Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 91, Gathering


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“Old Fourth, is really born for battle.” Yu Zi Yu heaved a deep, long sigh, his heart filled with awe and admiration.


Sarcosuchus already possessed a formidable physique, and combined with his instinctual muscle movements, Yu Zi Yu could not imagine anyone able to engage in close combat with him.


Ganging up on him and overwhelming him with sheer numbers might be conceivable, but a one-on-one fight, that was out of the question.


A single strike of his tail could incapacitate anyone, and a few, it was basically game over for his victim.


“Divine Tree, now do you understand why I didn’t want to fight him?” Bull Demon grumbled as he stood up, shaking his head.


“En… I do understand now.” Yu Zi Yu nodded in agreement, getting the gist of everything.


Ever since Bull Demon and Sarcosuchus went out on a hunt, Bull Demon had become withdrawn, seldom speaking. Every now and then, he would cast a deep and complex gaze toward the direction of the Spirit Lake.


Apparently, Sarcosuchus had left him in awe. But who could blame him? Anyone who had witnessed such a monstrous creature would undoubtedly be on pins and needles. How would one even begin to fight against such a foe?


Once one encountered him, it would be too late to escape. It would be like throwing yourself into the jaws of a wolf. No matter how quick one’s reflexes were, Sarcosuchus’ reflexes were quicker. And it was just about reflexes, coupled with his instantaneous muscle movements, every action he took was lightning-fast.


With the combination of these two factors, engaging in combat with Sarcosuchus meant being constantly on the defensive. Furthermore, if his opponent made even the slightest mistake, or failed to keep up with his reflexes, it was game over.


Sarcosuchus would make one truly experience the ferocity of prehistoric creatures.


Yu Zi Yu felt as though he had stumbled upon a treasure.


At this moment, the nearby Qing Er seemed to have been struck with a thought as a smile bloomed on her lips, saying, “Master, if you were to release Sarcosuchus, it wouldn’t be long before the entire mountains would fall and cower in fear.”


“You’re right about that.” Yu Zi Yu smiled and admitted, “At least within the same Tier, there are very few creatures capable of fighting with Old Fourth.”


“Indeed, very few can match him in combat.” Qing Er’s eyes twinkled with a smile as her gaze shifted toward the direction of Spirit Lake.


At that moment, she had one more thing to say, which she did not utter out loud, ‘Except for me.’


Qing Er was indeed an exception.


As just a Soul, Qing Er’s terrifying might far surpassed her peers. Being an anomaly like Yu Zi Yu, there was no way her combat power could be constrained by limitations of Levels. Unless targeted, engaging in leapfrog battles far beyond her level was as simple as eating and drinking.


However, Qing Er had always been low-key. She disliked showing herself in front of others, to the extent that very few Mutant Beasts realised how terrifying this woman in red, resembling a ghost, truly was.


However, one thing was certain. When they became aware, they would finally remember that the eternal companion of the Divine Tree was clad in red.



At this moment, as Yu Zi Yu gazed calmly at the Spirit Lake, his eyes suddenly lit up, and he turned to nearby Qing Er and asked, “Qing Er, what do you think would happen if I were to release Sarcosuchus?”


“Erm…” Listening to Yu Zi Yu’s sudden excited voice, Qing Er pondered for a moment before tentatively responding, “He would…probably become an overlord of a region.”


“Overlord?” Chuckling, Yu Zi Yu finally realized what he had overlooked.


How could a true expert be nurtured through captivity? If it were any other Mutant Beasts, birds like the Peregrine Falcons, it would be understandable. Birds build nests, it was their nature. 


However, Sarcosuchus, White Tiger, Red Fox, and the others were different.


They were meant to bathe in blood on the battlefield.


Yet now, they were confined in a canyon under Yu Zi Yu’s protection.


Although he occasionally let them out for hunting, it was just hunting. Without truly bathing in blood, how could they experience the joy of a true battle?


As these thoughts swirled in his mind, Yu Zi Yu let out a long, deep breath.


“If your talents had been average, it would be understandable, but who made you possess talents that surpass countless Mutant Beasts?” Leaving behind a profound statement, Yu Zi Yu also started cooking up a plan.



As night descended, the canyon was enveloped in silence.


Only the sound of snowflakes landing on the thick snow carpet could be heard, which further created a sense of eerie solitude.


Right then…


*Boom!* The wind roared through the canyon, swirling the mist and snow in a wild frenzy. The entire spectacle felt like some majestic entity was slowly waking up.


Moments after, a majestic voice penetrated the swirling mist, echoing in the canyon.


“Come forth swiftly…” With those words, Yu Zi Yu’s branches danced one after another.


*Boom!* Along with the rolling away of the mist, a spacious empty field was revealed.


A short while later, a Fox’s call resounded from afar as a streak of red light shot over, moving parallel to the surface.




*Mooo…* With a thunderous bellow, Bull Demon, who had gone out to forage, started charging, trampling the earth beneath his hooves.


*Rooaar..* Yawning lazily, the White Tiger slowly propped up its body.


Not far away, the Spirit Lake rippled before a whirlpool emerged once again. In just a few moments, the terrifying figure of Sarcosuchus surfaced from the water.


Again and again, the entire Misty Mountains under the night sky trembled.


Moreover, it was not just them.


In the underground plaza, the Honey Badger, who had recently lost the battle, was absorbing the Spiritual Energy in a frenzy. However, upon hearing the resounding voice, he shouted from the depths of the cave without a moment of hesitation.



In an instant, the spacious area, which Yu Zi Yu had  just cleared by dispersing the mist, was already filled.


However, it was not Yu Zi Yu’s fault.


The sheer size of Sarcosuchus and White Tiger occupied about a third of the entire space.


Additionally, as powerful Mutant Beasts, they would naturally keep their distance from one another. They were scattered throughout the area.


Being strong, how could they easily lower their heads?


On the other hand, the Humans led by Qing Gang were quite interesting.


They decisively gathered in a corner, standing in a row with their heads held high and chest puffed up, giving the impression they were standing in line at a military drill. However, looking at their attire made of beast hide, Yu Zi Yu could not help but find it somewhat amusing.


The canyon had everything except the Human necessities of life.


Yu Zi Yu briefly considered helping collect some resources. However, just as this thought came to his mind, he discarded it right away. He had brought these Humans as laborers, not to some picnic.


Besides observing Qing Gang’s demeanor, Yu Zi Yu could not shake the feeling that he was quite content with his current lifestyle.


Of course, the most discontent was definitely Qian Qin. As a delicate young girl, she was quite troublesome. Not only did her beast hide clothing required repeated adjustments to fit her feminine style, but bathing also remained a constant concern.


To this day, she had not forgotten that the entire treehouse was formed from the roots of the Divine Tree. In other words, even when bathing in the treehouse, Qian Qin was under the watchful gaze of the Divine Tree. Whenever this crossed her mind, a blush would embellish Qian Qin’s face.


[There is no denying that girls have complex thoughts.] However, such a perverted inclination to peek had never crossed Yu Zi Yu’s mind, not once.




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