Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 83, The Power of Sarcosuchus


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“Atavism? Sarcosuchus!?“ Repeating, Yu Zi Yu was a little taken back.


Noticing Yu Zi Yu’s confusion, Qing Er stepped forward to provide an explanation, “With the resurgence of Spiritual Energy, the animals are undergoing mutations. However, these mutations have certain rules.”


Pointing at the nearby Mutant White Tiger, Qing Er continued, “Mutations like the White Tiger is called ‘Enhancement-Type’ by the Humans. They mainly manifest as physical enhancements or alterations in form, focusing on strengthening the physical body, such as increased hardness and muscular growth…”


Then, she pointed at herself. “As for my current body, it has awakened Fire Elemental Talent, known as ‘Elemental-Type.’ It stands as one of the most exceptional talents ever discovered by the Humans, it grants one the ability to manipulate the Elements of nature.”


Listening to this, Yu Zi Yu was unable to suppress his amazement and asked, “So, the Atavism you mentioned earlier falls under a specific category of talents?”


Nodding her affirmation, Qing Er’s expression grew solemn as she elaborated, “While the Elemental-Type is formidable, there exists a few exceptional talents that can rival it. Once such talent is the Atavism of this Crocodile.”


At this point, a glimmer of brilliance flashed in Qing Er’s eyes as she earnestly continued further, “The Atavism-Type talent is a recent hypothesis proposed by experts based on certain findings. However, it is believed to be theoretically impossible for this talent to manifest in Humans. Atavism relies on tracing deep into one’s ancestral imprints in their bloodline, to bring back the ancient glory. And, since the current age is the most glorious time for the Humans, or it could be said that Humans are at their strongest right now. Even if a Human awakens their Atavism Talent, it can at most be considered as a kind of regression.”


Before Qing Er could speak any further, Yu Zi Yu could not help but burst into laughter, looking at the increasingly ferocious Crocodile.


“But, if this Atavism were to manifest in other animals, does it mean that it’s the strongest talent possible for them?”


“Exactly!” Qing Er affirmed.


Subtly pursing her lips, Qing Er recalled the knowledge she had acquired, continuing her explanation, “Take this Crocodile for example. It’s evolving into a Sarcosuchus! Sarcosuchus are also known as Flesh Crocodiles or King Crocodiles, signifying their size and muscular features.


“It lived during the early Cretaceous period about 110 million years ago. It was one of the largest Crocodile species to have ever lived on this planet. An adult Sarcosuchus can reach lengths of 13 meters, comparable to some Theropod Dinosaurs! Moreover, Sarcosuchus had an exceptionally keen sense of smell. They were able to detect the scent of their prey even in water. And coupled with their huge mouths, stretching 1.8 meters and brimming with sharp teeth, even small Dinosaurs are considered to be their prey.”


As Qing Er concluded, her gaze could not help but drift toward the enormous Crocodile, its formidable jaws packed with sharp teeth, exuding an aura of primal ferocity.


It had only been a very short while for this crocodile. Originally, it was only a young Crocodile in Tier-0 Level 2, and now, its aura had already reached Tier-0 Level 6, and its metamorphosis was still underway.


From this, one could grasp the dread-inspiring nature of the Atavism Talent.


It was important to note that while the concept of Atavism Talent had not been fully verified by the Humans, some already referred to it as the ‘Ultimate Beast Mutation Talent.’


Now, witnessing the transformation of the Crocodile not far away, Qing Er’s face revealed a touch of agreement.


The Crocodile had evolved into an overlord of ancient times, and then on top of that, evolved further.


No wonder it was so terrifying.



Having listened to Qing Er’s explanation, Yu Zi Yu now had a general understanding of Atavism Talent.


For Humans, Atavism was indeed a form of regression.


However, for other animals, it represented the most terrifying form of evolution.


For instance, Yu Zi Yu knew that Chickens had lost their ability to fly due to extensive Human domestication. Yet, on rare occasions, a Chicken with exceptionally strong flying capabilities would appear every now and then within the flock of Chickens. This occurrence was attributed to the Atavism phenomenon, which restored its flight ability.


It may be considered as Atavism, but couldn’t flying be considered as a form of alternative evolution for the domesticated Chickens?


The same principles could be applied to the Crocodile before them.


“Wow…” Taking a long, deep breath, Yu Zi Yu’s eyes flickered with anticipation. He wanted to see what surprises this Crocodile, no, Sarcosuchus would bring him.


With these thoughts in mind, Yu Zi Yu’s eyes narrowed slightly.


In an instant, a series of information appeared before him.


Race: Sarcosuchus.

Rank: Tier-0 Level 8

Innate Talent: Atavism–It allows it to constantly retrace the ancient glory, awakening the primal instincts of a top predator in the food chain. As it gets angrier, it grows stronger and stronger, eventually succumbing to its primal instincts and transforming into a merciless killing machine.

Abilities: Superb Sense of Smell–Its unique physique grants an exceptionally acute sense of smell, capable of discerning thousands of scent within its territory and tracking.

Bony Armor–Its body is surrounded by a narrow layer of lamellar bone armor. This armor not only marks the age of the Crocodile like the rings of a tree, but also provides formidable protection to Sarcosuchus.

Sharp Teeth–With hundreds of teeth that are not only razor-sharp but also interlock between the upper and lower jaws, it can tear through most defenses.


Staring at the status screen in a daze, Yu Zi Yu was unable to calm down his racing heart for a long time.


“Holy shit…” His heart was loudly pounding like a stampede of wild horses as he looked at the monstrous Crocodile, now over ten meters in length. Deep within his eyes, an irrepressible sense of astonishment took hold.


[No wonder the Atavism Talent is acclaimed as the Ultimate Beast Mutation Talent. This Atavism Talent possesses a berserk-like mechanism, and it comes with three additional Unique Abilities!]


Ordinary functions were not regarded as Unique Abilities. For instance, the Wolves possessed a terrifying sense of smell. However, there was no mention of this particular ability among the Unique Abilities section for the Wolves.


Yet, the System had actually recognized the Sarcosuchus’ sense of smell as an Unique Ability.


One could imagine just how terrifying its sense of smell was.


More importantly, it did not end here.


Given Yu Zi Yu’s current strength, he could keenly perceive from afar how cold the aura emanating from this Crocodile was.


Its presence felt incongruous, as if it had traversed time from the past.


Lifting his gaze, he was met with the frigid and ominous yellow eyes of the Sarcosuchus.


However, what astonished Yu Zi Yu was that it seemed to have detected his existence and was unwaveringly staring in his direction.


It did not let out any bellow or anything. It was just staring in silence.


But soon afterward, as if realising something, the colossal Sarcosuchus slowly averted its gaze.


Before others could react, the Sarcosuchus made a resounding *thud*, slamming its long tail fiercely into the ground.


*Crack!* Accompanied by a crisp sound, the ground split open.


At this moment, the Sarcosuchus finally glanced around at the nearby Mutant Beasts such as Bull Demon and Nine Tails, its eyes flickering with a hint of menacing threat.


Constrained by the overwhelming power of the Sarcosuchus, and lacking Yu Zi Yu’s permission, Nine Tails, Bull Demon, and other Mutant Beasts merely lifted their limbs for an instant before deciding to back down.




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