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Martial Peak – Chapter 23, An incredible thing

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Translator – Erza

Editor – Ben

Finalized Editor – Silavin

Proofreader – Bluerazbeary

News of this battle was soon a hot topic between the Disciples in High Heaven Pavilion. There were even others seeking out those present at the scene to hear the details. If not for Su Mu’s status, then the news would have long since been spread to the ends of the earth. However since Su Mu was involved, the Disciples could only hide it inside their stomachs and discreetly talk about it.

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Omni-Magician – Chapter 23, Iron Swordsman’s Artillery Attack

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

Editor: Rosyprimrose

Proofreader: Skoll

Finalized Editor: theunfetteredsalmon


The artillery shell, which was just a small porcelain vase wrapped in a layer of beast skin with strips of paper attached to balance it appeared for the first time in this magic world. The novelty of the concept of an artillery shell seemed incompatible with the magic aura surrounding it.

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