Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 90, Silver Lightning! Muscle Movements


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


In the midst of Honey Badger’s tumble through the air, his body suddenly trembled.


*Roar!* With a growl, he swiftly descended back to the ground.


In an instant, his body tensed once again.


Bit by bit…


And then, it happened…


At this moment, Yu Zi Yu’s eyes suddenly became focused, as if noticing something.


“Hmmm!?” He lifted his gaze and observed the Honey Badger’s silver mane, shimmering with tiny bolts of lightning.


*Crackle…* A crackling sound filled the air as arcs of electricity flickered around, leaving web-like silver trails in the vicinity of the Honey Badger. Yet, in a fleeting moment, they vanished into thin air.


“Lightning!?” Yu Zi Yu could not help but be astonished, a tinge of confusion raiding his mind.


[It’s been a while since I last saw these little ones, and now they possess such abilities! Wow!] With those thoughts in mind, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze sharpened as a cascade of information appeared before his eyes the next moment.


Race: Mutant Honey Badger

Rank: Tier-0 Level 7 Peak

Innate Talent: Thunder’s Fury–When enraged, the Honey Badger starts releasing silver lightning from its body, enveloping its entire body. These lightning currents activate its physical capabilities, greatly increasing its speed and defense…It’s a remarkable talent specialized just for battle.


Upon reading this, Yu Zi Yu retracted his gaze.


[Hmmm… a Elemental awakening? No, it doesn’t appear to be. Clearly, these silver lightning bolts are emitted from Flathead’s body. It looks much like another mutation, allowing it to surge with electric currents just like an Electric Eel…]


Furthermore, it was confirmed by what was stated in the information.


When the Honey Badger started releasing silver electric sparks, its aura significantly increased. Obviously, it had become much stronger. 


*Growl…* With a growl, the Honey Badger’s figure vanished from the spot instantly. His speed was so swift that an ordinary person would not have the time to react. Even powerful individuals like Qing Gang only caught a glimpse of ten silver lightning flashes in the air.


“What the Hell… is that really Flathead?” Voicing his shock in a total disbelief, Qing Gang could not help but question his own existence.


At this moment, Qing Gang could not help but feel relieved, silently praising his decision not to seek the Honey Badger’s tutelage when he ascended to Tier-0 Level 7. Otherwise, he would have no idea how he ended up dead. 


Meanwhile, in the distance, Sarcosuchus’ eyes narrowed slightly as a human-like intrigued look appeared on its face.


*Bam!* As his feet kicked the ground, his entire body lunged forward.


The next moment…




Two figures, one large and one small, streaked through the air. Simultaneously, the Honey Badger thrust his claw, while Sarcosuchus swung his tail.


With a thunderous bang, a dazzling explosion of silver lightning arcs burst out as the Honey Badger’s hair stood on their ends.


The bone-shattering force transmitted from Sarcosuchus’ massiver tail almost crushed the Honey Badger, nearly flattening it into nothing.


However, he could still fight. He could still take on the challenge.


He clenched his teeth and a glint of crimson tinted his eyes as the surge of electric arcs intensified.


*Swish, Swish, Swish…* The Honey Badger’s energy had fully erupted, propelling him at a speed that was difficult to capture with the naked eyes.


From afar, it appeared as if multiple bolts of silver lightning interwoven a net around Sarcosuchus.


Waiting and seeking an opportunity.


*Gulp!* Gulping hard, Qian Qin and the others’ jaws dropped in awe as the expansive silver-white electric arcs enveloped the battlefield, extending for tens of meters.


A mixture of shock and indescribable fear washed over them.


“How is it so strong?”


With voices filled with incredulity, Leng Feng and Qian Qin exchanged a glance.


[Are ordinary Mutant Beasts really this strong? or have the Mutant Beasts near the Divine Tree already undergone a qualitative transformation?] 



Meanwhile, the Honey Badger paid no attention to the thoughts of the onlookers. Only when he really attacked did he truly understand the terror of Sarcosuchus.


Sarcosuchus was radiating an indescribable pressure–simply while stationary, in a crouching posture, without even turning his head. The Honey Badger realized that he had no opportunity to strike, much to his horror.


He failed to find any chance to land an attack.


No matter from which angle, he would inevitably face Sarcosuchus’ lightning-fast counterattack.


It was inevitable. However, it was not that surprising either.


After all, the prehistoric Sarcosuchus never relied on strategy in battle. With relentlessly pursuit of the glory of his bloodline. He just relied on instinct to fight.


His keen perception allowed him to detect all movements, and his crouching posture allowed him to respond with a fatal strike the moment he sensed any movements.


*Growl…* The Honey Badger, who had been holding his breath, paying complete focus, suddenly had his eyes narrowed.


*Crackle…* His claws, surrounded by a silver-white glow, mixed in with electric arcs, tore through the air and lashed out at Sarcosuchus’ neck, creating a thunderous sonic boom.


At this moment, Sarcosuchus’ eyes suddenly narrowed, as if he had noticed something. His muscles instantaneously tensed up and his entire body trembled involuntarily.


The next moment, the Honey Badger saw a blur before his eyes as a massive tail crashed down upon his head.


*Boom!* A thunderous boom reverberated through the canyon as a fearsome shockwave spread in all directions.


*Crack, Crack…* The earth moaned, and before anyone could react, it cracked like a Spider’s web.


At the same time, within the dense cloud of dust, also appeared a battered figure with faint flickering electric sparks around it, deeply buried in the ground.


Sarcosuchus shot a fleeting glance at the battered figure, then slowly turned around. His stout, stubby legs slowly made their way toward the Spirit Lake.


However, as everyone gazed upon this sluggish figure, they found themselves rendered speechless.


“What just happened?” Eyes widened in shock and confusion, Qian Qin could not help but ask.


“I don’t know.” Leng Feng shook his head, his pupils already contracted to the size of needle points. All he saw was a faint blur, just that, and Sarcosuchus’ tail had already fallen on top of the Honey Badger’s head.


Leng Feng found it impossible to believe. After all, the Honey Badger was positioned in Sarcosuchus’ flank, near the neck. In other words, Sarcosuchus made an almost 180-degree turn in an instant and swung its tail simultaneously… 


[Is this even possible? Theoretically, it’s nearly impossible for any organism to achieve such a feat.]


Meanwhile, the distant Qing Gang heaved a deep sigh. As a Human who had awakened Physical Enhancement Talent, he had come to understand something.


“No wonder Sarcosuchus is also known as the Flesh Crocodile.” Qing Gang chuckled, finally grasping the most terrifying aspect of Sarcosuchus.


[Fourth Brother’s entire body is filled with muscles, which he can contract instantaneously, which turns his body into a spring. While in this state, he can respond to anything in an instant. Even if someone attacks him head-on, he can instantly turn around and smack his enemy hard with his tail. This is what makes Fourth Brother so formidable. No wonder, whenever Second Brother mentions Fourth Brother, the depths of his eyes flickered with a bit of fear. I guess this instinctive combat ability can be considered a form of art as well.]




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