely submerged within the depths of the earth?”


“Hmmm…” Yu Zi Yu sunk into rare silence, caught off guard by the question. He had not given it much consideration.


However, as he cast a glance at the nearby Bull Demon, Nine Tails, and other Mutant Beasts, a spark of inspiration illuminated Yu Zi Yu’s eyes and he responded, “Let’s establish an underground kingdom that belongs exclusively to us.”


Uttering these words, Yu Zi Yu’s face was filled with enthusiasm.


Yes, a kingdom–concealed beneath the earth’s surface, hidden from prying eyes.


“An underground kingdom…” Qing Er murmured, her eyes brightly shimmering.


She really had not expected her Master to have such grand ambitions.


However, she realized that a kingdom was the only logical path for him to tread.


Given Yu Zi Yu’s body, which was a treasure trove in itself, finding a safe haven amidst the Human World or the realm of Mutant Beasts proved to be an exceedingly challenging ordeal. Hence, constructing his own dominion would be the optimal choice.


With these thoughts in mind, Qing Er added, “Master, if you truly wish to build a kingdom, subduing Mutant Beasts will be essential. I suggest subduing a mischief of Mutant Rats. Given their sheer numbers and efficiency, if guided properly, they could swiftly construct an underground city in the depths of the Earth, rivaling the grandeur of Human cities within a short span of time.”


Yu Zi Yu also nodded in acknowledgment.


Truly, a mischief of Mutant Rats would prove to be a formidable force worth subduing. In addition to Mutant Rats, he contemplated nurturing a colony of Mutant Bees on his branch.


The abundance of Spiritual Energy around him would expedite their growth, transforming them into an extraordinary swarm. When necessary, they could also serve as a source of Evolution Points.


It was worth mentioning that as Yu Zi Yu grew stronger, the earth around him blossomed with lush greenery, even in winter.


Moreover, constant Spiritual Energy radiated from him, which seemed to be of Wood-Attribute.


As he breathed Spiritual Energy, the excess Spiritual Energy having been refined by him would flow out, which was more than enough to nourish most Mutant Creatures.


Although it was not as miraculous as his Life Essence, it was lasting and stable.


As for his Life Essence, three drops per day was his limit. One drop was dedicated to nourishing the Spirit Lake, another was shared between Nine Tails, Bull Demon, and other Mutant Beasts, while the remaining drop was reserved for unforeseen circumstances, a safety net in times of need.


As for why not more, it was not that Yu Zi Yu was being stingy, rather the Life Essence was related to his own Source.


If he expended too much, it would only harm his foundation.


Still, he could easily replenish the consumption of three drops per day.


With these thoughts in mind, Yu Zi Yu’s train of thought became clearer, and his vision continued expanding.


The Misty Mountains were vast. If he did not focus solely on the strength of Mutant Beasts, he should be able to find a decent population of them. Moreover, Yu Zi Yu’s current plan was simple, to seek out a worthy population of Mutant Beasts, nurture them, and test the waters.


If it was feasible, then his subsequent plans could be gradually set in motion.


Meanwhile, observing Yu Zi Yu’s actions, Qing Er could not help but cover her lips, stifling her laughter.


[Searching was indeed a viable option, but wouldn’t it be simpler to entice these little ones to come on their own?] With that thought in mind, Qing Er mysteriously produced a wild flower from somewhere. A smile appeared on her lips as she descended from the treetop, came to a stop not far from Yu Zi Yu’s tree body, and slowly planted the flower into the ground.


“Master, how about you let me use this open space as my garden?”


“Garden!?” Yu Zi Yu exclaimed, caught off guard by the suggestion.


“Yes, a garden.”


Qing Er nodded before she opened her arms and began spinning on the spot, almost like dancing.


“I want to fill this space with a wide array of Spirit Flowers.” Speaking of this, Qing Er reminded again, “Master, don’t forget, your physical body is a plant, and you have even become Tier-2 Transcendent.


“As a terrifying existence that emerged from the plant kingdom, even a mere wisp of Wood-Attribute Spiritual Energy, unintentionally emanated from you, has the power to nourish the soil and transform it into Spirit Soil. So, the area around you is an excellent place to grow Spirit Flowers and Grasses.


“Once we have these Spirit Flowers and Grasses, I believe insects, butterflies, and bees will come flocking.”


Qing Er covered her lips and giggled, her laughter tinkling like a melody.


[Flowers, grass, bees, butterflies…] 


Imagining the beauty of it all filled her with an irresistible sense of anticipation.




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