Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 87, Qing Er’s Opportunity to Breakthrough


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In the blink of an eye, several days had passed.


In these few days, Qing Gang demonstrated what it meant to work diligently with his actions.


Aside from providing essential guidance to the Mutant Beasts on a daily basis, he personally ran around the outskirts of North Canyon, crafting teaching tools and equipping Leng Feng and Qian Qin with their own sets.


Moreover, to the surprise of Leng Feng and Qian Qin, Qing Gang began assuming the role of an instructor, deciding what should and should not be taught.


The most crucial lesson Qing Gang imparted was the terrifying nature of Humans, and particularly their weaponry. He cautioned against developing any form of affinity or closeness toward Humans due to their weapons. In addition, he surprisingly possessed tailoring skills.


While he himself was fine discarding dirty clothes and remaining in a pair of shorts, running around North Canyon like a wild man… He could not ignore the sight of Qian Qin wearing excessively dirty clothes. He actively shout out Nine Tails, as Elder Sister, and requested,


“Sister, would you take me hunting? I want to make some clothes from the beast hide.”


Nine Tails shot him a disgusted glance, but did not refuse.


It was worth mentioning that once the Mutant Beasts underwent complete awakening, they transcended their original animal forms, and essentially became a new race. It was similar to Humans and Monkeys. 


Despite the striking resemblance between Humans and Monkeys, Monkeys were still kept in zoos. There were even those who consumed Monkey brains as food.


Consequently, these immensely powerful Mutant Beast had no qualms about turning their claws against their former kin. However, exceptions existed, such as the Storm Wolves, who lived in packs. Despite their strength, they refused to slay members of their own species. Instead, they tried to subjugate them.


As of now, the pack of Wolves led by the four Wind Wolves had grown to over thirty.


For these beasts, during the night, they would venture to the outermost region of Misty Mountains in search of prey. Meanwhile, during the day, they would seek seclusion in a remote corner of North Canyon, or visit the underground plaza to cultivate using the Spirit Stones.



Quietly observing the burly figure running tirelessly through the entire canyon, Yu Zi Yu could not help but smile in his heart.


“This fellow isn’t half bad.”


“Indeed, he is quite impressive.”


Nodding in agreement, Qing Er, who was sitting at the treetop, also smiled. To this date, Qing Gang and the others were unaware of her presence.


Then, as if she had thought of something, Qing Er suddenly turned to Yu Zi Yu and inquired, “Master, don’t you think he deserves some reward?”


“There’s no need for that.” Responding, Yu Zi Yu gazed toward the canyon and bluntly stated, “Currently, letting them reside in the canyon is the greatest reward.”


Yu Zi Yu was not wrong about this part. North Canyon, owing to the presence of the Spirit Stones and Yu Zi Yu as well, possessed a Spiritual Energy concentration far surpassing that of the outside world. Moreover, these Humans had previously dwelled in cities, places deprived of such rich Spiritual Energy. As a result, even if Yu Zi Yu did not provide Life Essence or Spirit Stones, the trio, led by Qing Gang, experienced visible growth in their cultivation speed.


In just a short span of a few days, Qing Gang and Leng Feng had already advanced to Tier-0 Level 7. As for Qian Qin, her strength was already relatively weak from the start, and she had not even reached the High Levels yet. Still, due to the blessings of this sanctuary, she was fortunate enough to advance two levels in a row, reaching Tier-0 Level 6.


Moreover, Qing Gang displayed an exceptional level of mental fortitude. He understood the value of Spirit Lake in North Canyon.


While he could not indulge in it like Old Fourth, the Sarcosuchus, occasionally, he would scoop some water with a bamboo tube while taking advantage of the time he was imparting some knowledge to the Sarcosuchus.


When he did it for the first time, this action did not go unnoticed by the Sarcosuchus, who merely cast a silent glance at Qing Gang. Be that as it may, that was enough to send shivers down Qing Gang’s spine.


Among all the Mutant Beasts, Qing Gang was the most terrified of the Sarcosuchus. Just its ferocious aura was fatal.


However, when he discovered that the Sarcosuchus had not launched any attack even after a long time and acted as if it was acquiescing to it, he happily stored away the bamboo tube.


The bamboo tube was small, but it could store enough Spirit Water to drink for several days.


Yes, drink! He saw no issue with consuming the bathwater of various Mutant Beasts. Rather, he took pride in his resourcefulness.


Because with the aid of the water from the Spirit Lake, his strength was showing signs of breaking through.


Of course… compared to the Humans, the growth rate of the Mutant Beast was truly astonishing.


Just half a month ago, only Bull Demon had reached Tier-0 Level 9. But now, not only Bull Demon, but also Nine Tails, White Tiger, and Sarcosuchus, the four Great Beasts had stepped into Tier-0 Level 9 one after another.


Whereas the Honey Badger, Golden Monkey, and the Armored Wild Boar had slowly entered the Tier-0 Level 7.


As for the birds, except for the White Crane that was still hovering in Tier-0 Level 7, the other eight Peregrine Falcons had gradually made their way into Tier-0 Level 8 one after another.


Their single cry could tear through the sky. It was hard to imagine how such small birds, no bigger than a fist, could produce such powerful cries.


“Master, it seems the development of North Canyon is on the right track,” Qing Er remarked with a smile initiating a conversation.


“Indeed,” agreed Yu Zi Yu after contemplating the disciplined and structured lives of the Mutant Beasts, who diligently worked during the day, and rested at night.


Suddenly, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze shifted toward Qing Er, as if noticing something. Sensing Qing Er’s aura at the peak of Tier-0 Level 9, on the verge of breaking through, Yu Zi Yu’s pupils narrowed slightly.


“Is it almost time?”


“Yes, it’s almost time.” Qing Er nodded her affirmation, the corner of her lips rising into a smile


Now that she had reached the peak of Tier-0 Level 9, all she needed was an opportunity to become a Transcendent. 


And that opportunity…


As if thinking of something, Qing Er suddenly narrowed her eyes and stated in a deep voice, 


“Master, I recently joined a top-secret laboratory.”


“Top-secret laboratory!?” Yu Zi Yu was slightly dumbfounded, his curiosity piqued.


“Yes, it’s the latest cutting-edge project launched by China. There are ten in total, and each laboratory is doing some terrible research. And any breakthrough achieved by these facilities has the potential to revolutionize the entire China in a short span of time.”


Listening to Qing Er, Yu Zi Yu’s heart sank.


“There are ten such laboratories!?” Yu Zi Yu was not surprised by the existence of such laboratories, but ten laboratories was too much. It meant that China currently had ten choices to head toward.


“Yes, ten. The one I’ve arrived at is the Institute of Genetics, researching to control the direction of evolution and integrate different powers. For example, extracting the strength of Ants to lift objects a hundred times their own weight, or extracting the regenerative ability of Earthworms to achieve limb regeneration…and so on…”


As she mentioned this, a playful smile appeared on her lips.


“However, I’ve a feeling that my breakthrough opportunity lies within this sixth research institute.”




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