Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 82, Atavism, Sarcosuchus


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


Midnight, the Misty Mountains remained as obscure as ever.


Yet, in this late hour, Yu Zi Yu resisted the call of slumber, instead, he commanded his rootlets to spread far and wide.


Under his deliberate control, the rootlets also spread in the nearby areas as well.


“Found you.” With a soft laugh, Yu Zi Yu’s black roots silently slithered silently, like a venomous snake, weaving their way toward a corner.


The next moment…


*Swoosh!* A swishing sound broke the tranquility, and before the Mutant Beast, which had sought solace by the riverbank, could react, Yu Zi Yu’s roots swiftly ensnared it, coiling around it before dragging it into the profound depths of the Earth.


Such was the swiftness of Yu Zi Yu’s action that, apart from the initial swishing sound and a faint startled whimper, the surroundings swiftly resumed their former serenity.


With a smile, Yu Zi Yu did not tarry. He steadily retracted his roots, laboriously pulling back the Mutant Beast. However, even with his formidable speed, it took him several minutes to bring it back to the canyon.


*Boom, boom, boom…* Accompanied by tremors, a black root slowly emerged from the ground, lifting aside the soil.


Simultaneously, the creature ensnared within the roots unveiled itself before the eyes of the onlookers.


“A Crocodile!” A gasp of astonishment escaped Qian Qin’s lips as her gaze fixed upon the colossal Crocodile, stretching two to three meters in length, not far from their position.


How could a Crocodile, which usually dwelled in the wetlands of lakes, swamps, or humid areas near mountain streams amidst grasses and shrubs, find itself here?


As if perceiving Qian Qin’s perplexity, the nearby Leng Feng, who rarely spoke, explained, “Times have changed. What was once impossible now exists. Even the Honey Badger that should have only existed on the African Continent, has appeared within the borders of our country. I don’t find it surprising that a Crocodile is here.”


“Um, I see…” After a long silence, Qian Qin looked at the nearby Crocodile and silently nodded.


Crocodile? No, this was far from an ordinary Crocodile. It was a Mutant Crocodile.


As an apex predator, this creature’s presence seized Qian Qin’s attention.


However, compared to the owners of the cold eyes around her, gazing at it, its presence paled in comparison.


In the distance, a Red Fox, seemingly bathing in flames, lay quietly on a giant rock, its gorgeous eyes flickering with a fiery glow.


Beneath the tree, a black and brawny Buffalo lay motionless on the ground. Though it appeared meek and gentle, it radiated a dreadful pressure, especially accentuated by its crescent-shaped horns, gleaming akin to sharp blades.


And behind them, there was a White Tiger the size of a small hill…


Qian Qin let out a long, deep breath. Despite having been teaching them for several days, she still found it difficult to meet the gazes of these menacing Mutant Beasts directly.


Under normal circumstances, the appearance of any single one of these Mutant Beasts before the Humans would be enough to bring in the military to subjugate them.


Yet now, there were three of them here.


Not to mention, the fact that there was still an even more horrifying Tree Monster hidden deep in this dense fog. Its figure was invisible but it was far more terrifying than these Mutant Beasts.



At this moment, a voice suddenly rang in Qian Qin’s ear, “Qian Qin, what’re they doing?”


Looking at the parade of fearsome Mutant Beasts surrounding an area, layer upon layer, it was a sight to behold.


In the center, the ground occasionally split open as one Mutant Beast after another was thrown out by the black roots, leaving the brawny youth completely bewildered.


[Is some kind of ceremony taking place? Why does this look so peculiar?]


“My guess is that the Tree Monster intends to subjugate these newly arrived Mutant Beasts,” Qian Qin hesitantly voiced her thoughts, recalled the scenes that had just unfolded before her–a Crocodile, a Black Boar, and even a mischief of Rats.




[Subjugate them, huh!?]


Silently nodding, the brawny youth directed his gaze toward the Mutant Beasts gathered in the center as a hint of envy appeared on his face. It was because, in that very moment, a branch emerged from the depths of the mist before its tip broke, secreting a vibrant, glittering green essence.


*Gulp!* Looking at the glittering drop of green essence, the brawny youth gulped hard. He harbored no doubt that if he were to consume it, his Spiritual Energy would undoubtedly experience a breakthrough.


Alas, such a precious elixir was being devoured by a pack of mindless Mutant Beasts.


Suppressing his urge to weep, the muscular young man could not help smack his lips in frustration. As far as he was concerned, becoming stronger was his sole pursuit. And now, the path to augment his strength lay right before his eyes, yet he could only watch it slip away.


[Arghh…] Countless unwilling thoughts scratched his mind. The burly youth felt deeply frustrated.


Right then…


*Groink!* A resounding growl pierced through the air as an ordinary looking Mutant Wild Boar quivered. The next moment, to the brawny youth’s astonishment, its body gradually swelled, swiftly expanding to the size of an elephant. What made it even more fearsome was that a layer of solid, black, spiky scales protruded from its fur.


Race: Mutant Wild Boar

Rank: Tier-0 Level 6

Innate Talent: Impenetrable Armor–Its entire body is sheathed in thorny carapace, which makes it impervious to most physical assaults.

Unique Abilities: Barbaric Charge–Stampeding the ground, it launches a fearsome charge.


Taking a deep look at the awakened Innate Talent of this Mutant Wild Boar, Yu Zi Yu could not help but secretly admire it.



Though it paled in comparison to Bull Demon, Nine Tails and White Tiger, the top-tier beings…


It was more than capable of firmly holding its place among the second-tier, alongside the Honey Badger, the Golden Monkey, and even the Peregrine Falcons.


Of course what delighted Yu Zi Yu the most was the Innate Talent this Mutant Wild Boar had awakened–the Impenetrable Armor. With such a talent perfectly suitable for the battlefield, it could already be called as a veritable war machine.


Once it matured, it could be considered as one of the ‘Three Titans of the Battlefield,” alongside the Honey Badger, who feared not death, and the Golden Monkey, who possessed the skin of copper and bones of iron.


A mischievous grin played on Yu Zi Yu’s lips as he made a mental note. [Three Titans of the Battlefield, what a perfect title for them.]


At this time, another earth-shaking bellow echoed through the canyon.


*Roooar* As Yu Zi Yu lifted his gaze, he beheld a sight that left him astounded. The rare species of Mutant Crocodile he had accidentally stumbled upon was undergoing an unfathomable and horrifying transformation!


Its body was continuously stretching and swelling. Yet, rather than appearing bloated, its swelled figure exuded raw power and striking elegance.


From a distance, an aura of primal ferocity emanated from the creature, assaulting one’s senses and instilling a deep sense of awe.


“What!?”   Qian Qin, who was well-versed in the study of various creatures, watched with widened eyes as the perplexing metamorphosis unfolded before her. Her mouth slowly fell open in astonishment.


“Atavism? …It’s now a Sarcosuchus!?“ Before she could finish her sentence, Qing Er, who was hidden in the treetop, wore a slightly grave expression as she muttered, word by word.




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