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Martial Peak – Chapter 8, A Beautiful Thin Waist

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Translator – Erza

Editor – Ben

Finalized Editor – Silavin


Half an hour after he broke through, the results of quenching body record were evident. Although his own knowledge contributed, if not for that technique, he believed that he needed another three-four months before advancing.

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Martial Family – Chapter 8 Ancient Tomb (1)   

Author: Silavin

1 hour passed quickly. During the journey, the old man would kill any demonic beast nearby. It only took him one move to kill a demonic beast. After their deaths, he would make Shi Yin and I harvest their beast crystals. In the end, we collected 156 crystals. Each was unique, in size, shape, colour, transparency and brightness. Such a massive pile would normally be left behind by travellers who were afraid of encumbrance. However, this was not an issue for the old man. All of the crystals would disappear into his ring.

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