Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 88, Roots Transforming Into Dragon


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


“Is that so!?” Listening to Qing Er, Yu Zi Yu could not help but feel skeptical, which was a rare sight. Becoming a Tier-1 Transcendent signified not only a leap in life but also a transformation of ones very Soul.


For someone like Yu Zi Yu, who had Evolution Points and could steadily progress, breaking through was not a problem. However, for ordinary Mutant Beasts, it was a challenging task. It was evident from the fact that Tier-1 Transcendents had still not become rampant yet.


The appearance of every Tier-1 Transcendent Mutant Beast was enough to cause a huge sensation among Humans.


It was the very reason why Yu Zi Yu could not help but be skeptical when he heard Qing Er say that she had found an opportunity for a breakthrough, and could potentially become a Tier-1 Transcendent.


Sensing Yu Zi Yu’s suspicion, Qing Er chuckled and explained, “Master, do you remember the Silver Centipede I told you about last time.”


“Of course, it was the first Tier-2 Transcendent creature discovered in China’s inland regions.” When he mentioned this, Yu Zi Yu recalled his strong desire to fight it back then.


However, if the Silver Centipede appeared before him now, it would probably just take a few lashes to deal with it. The gap between their strength was just too immense.


Yu Zi Yu had become a bona fide monster with Peak Spiritual Energy close to 300,000. His hundreds of branches sparkled like stars. If nothing unexpected happened, he could start another round of upgrades.


As for his nine sub-roots, they continued to absorb Spiritual Energy from the underground plaza.


Every minute, every second, they were evolving toward a more terrifying direction.


Until now, Yu Zi Yu did not dare to rashly manipulate these nine sub-roots. Even the slightest lifting of them had the tendency to set off terrifying earthquakes.


The earth would quake, the mountain would shake, the beasts would run in helter-skelter, and the birds would fly away. 


In a flash, half of the Misty Mountain would be shaken.


This was the current Yu Zi Yu–a monster that even he himself was terrified of.


He was afraid that one day, he might accidentally overturn the Misty Mountain in his sleep.


{Ashish: When talking here about the Misty Mountain, it means the mountain where North Canyon is located. Misty Mountains refers to a range of mountians.}



Meanwhile, Qing Er failed to notice Yu Zi Yu’’s strange expression, and continued on with her explanation, “About a month ago, the Silver Centipede was captured by the Humans. After extensive discussion that lasted half a month among dozens of Spiritual Energy Research Institutes, a proper disposal plan for the Silver Centipede was established.”


“A proper disposal plan? It couldn’t be?” Yu Zi Yu’s face twisted in an odd manner as a guess appeared in his mind.


“It’s in line with Master’s understanding of Humans. The Silver Centipede is in a state where it can hardly die. Every day, hundreds of researchers would draw its blood or take parts of its body for research. There is even a top-secret laboratory dedicated to brain research that has repeatedly sought permission to dissect the Silver Centipede’s brains.”


“Ugh…” Yu Zi Yu was slightly taken aback, his branches could not help but tremble uncontrollably.


In this pivotal moment, Yu Zi Yu’s determination grew even stronger, unwavering and resolute. If they were indeed discovered by Humans, they would face the worst-case scenario. It was impossible for him to let himself be captured alive, he would rather die than to let himself get captured and tortured like that.


Yu Zi Yu was extremely confident in this regard.


Furthermore, he was even more confident that if Humans pushed him to the brink, it would be Humans who would be regretting their actions.


With these thoughts in mind, Yu Zi Yu’s main root, like a roaring beast, let out an indistinct roar.


At this moment, if one were to carefully observe Yu Zi Yu’s main root, which extended deep into the earth for kilometers, they would be startled by its shape–it had the form of a Dragon.


Yes, a Dragon.


Its terminus resembled a Dragon’s head, and was roaring and growling…


And as it roared, its entire body delved deeper into the earth.


After a while, it seemed tired.


*Huff, huff, huff…* It started rapidly breathing, drawing an abundance of Spiritual Energy continuously into its mouth.


Simultaneously, Yu Zi Yu also felt an unprecedented surge of energy, starting from the main root and continuously spreading to other parts.


[With my main root fully transformed into a Dragon, not even the entire Human Race can daunt me.] Smiling coldly in his heart, Yu Zi Yu’s confidence grew stronger.


This awe-inspiring ability had taken Yu Zi Yu a significant amount of time and a considerable Evolution Points to acquire–a testament to its terrifying potential.


Wood Dragon (Level 1) – The primary root has transformed into a Dragon, taking one step to achieving the pinnacle. The absorption power of the primary root is greatly enhanced, enabling it to consume all things and devour everything, until it firmly takes root in the deepest part of the planet, whereupon it can use the entire planet as nutrients.


Truly, it was a fearsome ability–a force to be reckoned with.


However, to ascend to its ultimate heights was akin to scaling the Heavens themselves.


Even now, Yu Zi Yu had only managed to advance just a little after expending thousands of Evolution Points.


According to Yu Zi Yu’s estimate, achieving the complete transformation of the primary root into a Dragon, and absorbing the entire planet as nourishment, would be a task spanning over tens of thousands of years without any Evolution Points. Yet, should that unfathomable timeframe ever come to pass, Yu Zi Yu, if still alive, would undoubtedly ascend as an unrivaled ruler.


Thus, this ability was more of a contingency plan.


Should his primary root successfully manage to penetrate the planet’s core, any adversary, no matter if it was stronger than Yu Zi Yu, would hesitate to engage in a battle with him, unless they were prepared to perish alongside the planet.


And this was the essence of Yu Zi Yu’s cunningness. Unable to escape, he resorted to threats, and very dangerous threats at that.


It was best not to provoke him, otherwise things would not end with one or two casualties. Just like now, although Yu Zi Yu’s main root had not yet penetrated the planet’s interior, it was already capable of stirring up a part of Earth.


Just as Yu Zi Yu was worried about before–overturning the Misty Mountain in his sleep, his threats would not be empty words, but an undeniable fact.


While Yu Zi Yu contemplated these matters, the nearby Qing Er continued, “Master, I’m currently in the Genetic Laboratory, and it’s not difficult to approach the Silver Centipede…”


“So, what you mean is…”


Nodding in agreement, Qing Er candidly spoke, “My opportunity for breakthrough lies within that Silver Centipede.”


At this point, Qing Er pursed her lips into a smile as she openly admitted, “I’m just a Soul. If I wish to break through, I must start with the Soul. If necessary, I may even have to devour Souls.”


“Is that so!?” Yu Zi Yu sighed, realizing Qing Er’s intention.


Apparently, she intended to consume the Soul of the Silver Centipede. As a Tier-2 Transcendent, its Soul was undoubtedly powerful. Moreover, due to its nascent sentience, it would not be too troublesome to handle it.


Of course, Yu Zi Yu did not particularly hope for Qing Er to go down this path. After all, complications or conflict between Souls were extremely perilous. Even a slight mishap could lead to dire consequences for oneself.


However, Qing Er did not have any other choices. As an anomaly, as a mere Soul, merely existing was already a challenge in itself, one not easily tolerated by the Heavens.


To become stronger, she would naturally face numerous arduous obstacles.




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