Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 89, The Silent Savage–Sarcosuchus


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


Yu Zi Yu cast a profound glance at Qing Er, but did not voice his thoughts.


In contrast to the allure of Tier-1 Transcendent, all other possibilities seemed inconsequential.


Sensing Yu Zi Yu’s concern, Qing Er flashed a carefree smile and assured him.


“Master, you need not worry, I’ll be fine.” Slightly pursing her lips, exuding confidence, she continued, “The Silver Centipede has already been worn down by the Humans, both physically and mentally. If I intervene, I’m confident in making it submit.”


“That’s good to hear.” Saying so, Yu Zi Yu bestowed a drop of highly concentrated Life Essence.


Qing Er’s smile widened as she gracefully accepted the Life Essence into her mouth. She could not refuse her Master’s concern. More importantly, as she neared her breakthrough, she needed to consolidate her foundations and foster her essence, and her Master’s Life Essence was the best Spirit Essence for that purpose.



“Haaaa…” Yu Zi Yu let out a long, deep breath, and let go of his worries about Qing Er.


His gaze then shifted to the nearby canyon.


Looking at the Mutant Beasts lying on the ground, like small mountains, lifeless and lacking spirit, Yu Zi Yu seemed to realize something and suddenly smiled.


 “Qing Er, perhaps I shouldn’t have confined these guys to the canyon.”


After listening to Yu Zi Yu, Qing Er, glancing at the canyon, also understood this and replied with a smile, “Beasts, after all, are bloodthirsty creatures. Even if they have evolved, it’s difficult for their real habits to change. More importantly, deep down, they still crave battle.”


“That’s true.” Nodding, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze suddenly fixated on a nearby corner, where the Honey Badger was baring fangs and claws aggressively, relentlessly provoking other Mutant Beasts, one after another.  


However, none of the Mutant Beast responded to his provocation owing to Yu Zi Yu’s presence.


Even Nine Tails, Bull Demon, and the others selectively ignored the Honey Badger’s existence.   


“In fact, some necessary battles should be good for them.”  Thinking this, Yu Zi Yu’s playful voice echoed in Sarcosuchus’ mind.


“If you’re willing, go educate Flathead. By the way, I’d like to see your skills as well.”


“Yes, Master.” Suddenly, a voice resounded in Yu Zi Yu’s mind. However, what surprised him was that the voice was icy cold and carried a hint of murderous intent.




*Grooaar!* A roar reverberated through the canyon, it sounded as if coming straight from the distant past.


The entire Spirit Lake, even North Canyon, trembled.


Looking from above, one would behold the water of the Spirit Lake slowly swirling into a whirlpool, a creative massive vortex…


*Thud, thud, thud…* accompanied by heavy footsteps, the entire canyon started shaking. 


At this very moment, if one looked toward the Spirit Lake, they would witness a colossal figure emerging from the swirling vortex. With a length exceeding twenty meters, a massive jaw spanning well over two meters, rows upon rows of teeth, numbering in the hundreds, exposed to the air.


From a distance, it looked awe-inspiring and spine-chilling…


“Oh my goodness, what has gotten into Fourth Brother?”


Qing Gang could not help but cry out loud as he beheld the enormous Crocodile emerging from the Spirit Lake, exuding a malevolent aura.


Be ‘Fourth Brother’, he was naturally referring to the Sarcosuchus.


Having discerned Yu Zi Yu’s particular high regard for the four Great Beasts, he shamelessly decided to address the Sarcosuchus as Fourth Brother, Red Fox as Elder Sister…


“Uh…” Qian Qin found Qing Gang’s way of addressing them peculiar, but unfortunately, she could not be as shameless as Qing Gang. 


Still, there was one thing she was certain of. In her heart, she seemed reluctant to leave this place. Though she may not have worked as hard as Qing Gang, she had done her fair share. Occasionally, she even washed and groomed Nine Tails’ fur, displaying thoughtfulness in her actions.


As for the other Mutant Beasts, she was a little afraid of them.


Among them, she dreaded Sarcosuchus the most. Not only did it look ferocious, it also possessed an innate malevolent aura. Just a mere glance at it was enough to send shivers down one’s spine.


At this moment, the nearby Leng Feng approached, casting a deep gaze at the Sarcosuchus emerging from the Spirit Lake. Speculating, he stated, “The Sarcosuchus is about to make a move.”


“Make a move?”


Qing Gang glanced at the Sarcosuchus with suspicion, then he turned his gaze at the nearby Honey Badger, whose fur was standing on end. Realization dawned upon him.


He nodded, saying, “Hehe, Fourth Brother is going to teach Flathead a lesson.”


As he spoke, a mischievous smile played across Qing Gang’s face.


[Heh heh, Flathead is in for it now.] Truth be told, the Honey Badger was quite a troublemaker, unlike any other. Even a single glance at it would make it come charging over, baring its teeth and fiercely glaring back.


It was evident just how vicious its temperament was.


And now!


Chuckling, Qing Gang crossed his thick arm, thicker than a thigh before his chest, happily savoring the upcoming battle.


Meanwhile, the Honey Badger also seemed to have sensed Sarcosuchus’ intentions.


However, instead of fear, excitement surged through him as it took a few steps forward.


Not only did it dare to stir up trouble, but it also had no fear of it.


If it was the Divine Tree, he might have shown some trepidation, but when it came to Sarcosuchus…


*Growl…* Its claws scratched the ground as its three to four-meter-long body tensed up.


“Hmph!” A faint cold snort caused the very air to vibrate. 


The next moment, Sarcosuchus, now on the shore, suddenly raised its head.




Suddenly, an inexplicable sound reverberated, vibrating the air.


The next moment, a visible shockwave shot toward the Honey Badger.


Sonic Boom–The Sarcosuchus possesses a wide Vocal Range. While it can use different vocalizations to declare its territory and attract mates, it can also use these vocalizations to vibrate the air, generating tangible shockwaves akin to sonic attacks.


*Boom–* As the shockwave spread, the Honey Badger was flung into the air, caught off guard and unable to react in time.


At the same time…


*Schlick, schlick…” Like a sharp blade slashing, invisible attacks landed on the Honey Badger. From afar, one could witness the Honey Badger’s fur getting continuously cut. Yet, thanks to its thick and resilient hide, the attacks failed to draw any blood.


“Tsk tsk, Fourth Brother has always been known for his ruthless nature and few words, but why is he holding back today?” Qing Gang could not help but comment, unable to hold his sarcasm as he watched the Honey Badger flipping through the air unharmed.


“Hmph, you’re clueless. The Sarcosuchus’ ferocity is reserved for its prey. As for its companions like Flathead, it tends to show a relatively gentler approach,” Qian Qin could not help but retort, pursing her lips.


She had witnessed the Sarcosuchus’ predation on more than one occasion. His relentless and horrifying attacks left the prey defenseless, with little hope of survival.


Even with the Divine Tree’s direction to bring back his prey to the canyon, his prey always met a pitiable end. They would perish almost within minutes of bringing them back to the canyon.


One could imagine the severity of their injuries from this.


Listening to Qian Qin’s explanation, Qing Gang scratched his nose and awkwardly conceded, “I guess you’re right, they are companions, after all.”




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