Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 92, Baptism! Perils of the Outside World


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


Slowly raising his gaze…


He was met with pairs of intense gazes. Even the cold and fierce Sarcosuchus had a hint of complexity in his eyes in Yu Zi Yu’s presence.


“These little ones.” Sighing in his heart, Yu Zi Yu spoke in a deep voice, “Now that you all have reached the peak of Tier-0, I can’t provide you with eternal protection.”


Yu Zi Yu’s calm voice echoed in every Mutant Beasts’ minds, sending tremors in everyone’s mind.


“Master.” Bull Demon, as if realizing something, slowly stood up and cried in a frustrated voice.


Yu Zi Yu cast a deep look at Bull Demon and lightly waved his branch, gesturing to him, before carrying on, “With the resurgence of Spiritual Energy, and the rise of every living creature, the world is evolving in a colorful direction every second and every moment. And you guys, as the proud children of this era, should not be confined to one place. So, I offer you all a choice, and a blessing as well.”


Just as he stated this, Yu Zi Yu’s countless branches started slightly shaking, sprinkling tiny drops of green essence.


*Boom!* In a flash, the Mutant Beasts’ pores opened wider and they could not help but softly roar.


The trio of Humans led by Qing Gang also widened their eyes in astonishment. Because at this very moment, they actually felt their respective bottlenecks loosen up as rich vitality permeated the air.


“My goodness, the Divine Tree’s means are truly unimaginable.” A look of shock blanketed Qing Gang’s face as he looked at the green shower. This large-scale baptism-like method was truly beyond ordinary people’s comprehension.


“Indeed…” Nodding, Leng Feng also examined his own body. 


The moment the raindrops touched his skin, they instantly assimilated into his body, giving him a surge of warmth. At the same time, his Spiritual Energy also started seething, increasing at a noticeable pace. Nonetheless, this was not the most significant aspect.


The significant thing was that he felt as if his body was cheering, rejoicing, as if welcoming a new round of transformation. An inexplicable warmth coursed through his every fiber.


Rain of Vitality—Another application of the Life Essence. While accelerating the evolution of all living beings, it also awakens the deep-seated vitality within the body.


Seeing the Mutant Beasts enjoying the rain, displaying an expression  of delight, Yu Zi Yu smiled in his heart.


Despite this method being quite similar to the Life Essence drop, it felt more gentle and comfortable. And if combined with Hallucinogen ability, it could bring pleasure to both mind and body for a brief period of time. 


It could even evoke a sense of attachment.


It was akin to the legendary Holy Water of the Western Church—a baptism imbued with the blessings of God.


If the Western Church were to discover Yu Zi Yu’s methods, they would definitely dance in joy.


In this regard, Yu Zi Yu had drawn inspiration from the brainwashing techniques from the Western Church.


Although he intended to release some Mutant Beasts, it did not mean that he lacked the means to keep them in check.


If the Life Essence in the past was just a kind of Spirit Essence, that could accelerate the evolutions of all living beings. Then now, Yu Zi Yu was intentionally trying to make the Mutant Beasts dependent on his Life Essence.


The Rain of Vitality was the crystallization of Yu Zi Yu’s scheme.


[I really don’t like the word ‘enslave’, but the word ‘dependence’ sounds good to me,] Yu Zi Yu thought in his heart, smiling slightly.


Of course, he had gathered this many Mutant Beasts this time not just to release them. His main intention was to shower the Rain of Vitality.


Perhaps showering the Rain of Vitality every half a month, these Mutant Beasts’ sense of dependence toward him would gradually increase with time.


Furthermore, he did not need to use such methods on the four Great Beasts.


When it came to resources, Yu Zi Yu obtained the most from them.


And beasts like Nine Tails and Bull Demon had the deepest emotional connection with him.


As for the Old Fourth, Sarcosuchus seemed to harbor a strange feeling toward him for some unknown reason. According to Yu Zi Yu’s speculations, it should be because he had done Sarcosuchus a favor.


After all, Yu Zi Yu had used the Life Essence to awaken his Innate Talent–Atavism. Such a favor in this Era of Transcendence was undoubtedly a favor of rebirth.


Although Sarcosuchus was fierce and brutal, his temperament shows a strong emotional attachment.


[‘Old Fourth is loyal and taciturn, he lets his fists do the talking.’]


This remark did not come from Yu Zi Yu. It was the remark Qing Gang had made after summing up his recent dealings with Sarcosuchus.


Smiling in his heart, Yu Zi Yu already had drawn up most of the arrangements.


Nine Tails, Bull Demon, and Sarcosuchus could be let out.


As for Old Third, the White Tiger, there was no need.


He used to be one of the small rulers of the Misty Mountains, and had already bathed in too much blood. Furtherm, this fellow was different from his other siblings. To put it nicely, he was simple-minded, but to put it bluntly, he was dumb.


Yu Zi Yu was really afraid of releasing him and causing a lot of trouble.


However, there was one thing he was certain of, White Tiger was powerful. The trouble he would cause would probably end up in a bloodbath.


As these thoughts flashed in Yu Zi Yu’s mind, his gaze once again fell on the Mutant Beast as he stated in a gentle voice, “But for your safety, you can only freely leave after reaching Tier-0 Level 9. As for where you should go?”


He raised his gaze and glanced at the Misty Mountains. Yu Zi Yu deliberated for a while before adding, “Except for the south of the Misty Mountains, which is a Human city, that is off-limits, you’re free to go in any other directions.”


Speaking of which, Yu Zi Yu could not help but sigh at the geographical location of the Misty Mountains.


There was no denying that its geographical location was exceptional.


The Misty Mountains stretched from west to east for hundreds of kilometers, like a barrier, separating people from the mountains.


In the west of the Misty Mountains lay a desert, and if one went further, he or she would see one the Great Deserts, which was seldom visited by anyone.


If nothing unexpected happened, it should also be paradise for Mutant Beast, with no shortage of Mutant Beasts with exceptional Fire Elemental Talent.


In the east was a large river.


Maybe it was because of the resurgence of the Spiritual Energy, Yu Zi Yu could clearly perceive the terrifying nature of that great river.


The wind blowing from that direction always carried a strong smell of blood, which would linger even in the Misty Mountains for a really long time. 


After all, the river flowed directly into the ocean, which was where Spiritual Energy appeared first.


If anyone said that there were no terrifying Mutant Fish and Monsters in that river, Yu Zi Yu would never believe it, even if one beat him to death.


Not to mention, that river had always been abundant in Spiritual Energy, enough to attract a large number of Mutant Beasts and Birds.


According to Yu Zi Yu’s speculation, the danger of that river probably ranked among the top three in the inland areas.


Ashish: The desert most likely refers to the Taklamakan Desert. The river is most likely the Yangtze River.




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