Martial Family

Martial Family – Chapter 18, Alliance

Author: Silavin   The lightning stopped? Shi Yan couldn’t help but notice that there were no longer any claps of thunder. Selene’s root barrier slowly dived back underground, seeing that it was safe again.   Shi Yan, using Selene as a support, slowly inched his way to a standing position. Selene naturally tried to help Shi Yan get up. She moved under Shi Yan to use her head to push the boy.

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Omni-Magician – Chapter 18, The Technique of Comprehending Magic Symbols

<<Previous Chapter Index Next Chapter>> Translator: Mirausean; Silavin Editor: Icicle Proofreader: Skoll Finalized Editor: theunfetteredsalmon   *Boom!*   A half-completed magic scroll on the bedside table exploded and the smoke from the explosion blackened Ye Chui’s face. He tried to dodge reactively, but he fell on his hind pathetically. As he recovered from the fall, he scratched his head doubtfully.

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