I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 53, Origins, Kneel


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In front of the palace, Gu Changge stood with his arms crossed behind his back as he observed the young woman in purple with calm eyes. The young woman was blessed with snowy skin. Her features were impeccable while her long legs were slender as her body emitted an icy aura. She seemed to be in her late teens. Her eyes, unlike those of humans, bewitchingly glistened like glass. She obviously possessed the blood of a higher being.


[Tsk. As much as I hate to admit it, Ye Chen’s luck with the ladies is actually superb. Every woman he knows are such babes, and rare ones at that! This Ye Liuli lady possesses more than 800 Fortuity, and that’s, needless to say, a shocking amount that far exceeds his Fortuity. But of course, that’s not unexpected.] Right now, Ye Chen’s biggest pillar of support was the young lady before Gu Changge, and the young master had already thought out how to deal with her.


[Best childhood friends, huh? At the end of the day, she’s merely a teenager. Even Yan Ji, who lived for centuries, got persuaded so easily, so how difficult can Ye Liuli be?] Remaining serene, he spoke not a word since he wasn’t in any hurry.


While Gu Changge was studying Ye Liuli, Ye Liuli and her allies were also scrutinizing Gu Changge.


Xue Yi was still as intrigued as ever. Her prediction and decision grew even more resolute. Besides Gu Changge’s unquestionably captivating exterior, his black robe highlighted his fine figure and emphasized his immense nobility as well as his distinguished identity. She wouldn’t even be surprised if the man before her was a god. Comparing the youthful talents from the Overworld to the youthful prodigies from the Beyond was equivalent to comparing a rock to a moon—out of each other’s leagues. Ye Chen, on the other hand, was even more insignificant before such a mighty figure.


“So you’re Prince Gu?” Ye Liuli suddenly asked with a frown. As she already knew the answer, she was only inquiring to break the silence. She could feel the troublesomeness of the matter and a terrorizing pressure from the young man in spite of how he was silently standing with a half-hearted condescending look. It was as if he was belittling them, and she felt disturbed by that.


In that instant, she forgot how to put her initial question into words, especially after listening to Xue Yi’s little speech when they entered the palace. From what she was told, Gu Changge’s origin was by no means inferior to that of Ye Liuli. In other words, unless Ye Liuli’s life was in danger, Xue Yi wouldn’t mindlessly interject in the matter. Moreover, Ye Liuli’s power level was only Intermediate Honoured Nobility Realm, and was undoubtedly no match for the young master before her. She came to the manor with excessive pride, only to fall so low right now. As such, she felt tremendously humiliated and foolish.


Upon the question, Gu Changge wordlessly shot her a glance. His condescending attitude left her angrily clenching her teeth. Be it outside or back on Ancient Mystic Mountains, nobody ever treated her with such disrespect, and a man at that! Regardless, she was no one ordinary, and she was able to regain her composure quickly.


All of a sudden, Xue Yi stood out from behind with an intense grin and a courteous obeisance. “Greetings, Prince Gu. Our Lady’s name is Ye Liuli, and I am her humble guardian sent forth from the Beyond. I sincerely hope you would share your boundless generosity and forgive Lady Liuli for her violations.” Her conveyance was earnest and bore not  a hint of pretense. Evidently, she was remarkably more tactful as an individual than Ye Liuli.


“Xue Yi…” Seeing Xue Yi so odd, Ye Liuli was left stunned and confused, unable to take in what she just witnessed. The Life Spirits from Ancient Mystic Mountains behind them were also dumbfounded. They were well aware of Xue Yi’s strength and how she seldom showed herself in the open. Nonetheless, they were bewildered by her amiableness. After all, they all came for one purpose—revenge.


“You’re pushing it, Xue Yi!” Visibly vexed, Ye Liuli revealed a scowl. Above all, Xue Yi was only a serf to the Ye Family, so she had no right to make any decision for her superior.


“Lady Liuli, there may really be a misunderstanding, so why don’t we take the opportunity to explain ourselves to prevent any unneeded chaos?” Xue Yi hastily replied with a smirk. Her decisions were for the best of Ye Liuli, and having accompanied her for so many years, how could she ever put her in harm’s way?


“Oh, is that so? Aren’t you too courteous, Senior? Why don’t you state the purpose of your visit?” With that, Gu Changge finally talked, though his face carried no emotions and an underlying fascination. [Ye Liuli’s guardian is interesting. Things shall be easier with her on our side.]


“Before that, if I may, Prince Gu, are you perhaps from the Immortal Gu Family?” Accordingly, Xue Yi’s smile grew tenser as she maintained her obeisance. “Our Lady comes from the Ye Family, one of the Ancient Immortal Races, so our families should know each other.”


Xue Yi surrendered Ye Liuli’s background in order to let Gu Changge acknowledge that they were no yielding force either. Furthermore, Ye Liuli was the most adored daughter of the leader of the Ye Family, so her identity, compared to that of the usual disciples, was highly unique.


Indubitably, Xue Yi grew more joyous and pleasant to hear Gu Changge addressing her as ‘Senior.’ Regardless, his identity as a young prodigy from the Beyond remained. As the longest standing clans in the Beyond, the Families of Immortals and Ancient Immortal Races held limitless influence. Their main difference was that the Families of Immortals mostly comprised of humans, while Ancient Immortal Races included the rest, which was why they were also referred to as races. Understandably, the reason for her interrogation was to verify Gu Changge’s identity.


After listening to Xue Yi, the Life Spirits behind her were dazed as their faces blanched. [If he is indeed from the Immortal Gu Family…] The Life Spirits could feel a chill up their spines and cold sweat dampening their clothes.


[Why are they only telling us this now?] They were filled with remorse. Since they couldn’t upset any of the Ancient Immortal Races, they naturally couldn’t afford to offend any of the Families of Immortals.


Despite the thoughts in her mind, Ye Liuli remained silent.


“So you came from one of the Ancient Immortal Races. No wonder Lady Liuli charged into the palace so fearlessly.” In response, Gu Changge blandly replied, “Indeed, my father had numerous exchanges with the leader of the Ye Family. It seems you are aware of my family, Senior.” He revealed a pair of knowing eyes. Thanks to his origin, there was no need for him to be scared of anyone.


Judging by his utterance, Xue Yi could tell that Gu Changge wasn’t only a disciple of the Immortal Gu Family, but also the heir to the leader of the family. Essentially, anyone that could spar with the leader of the Ye Family inevitably possessed a higher power level, and the influence of such people could turn the world upside down and cause unimaginable things to happen. Most importantly, Xue Yi knew that the leader of the Immortal Gu Family had only one heir. Therefore, as long as the young master before her stood tall, achieving the peak of the Beyond was only a matter of time, and they could even gain control of the Families of Immortal.


Thinking that, she grew even more gleeful, and so did her ingratiation and gratification as well as her pretentious humility. She felt delighted and honored just by a single word—’Senior,’ which Gu Changge used to refer to her.


Out of nowhere, noises reverberated in Ye Liuli’s mind as her face grew pale after she realized how things had gotten out of her control. 




The party of Life Spirits from Ancient Mystic Mountains were obviously agitated and terrified as they immediately knelt down. “We are deeply sorry for Que Tian’s violative behavior. Please forgive us, Your Highness!”


Their voices trembled as if they pissed their pants. Although they had been impolite, they couldn’t even fathom if they were dragged into their deceased partner’s negligence. 




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