Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 9, Life Essence


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Besides, there was another thing worth mentioning.




Yes, more specifically, lifespan.


The lifespan of a normal Willow Tree was only a few decades, but he had reached a hundred years.


Whereas the lifespan of a normal Red Fox was at best 10-15 years, but this Red Fox’s lifespan had reached 30 years.


“Tsk tsk, this is true evolution. Not only does it make us stronger, but also increases our lifespan by leaps and bounds…”


After careful consideration, Yu Zi Yu earnestly summed up his thoughts.



As the moon ascended the horizon, its bright and gentle light illuminated the night, setting an atmosphere of calm and tranquility. Under the gentle moonlight, Yu Zi Yu’s branches cast mottled black shadows, giving the impression of sporadically torn ribbons hanging from the branches.


At this moment, a Fox, the size of a calf, was lying under this Willow Tree, letting out high-pitched fox calls every now and then, as if it was afraid that no one was aware of its existence.


“You little brat!” A branch swished through the air, lightly whipping the Red Fox. Yu Zi Yu was also helpless to do anything about it.


The Red Fox was simply too naughty; it kept letting out long high-pitched screams from time to time.


Or, it would climb up his body and chase after the brood of fledglings, teasing them.


Luckily, it was smart. It knew that Yu Zi Yu was raising these eight Peregrine Falcons, and they could not be eaten.


*Chirp… chirp… chirp* Suddenly, continuous chirps resonated from the tree.


Looking up, he saw that the few Peregrine Falcons had their heads poked out of their nests, vigilantly staring at the Red Fox under the tree. One of them even chirped toward Yu Zi Yu from time to time, as if it was complaining about something.


“Okay, okay, I got it.” Smiling, Yu Zi Yu gently whipped the Red Fox with one of his branches.


The Red Fox was not just disturbing Yu Zi Yu, but it was also scaring these Peregrine Falcons.


Right at that moment, Yu Zi Yu was suddenly startled as if he was struck with an idea.


[If I used my essence to nourish the Peregrine Falcons, wouldn’t they also evolve like the Red Fox?]


As for the loss of essence, it did not have much effect on him. Only half a day or so had passed, but that withered branch had already regained most of its vitality. Even its leaves were a little bit greener than before.


“This should be one of my inherent abilities, just like the gorgeous eyes of the Red Fox.”


Realizing this, Yu Zi Yu focused his gaze on the status screen he had just pulled.


As expected, one more line had been added to the Unique Abilities section.


Life Essence – A Spiritual Elixir bred within the body. It’s capable of speeding up the evolution of other species, and also has therapeutic and restorative effects. 

Caution: Using it in excess should be avoided, as excessive expenditure of it would degrade your own foundation.


Reading this extra piece of information, Yu Zi Yu was smiling.


This was the benefit of the system.


So long as he was aware of it himself, the system would present more detailed information. Vice versa, if he was not aware of it, then nothing could be done. It was just like subjective perception. It was always there, he just could not see it, that was all.


Perhaps, the status screen covered a lot of information, but right now, Yu Zi Yu could only see the things he wanted to see.



“Life Essence!”


Just the name alone made one realize its importance. Furthermore, speeding up the evolution of other species… 


The wordings were quite simple, it did not need further elaboration.


[No wonder the Red Fox was unable to suppress its impulse and come to me.] Thinking of this, Yu Zi Yu broke another branch.


*Kacha* Along with a crisp cracking sound, green liquid once again seeped out from the cut.


“Ka… Ka…” With very excited cries, the Red Fox under the tree immediately sprang up, intently staring at the cut where Yu Zi Yu’s branch had broken off. There, a drop of an extremely crystalline liquid was seeping out.


“This is not yours.” Yu Zi Yu gently stroked the Red Fox with another branch, calming it down. Afterward, he finally drove the broken branch toward the nest above.


Although there were eight Peregrine Falcons, when all was said and done, they were just fledglings.


[A drop should be enough, right!?]


Yu Zi Yu carefully pondered. He too had his own concerns.


In the end, it was ultimately going to cost his own foundation. Thus, Yu Zi Yu was not willing to give too much.



*Chirp… chirp… chirp* Looking at the drop of green liquid on the verge of falling, the Peregrine Falcon suddenly became all excited. It looked like they too were attracted to it. One of them, in particular, fluffed up its feathers.


“Tsk tsk, it looks like it’s extremely tempting to animals.” Heaving a deep sigh, Yu Zi Yu became a little despondent.


This was extremely bad news.


[Just because we haven’t seen pigs climb trees, that doesn’t mean that pigs don’t run… The Philosopher’s stone is the best example. Since my Life Essence can accelerate the evolution of other species, it is akin to the Philosopher’s stone. Worst, apart from the animals around, there are Humans as well.] At this thought, Yu Zi Yu could not help but be wary.


[If it can accelerate the evolution of animals, it should have the same effect on the Humans as well. In that case… Haaa…] Heaving a deep sigh, Yu Zi Yu was suddenly filled with a sense of dread. 


He decided that he needed to speed up his cultivation. At least he needed to become strong enough to hold down the fort before the Humans found out.


Otherwise, he would be reduced into a fish on a chopping board for sure.


As for whether he could live in peace with the Humans or not, Yu Zi Yu had not even given it a serious thought. Hope was not something that should be pinned on others.


The only way they could live together peacefully was when they both held the same status. Currently, if against the Humans’ high-tech weapons, not only him, but most of the animals and plants were not qualified to go against them.




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